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DevHouse is coming back old-school style on Saturday, January 28th.


New to the scene? After 6 successful gatherings, SuperHappyDevHouse has become the Bay Area's premier hackathon event that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere.


After several runs of our formal presentation feature, we'll be retiring our Geek Pitches to focus on what really made the DevHouse great: devz0ring.


We're about rapid development, ad-hoc collaboration, and cross pollination. Whether you're a l33t hax0r, hardcore coder, or passionate designer, if you enjoy software and technology development, SuperHappyDevHouse was made with you in mind.


Come dev with us! Bring some friends! Ideally bring a laptop. We'll provide everything else.


Donations will be accepted and muchly appreciated. Thanks to all those that donated at previous events! : )

I get reminded of Roman Orgies for some reason... only with computers.

Tantek Double Laptop

SuperHappyDevHouse VII


-- foolswisdom

Do You Want Some Energy With Your Drink?

SuperHappyDevHouse VII


-- foolswisdom

Jeff and Ian Railing.

I took Jared and Joyce (brother and sister) along to SHDHviii. They may never be the same.

This is while we were hacking David's Car. Neato Graphs.

David and us hacking the cars

Tantek has a new gadget, a blackberry. I have a new gadget too (hint: I used it to take this photo).

Never have so few, hacked so much, for so many.

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