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Prosthechea sima from Panama, at the San Francisco Orchid Show. Thanks to David Haelterman for providing the correct identification for this beautiful orchid.


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Sima, one of the Nath Kalbelia of Pushkar, making chai.



New Afghan Generation After War

Boca de entrada de la sima de Tortiellas.

Relaxation in a form of Sima.

é minúsculo e chama-se simas. não é meu.

he's tiny and his name is simas. he's not mine.

How to prepare it..


1. ingredients:

2-3 lemons,

1/2kg brown and 1/2kg "regular" sugar,

bit of baking yeast,

8l warm water

The recipe is found in the side of Fariinisokeri/ brown sugar bag, but I change it so that for a half a serving (4l), I still use the amount of lemons that is instructed above :)

Boil about half of the water, pour it over the sugars, add squeezed lemon juice. I do it so that I squeese the juice of one lemon and add rest of the lemons sliced.

Add cold water to make the mix hand-warm (+38C) before adding about 1/4 teaspoons of yeast.

I let it brew in room temperature for a day, then remove the lemons and bottle it.

Don't forget to add some raisins and bit of sugar into each bottle to make it a real Vappu -drink!! :D


After 2-3 days Sima is bubbly and drinkable.

And the raisings are floating up & down in the bottle...


2. float,

3. squeezed,

4. lemony


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Una de las 700 simas que hay cerca de Trillo, Guadalajara

Sima SF 100mm lens with center focus filter.

Panorámica de 7 fotografías y realizada entre Adri_espeleo y yo. Una de las fotografías más difíciles que hemos hecho, pero que recordaremos siempre por lo bien que lo pasamos. Deseando ver la versión de Adri_espeleo

abandoned house near Sacramento CA

porto, february '11

Hordaland, Norway.

Olympus OM-D E-M10.


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El Siq se adentra en la sima y en sus laterales se observan las conduciones de agua que lo recorren hasta la entrada de la ciudad de Petra.

Even though she lost one eye, she was fluffy lovely!!


taken in June 2006; w/ CONTAX Aria + Carl Zeiss Planar 50mmf1.4 + Kodak SG400



taken in 2005; w/ CONTAX Aria(レンズは忘れてしもたー) + Fuji RVP F

Fotografia Marina


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