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Šime, Vjekoslav Marija i Josip


Sime : the spaceship is part of an installation in Altitude

Oumuamua picture credit : ESO/M. Kornmesser


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20 October 2029 - The spacecraft "The Almighty Conqueror" is in the approach phase towards the extra-solar vessel "Oumuamua". Twelve passengers are on board, six women and six men, who have traveled for twelve years to meet the alien ship.


After having tried in vain to communicate with the occupants of "Oumuamua", the crew prepares for the assault. It follows the orders of the military hierarchy who first want to make an intrusion attempt to retrieve the largest amount of information on alien technology.


A first couple is responsible for exploring the surface of the artifact to identify possible entries. The crew had repeated the maneuver several times a month for twelve years. It is going perfectly well. Eve is the first astronaut to reach the artifact. But the moment she sets foot on the surface of the ship The Almighty Conqueror, with all its armament, and crew disappears.


Henda, a professor of physics at Gustave Eiffel High School in Maputo, Mozambique, climbs the steps leading to the huge glass platform under the dome of the Oumuamua vessel's airlock. It was her that they asked with great respect and courtesy to welcome the twelve humans who made this long journey to visit them.


In the middle of the huge platform, twelve astronauts, two of them in space suits, are grouped together, petrified by an unbearable anxiety. Henda softly approaches them, using the voice amplifier to reassure them from a distance. Later, each couple is installed in one of six rooms furnished in the French ‘Pondychéry’ colonial style. They eat their fill, they can wander through huge gardens and forests. They have access to a library with major earthworks, as well as a television with the entire David Lynch filmography. But they have no contact with the aliens.


Henda comes to see them from time to time. She is a very calm woman, of great beauty. She reassures them, explaining that the occupants of the ship do not want them any harm. They are benevolent, she says, they are very annoyed to have bothered us, they have no intention of coming to Earth. But why, they wondered, did Oumuamua set a course to Earth ? Henda did not answer. Maybe she did not know.


Oumuamua crossed several solar systems. The ship stopped near 6 habitable planets. On each of them, the aliens deposited a couple, in a space specially setup for them. An enclosed garden, allowing them to feed and reproduce. They said to each of the couples: "Be fruitful, occupy this land respecting the fish of the sea, birds of the sky, and any animal that moves there. Behold, we give you every herb bearing seed, which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree having in it the fruit of the tree and bearing seed: it shall be your food. And to every animal of the earth, to every bird of the sky, and to all that moves on the earth, having in itself a breath of life, you will share any green grass for food. "

Sime mist makes it little more special for me. :)

On the fence in Hackney Wick - various inc. Sime & Aroma.


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Os presentamos este pequeño especial de Sime GRK con estas fotos sueltas que nos han llegado cargadas de estilo por parte de este escritor del norte de Catalunya, que se deja ver con bastante frecuencia por las linea de media distancia y cercanías. /

Razorback Mountain [NSW] in the last light, Grady's Creek valley, NSW AU

Heal, Sime.


Under a Biblical sky.



Sur de Lima . mao a seguirla!


All material in my photostream MAY NOT be reproduced, copied, edited, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my permission

Manomet, Massachusetts


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