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SLCC is being brodcast live in-world. This is what my view looks like while Grace takes the stage, in Second Life and in San Franciscio.

This is the main location in world to get your SLCC 2006 fix!

March of the CEOs!


Left to Right:

Drew Stein (Boliver Oddfellow) of Infinite Vision Media and Infinite Squared

Kim Rufer-Bach (Kim Anubis) of The Magicians

Sibley Verbeck (Sibley Hathor) of Electric Sheep Company

Reuben Steiger (Reuben Tapioca) of Millions of Us.


And of course, not shown, photographer Hiro Pendragon, CEO Out of Bounds Software.

I just loved the slow shutter and blurring effect on these folks playing air hockey in the Crowbar. :)

Trinity & Nala & 4 of Infinity Squared.- Boliver Oddfellow, Quirky McArtle, Hiro Pendragon, Jeanette Hailey

At left: Um, someone else tell me who this was!


At right: Ben Linden aka BuhBuhCuh, also of alt-zoom machinima studios.

Seemingly random shot from SLCC 2006's auditorium...


... until you look who is at the bottom. Mitch Kapor, founding sponsor and advisor of Linden Lab and Second Life, as well as Cory Ondrejka and Philip Rosedale, two of the top jefes at Linden Lab.


Notice how they're not in some super exclusive VIP section or backstage. They believe in their product, they believe in their company, they believe in the people that use it, and they sit with them as part of the community. Now that's just downright cool to see.

Boliver Oddfellow (rl Drew Stein of decides mints are too precious to think about avoiding the risk of having his hand bitten off.






Okay, so it' s a plastic alligator head and I asked him to pose. Sue me! hahah

I just loved the slow shutter and blurring effect on these folks playing air hockey in the Crowbar. :)

Pathfinder Linden and Hiro Pendragon.


I'm not sure if that look from Pathfinder means, "Hey, how *you* doing?" or "What's this guy doing with his arm around me?"


Maybe both.

Philip Linden strikes a pose with Neelena Benavente.


My lord, how photogenic they are!

This is called "The Earthquake". It is served at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. It is 8 scoops of ice cream and every topping imaginable. A petite asian couple ordered it, and devoured the entire thing. The best part was watching people walking by looking through the window, stopping to admire the spectacle.

I recommend this restaurant, which is just a few blocks from the Crowbar. Apparently it's a good place to spot Lindens during the lunch hour on weekdays. From left to right:

Kittyn Petshop, KeepMe Bussy, Delta Epsilon, Red Linden, Faykin Odets, Seifert Surface, Nick Rhodes, and behind the camera, Kanker Greenacre

I've been a fan of Frogg's music in Second Life ever since he started performing. Meeting him in person was simply fantastic.

Baba Yamamoto SUCKS! :D

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