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Takk... ([ˈtʰaʰkː], Thanks...) is the fourth studio album by the Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Rós, first released in America by Geffen Records on 12 September 2005. Unlike its predecessor ( ), the album's lyrics are mostly in Icelandic, with occasional elements of Vonlenska ("Hopelandic"), a scat-like form of gibberish.


"Hoppa í polla" is Icelandic for "hopping into puddles", and the lyrics are mainly in Icelandic, with some nonsensical phrases.It is the band's most successful single, and it is considered the best-known song within the genre of post-rock.


Happy anniversary, Sigur Rós!


The song:


Highest position: 100 on Sunday, September 13, 2020

Le ciel nous avertit !


Ideal sountrack & video // Bande-son et vidéo idéales: SIGUR ROS ("Varuo"):

"Varuo ! Varuo ! Warning ! Warning !"


"Nous voilà prévenus ! Terrible !" // "You have notified us ! Awesome !" (VINCENT /


"I like. ot of drama !" // J'aime. Une ambiance dramatique." (JANIS /


"I enjoyed looking through your photostream - such varied and interesting images, often beautiful too... full of ideas. Like this one. " // "J'ai aimé visiter votre photostream, empli de photos variées et intéressantes, souvent belles, pleines d'idées. Comme celle-là." (Colin BOWLES /

"Blá nótt yfir himininn

Blá nótt yfir mér

Horf-Inn út um gluggann

Minn með hendur

Faldar undir kinn

Hugsum daginn minn

Í dag og í gær

Blá náttfötin klæða mig í

Beint upp í rúm

Breiði mjúku sængina

Loka augunum

Ég fel hausinn minn undir sæng

Starir á mig lítill álfur

Hleypur að mér en hreyfist ekki

Úr stað – sjálfur


Opna augun

Stírurnar úr

Teygi mig og tel (Hvort ég sé ekki)

Kominn aftur og alltalltílæ

Samt vantar eitthvað

Eins og alla vegginna."




"Blue Night Over The Sky

Blue Night Over Me

Disappeared Out The Window

My Hands

Hidden Under My Cheek

I Think About My Day

Today And Yesterday

I Put On My Blue Nighties

Go Straight To Bed

I Caress The Soft Covers

Close My Eyes

I Hide My Head Under The Covers

A Little Elf Stares At Me

Runs Towards Me But Doesn’t Move

From Place - Himself

A Staring Elf

I Open My Eyes

The Crusts Come Off

I Stretch Myself And Check (If I Haven’t)

Returned Again And Everything Is Okay

Still There Is Something Missing

Like All The Walls."


(Sigur Rós - "Starálfur")


The church in Vík Í Mýrdal, in the south of Iceland.


Take a look also at dogfacedboy's pictures on Reykjavík and Iceland.







我想繼續這樣 入眠


接著 夢隨著夢 走...

More additions to my other one and I fixed it so it ends when it's supposed to!


AND thank you lexi soo much for doing the reverse part :***


Going through some unpublished Coachella photos. I like this one now.

the album cover for "hvarf". coming soon :)

the background used for smáskifa - the screenshot was taken from the dvd menu screen:


here is a fan recording of the 2005 concert at the holywood bowl - (watch it till the end)

I Breath.


"Fai una cosa, ogni giorno che sei spaventato.



25 Aprile 2012, Benedetta.

con quelle mani con cui ogni giorno spingi il Mondo,sull'altalena,per farlo sorridere.

♬♬♬ ~ Sigur Ros

with a great video clip from 'Planet Earth'


Every live shot i've seen of Sigur Ros is pretty much the same - the lead singer playing his guitar with a bow. They're not the most exciting band to photograph, but they make beautiful music.

One of the great things about living in a big city which is as well located as Brussels, is that you get lot of opportunities to see great concerts.


This weekend I saw Mugison on saturday and Sigur rós on sunday. Mugison played in a small club but Sigurrós played in a big concert venue called Forrest National. It was sold out for long time ago for the SigurRós concert allthough the concert hall takes many thousands people.


The concert was great and I admit that I was specially enjoying seeing my fellow countrymen fill such a big conceert hall and getting as warm welcome as they got.


Their newest album is really great and worth buying.


More about Sigurrós here:

Inní mér syngur vitleysingur


Prints of this coming soon!

Please email me at if you are interested.

"There I found myself

Endlessly thanking

Sheltered in a makeshift house

And we slept

As the storm died down"






Bla nótt yfir himininn

Bla nótt yfir mér

Horf-inn ut um gluggann

Minn með hendur

Faldar undir kinn

Hugsum daginn minn

Í dag og i gær


Bla nattfötin klæða mig i

Beint upp i rum

Breiði mjuku sængina

Loka augunum

Ég fel hausinn undir sæng


Starir a mig litill alfur

Hleypur að mér en hreyfist ekki

Ur stað - sjalfur



Opna augun

Stirurnar ur

Teygi mig og tel

Kominn aftur og alltalltilæ

Samt vantar eitthvað

(Eins og alla veggina)

Tomada por Jamer en la presentacion de Sigur Rós en el festival COLMENA 2008

celebrado en la ciudad de Tepoztlán el día 07/06/08

Tomada por Jamer en la presentacion de Sigur Rós en el festival COLMENA 2008

celebrado en la ciudad de Tepoztlán el día 07/06/08

Spark Arena, Auckland

When we had nothing but a boat and everything we've ever needed.


We were tiny drops in the vastness of the ocean frontier. We were the ambitious kids that went away in hopes that we would discover something greater than ourselves. We took on the wind, cold, storm, waves, and world. We were fish out of the sea... but I've never felt like I belonged anywhere more than I did there, then, in the middle of the ocean.

me encanta sigur ros...

y el mundo tenia que saberlo :)


First time I saw Sigur Rós live. Best performance I ever saw. It's almost magic...


First time I saw Sigur Rós live. Best performance I ever saw. It's almost magic...

Sigur Ros at the Eden Project!

sigur rós á útitónleikum á Hálsi í öxnadal

sigur rós play an outdoor concert at the hál farm in öxnadal


pictures by hörður sveinsson

There are some things I need to tell you even if you never read them.


The first is that you are incredible. I don't mean incredible as in the way a mountain is, which lingers reassuringly across a landscape while daring it's passerbys to accuse it of being a mere dream. I don't mean incredible like a roller coaster that makes you feel impossible to still be alive. Though, truth to be told there are aspects of both of these in your music.


What I mean is an incredible that probably only exists for you because you are not a mountain or a roller coaster. You are something in Hopelandic that none of us can pronounce and still we sing it out as loud as our slender souls can manage.


But, I think this sort of incredible is intangible and therefore words are its sworn enemy. All we may know about it is that this incredible is something that keeps you from drowning.


The second is this. Thank you. Thank you for playing the songs to me on my birthday that reassured me it was okay to be alive in a world so cruel and unpredictable. Thank you for not being influenced by anything but what is inside of you. Thank you for sharing your light, exploding in magical bits of unicorn magic for us to witness wondering...will we ever see something like this again (no).


Last, thank you for finding the way to record your songs. Storytellers often say that when you repeat the same story again, it loses something important and is less valuable, reducing its impact. It's the same way with jokes becoming less inventive with each laugh appearing less genuine.


Yet, with your songs, something else is true. The pieces evolve and take on autobiographical tones for whom those you have never met. Even when we don't understand all of your words and even when your words are made up, these syllables are exactly what is inside of us in our moments of extreme sorrow and in the height of our illumination. It's like you show us what is possible inside of us to feel and then you change all of our fears and despair into something that we can hold onto that doesn't damage us. It sounds like the truth but honesty was never so rich and wonderful before. If this was a physical thing, it might slip from our fingers. And so, it is a musical thing that we hold deep in our lungs and can let go of only because we know we can hear it again.


Jónsi, you may never read this but I wanted to let you know that sometimes I can listen to nothing but your songs and they fill me with homeostasis. They make it ok to feel the depth of my pain and loss in every moment I'm alive. You have given such a gift to us all and we love you for it. We don't love you like a person or a man. We love you like something wholly new we aren't quite sure exists but need to believe in.


We love you because your songs are timeless and are the songs of the species we'd like to be part of, the one that you have redeemed. Thanks for all of your songs but thank you the most for Kolniður, for it is the song that gets me the most.





Sigur Rós Concert in Atlanta Georgia at the Atlanta Symphony Hall.

Sep 6th, 2005

Sigur Ros Edinburgh International Festival August 16th 2016

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