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“Taken in Isolation”

My alma mater, Toppenish High School in the Lower Yakima Valley, Washington. I was a member of the cross country team, never track. This shirt was given to me by my teammates because I had been wearing another school's t-shirt for practice (not a rival, they were in a different league, but still not the Wildcats, rawrr!). It was more of a swap, they tore up and burned my regular shirt.


And twenty years later it still smells the same as it did when I first got it: industrial. Not like sweat, but like it was exposed to some kind of petrochemical.


This isn't even my favorite style of T-town athletic shirt! Before I got to the high school, the shirts said "Toppenish Track" in all caps, and the team members would scratch out the TOP, H, and T so the shirt would read PENIS RACK.


How many real other towns can you cite with that body part in its name?


Doubtless a stylish model.

In October 1988, my parents had their second honeymoon in Las Vegas. They stayed at 'Bob Stupaks Vegas World' casino. They also roamed around the strip and brought me home some tee shirts from the Bonanza store. This is the only survivor. I found it one day recently, while looking for something else. It's highly doubtful I could still get into this, the reason why I hung it up to take the picture rather than model it (LOL)

I made these tshirts for a gift to my friend Belén and my sister Sarah I hope they like it.

"Amigo ouvinte, aqui fala o Rrrepóter Esso, testemunha ocularrr da História!..."

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s-m-l xl

info at

t-shirt by meeee yay loadsa fun to make:)

avalible for trade in "trampsinprada"!!!!


Great shirt so dont be tight and go buy one.


Only 20 of these made and less for sale ..

small medium large and extra large

Hand screen printed in England by Notguilty tees dzine by Cruel103.....


for all you crackbabys.

get from store below. <- See more here.These are just idea for now :}.

I was having fun doing a few tees for my friends and me.

I'm considering do more to sell them, what do you think about?



I bought a new shirt in Genoa.

Those of you who know me well will realise what a rare occurrence this is. Paola has to wage a months-long battle to convince me to buy something new, and once she has, it immediately becomes my favourite thing and I wear it to death.

She's currently trying to persuade me that I need a new pair of shoes (what for? I already have one...)

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Elin got this shirt from her brother Even Olai (7), he made it himself.

this is the kik ass t-shirt i got from Melvind...........

traded for this:

Those Azurites are so sweet.

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Hippo Zebra! I am getting a lot of strange looks today.

mi novia tiene una remera de gizmo ^^

i made it:)

Please ask me before taking:) Please credit:) Dont forget to comment:)

Part of the Cyanotype assignment. This is the experimental cyanotype. I decided to try a different median; cotton. I let the shirt expose for about 45 minutes. Its still a little light, but I'm still happy with it.


Dimensions of image: 14in x 11in

Just having a little fun with this one! I didn't think there were enough shirts in the first one. :)

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