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Location: Daejeon, South Korea.

11043 (SN18KUK) is seen working on Route 474 at London City Airport.

Car: MCC Smart City Cabrio Passion.

Date of first registration: 29th May 2003.

Registration region: Reading.

Latest recorded mileage: 67,550 (MOT 15th March 2019).

Last V5 issued: 19th November 2019.


Date taken: 14th July 2020.

Album: Street Spots

Normally after I finish building something, I leave it sitting on my desk for a bit, where I I look at it occasionally and sometimes give it a few more tweaks. Yesterday, however, I got a bit impatient and posted my Smart car right after finishing it. I almost immediately regretted this, because in the pictures I noticed a few things I didn't like. There was a gap between the windscreen and the roof and a gap in the A-pillars and when googling for the Smart, to check whether the descriptions I was writing were accurate, I noticed a picture that showed the bottom half of the rear hatch folding down. It didn't on mine. Bummer! So, here we are, after the final tweaks.


I've had the intention to build one of these for a while now, but things became a lot easier when LEGO introduced their new Speed Champions sets, with wheels that look just about perfect for this dinky car on my normal 1/22 scale.

As usual, just about everything tat can open on the real car can open on my model as well. However, there isn't much: two doors and a hatchback.


As it turns out, I messed up a bit when building this. The lower part of the hatch is supposed to fold down.

The car is powered by a tiny three-cylinder engine mounted underneath the luggage space. It drives the rear wheels of the car.


As it turns out, I messed up a bit when building this. The lower part of the hatch is supposed to fold down.

An older Smart City-Coupé with an interesting "Long Vehicle" sign. With its 2.69-metre (8.8 ft) overall length it was about the smallest car on the market.

16 ottobre 2015 - Foto di Stefano Corso

Smart Cities Executive Education Conference - Daniels College of Business - September 19-20

16 ottobre 2015 - Foto di Stefano Corso

"Smart Cities: Transportation and Urban Planning" held in Ahmedabad at Hyatt Vastrapur on September 30th. The workshop was organized by the French Embassy, New Delhi, to explore possibilities of industry-institute tie-ups. Among the participants, there were representatives from industries, IITs, CEPT University, NIRMA University, PDPU, IIIT and French Institutes from Nantes, Tolouse, Paris etc

Photovoltaic glass facade

My second entry in this month's LUGNuts challenge, Stuck in the 90s, isn't much of a car at all. The Smart City Coupé was a collaboration between Daimler-Benz and Swiss watchmaker Swatch to build a small two-seater city car, that went on sale in Europe in 1998.


It seems I pressed the roof a bit hard during the photoshoot.


'Smart Cities' is a national grant program Vadodara is trying to qualify for in typically blithe forgetfulness of its citizenry.

Adding hinges to allow the bottom of the hatch to fold down hasn't done much for the looks, but at least it functions properly now.


The car seats two people and has a small luggage space in the back.

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Smart City one and Smart City two in one panoramic picture

Taken with iPhone XS

On 23 April 2008 it was announced that the decision by SmartCity Malta to allocate more space for its business park meant that this park would employ more than 8,500 people, when the agreed figure for employment there had been 3,000. Smart City Malta, would have the space to employ 11,000, making it one of the biggest economic concentrations in Malta.


SmartCity Malta formally submitted its outline planning application for the development at Ricasoli to the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (Mepa) on 29 April 2008. The submission includes a full Environmental Impact Assessment and Traffic Impact Assessment. SmartCity Malta has applied for up to 158,500 square metres of business space, which represents an increase of 54 per cent over the business space which Smart City Malta is contractually bound to develop. On the other hand, the gross floor area of the residential component has been reduced by 30 per cent, down to 60,000 square metres. In terms of the Outline Planning Application, the residential component makes up 19 per cent of the total gross floor area of the project.[2]


The application also provides for a huge public open space of 118,000 square metres, to serve as a primary recreational area for neighbouring communities. The energy requirements for Smart City Malta will be of 41.2MW.[3]


SmartCity Malta has been allocated a budget of €48 million for 2010. SmartCity has also drawn up plans to market the project in China, Japan, Korea, Australia and Egypt.[4]


Austerity is biting. Even Batman has downsized ...

Smart City in Malta

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A building in Smart City in Malta

Mayor Bill de Blasio meets with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel before delivering remarks at the Smart Cities New York Conference in Manhattan on Wednesday, May 9, 2018. Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office.

graffiti on a wall in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro

smart city and wireless communication network, abstract image visual

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