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A picturesque village with one or two rather smart places to stay, Maratea is both a simple and a refined holiday destination. The town's small size, steep slopes and distance above the sea mean it is unlikely ever to become a mass-tourism destination. It is a holiday spot for Italy aficionados, and for those in tune with the rich but slow pace of Italian life. Like the cave-town of Matera, Basilicata's other leading tourist destination, Maratea still has a real sense of history, and enterprising travellers will discover crumbling buildings and overgrown lanes where the smartening-up process hasn't yet reached.

It's been a while since I've posted anything - mostly down to some technical issues (if a laptop which reeks of homemade Romanian wine and doesn't switch on counts as a 'technical issue'!).

But that doesn't mean I haven't been busy doing what I do. I spent a week or so in Germany at the end of August, having some rest and recuperation after the Romanian summer expedition. But I couldn't sit down for too long, and very soon I found myself crouching in a field, camera in hand and mozzies nipping at my arms. My target was a family of young swallows being fed by their parents. The adult birds would spend several minutes skimming over the grass and river, scooping up small insects. On their approach, the babies would get terribly excited, falling over each other in order to be the one to get the food. Usually the parent hovered briefly over the baby, smartly placing the food into its noisy gaping mouth, before zipping off to repeat the process.

From the strip of six negatives I checked out last night I opted to scan three of them and this is the second and, at the time, the one I figured would get priority for upload.


On a week-long West of England Railrover and basing myself in Plymouth (I think - the memories plays tricks!) I made Bodmin Road the first stop of the day. This was followed by St Austell and finally Par before making my way back to Plymouth.


This shot is pretty well the standard one at St Austell, only I'd have been hoping for a Western rather than the class 50, viewed with some distaste at the time as Wizzo usurpers! Here, an as yet un-named 50024 stands in the station with a Penzance - Paddington train (the loco would be christened "Vanguard" within a year or so of this shot). For passenger comfort extra carriages, including a buffet car, will likely be added at Plymouth for the onward journey.


The sidings to the right of the loco will be familiar to car drivers who let the train take the strain on the overnight journey down from London's Kensington Olympia terminal via BR's "Motorail" service, which ran in the summer months. It wouldn't be cheap but avoiding a 270 mile drive and securing, in effect, an extra day's holiday had its advantages.


Wooden station buildings seemed to be a feature of Cornwall and for me their elegant lines sat right at home with the palm trees adorning the platform - for an East Midlander for sure you felt like you were stepping into holiday mode getting off the train. I never explored Palace Road, visible here at the back of the station, but it looks like it might have been one of the smarter places to live at the time - maybe it still is!


Kodak Tri-X rated at 400asa

21st July 1976

Here she is in her nest! It was right beside the road! Not a very smart place to build a nest lol!

I took a trip over to the dark peak today to visit middle black clough waterfall. I was overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to photograph. It was a scramble to the waterfall but was a really smart place. I cant wait to visit in the summer and autumn too. Here is a shot from the way up to the waterfall.

Maratea is a hill village high above the sea on Italy's southern Tyrrhenian coast, in the region of Basilicata. It's a good destination for a peaceful longer stay, or for a two or three-night break on a tour of the south. The setting is impressive: below steep wooded slopes, with sparkling glimpses of the sea through a steep pass, and high bare-ridged mountains stretching inland. The area around the town includes little beaches, a marina and a hill crowned by a giant statue of Christ.

A picturesque village with one or two rather smart places to stay, Maratea is both a simple and a refined holiday destination.


The town's small size, steep slopes and distance above the sea mean it is unlikely ever to become a mass-tourism destination. It is a holiday spot for Italy aficionados, and for those in tune with the rich but slow pace of Italian life. Like the cave-town of Matera, Basilicata's other leading tourist destination, Maratea still has a real sense of history, and enterprising travellers will discover crumbling buildings and overgrown lanes where the smartening-up process hasn't yet reached.

Dollhouse - a new story with gorgeous Tibby Muldoon - is currently being edited for your enjoyment in March.


It's based on the TV show 'Dollhouse'. In our story, 'Tango' becomes Tibby, intent on making the world a smarter place to live in! With Jasmine de Launay as 'Control'.

White ibis--smart place to be in the hot Florida summertime

Lake Morton

Lakeland, Florida

With the changing weather conditions between fog and sun, there were some great moments where cloud blew over the top of Haystack Rock.


Haystack Rock is a 235-foot (72-meter) sea stack or monolith, formed by lava flows.


Cannon Beach was a chance to relax and have fun on a good old fashioned sandy beach. Well kept, smart place.


The Lighthouse Inn did its job nicely, and was well located close to the beach and restaurants.


Our 4 week trip of the pacific Northwest (BC, WA, OR) and California, July-August 2013. View the trip in order here:

The venue of Olivia's first soccer tournament of the year; all pitches conveniently located under some high-tension wires in the south end of Ottawa. Actually, it's a pretty smart place to put soccer pitches; the land can't otherwise be used.

With the changing weather conditions between fog and sun, there were some great moments where cloud blew over the top of Haystack Rock.


Haystack Rock is a 235-foot (72-meter) sea stack or monolith, formed by lava flows.


Used a Circular Polariser but the shot was so rich, I've actually reduced the saturation a little...


Cannon Beach was a chance to relax and have fun on a good old fashioned sandy beach. Well kept, smart place.


The Lighthouse Inn did its job nicely, and was well located close to the beach and restaurants.


Our 4 week trip of the pacific Northwest (BC, WA, OR) and California, July-August 2013. View the trip in order here:

A smart place for my Watch to sleep and recharge overnight.

You'll realise I've been away for a few days, sitting in airports!


Hand-held (had to be - no tripods allowed) from the Sirocco Bar, on the 64th floor of the State Tower in downtown Bangkok, so it's jack up the ISO and hand hold at f/very small number. Actually, 1/5 at f/2.4, 800 ISO, propping up on the support rail.


It's a bit noisy, but this view will remain with me for a long time. And the Sirocco is one smart place to have a drink. The only place you can take photographs is in a small glass-lined circlular bar, right on the edge of the tower. Quite vertiginous.


The Ratchapruek Road. I think.

Van Ness at Geary

The Smart Place to Stay in San Francisco, California

An oasis of contemporary beauty in the sophisticated whirl of San Francisco! Unsurpassed accommodations, superlative service and excellent food in the new Cosmopolitan Lounge and Dining Room. Two acre terrace and pool in the sky. Completely air conditioned. Prepare to be pampered.




Abe's encounter with Black Mask's goon at the restaurant the other night led to more information on the weapons shipment we had intercepted. Apparently, Maroni had been shipping the weapons in for cheap to Black Mask and other crime bosses. With this new information, I decided to step up Abe's training up a bit. In other words, we were going to get Maroni. He had been known to preside in One Trinity Place. It was a smart place to sty for a person like him. The kind people of One Trinity were an easy way to mask the evil that is Maroni.


The night after we learned the information, we suited up and made our way to One Trinity Place. Upon arrival, we immediately found Maroni with Deadshot chasing after him with several dead bodies behind them. I told Abe to intercept the chase by ground , whilst I was followed on rooftop.


We chased the two diligently without being noticed. Deadshot hadn't shot yet; I suppose he wanted to look into Maroni's eyes when he did so. As Maroni rounded a corner, Abe tackled the man to the ground. Mid-air, Deadshot shot at Abe, hitting him in his vest. As this happened, I descended upon Deadshot, yelling "ABE!!!" As I landed on the assassin, Abe hit the ground and Deadshot's gun flew across the sidewalk. I grabbed the man, slamming him into the wall and yelled, "If you killed that man, God so help me, I'll give you the worst death imaginable!" As I said this, Abe wearily lifted himself from the ground, grabbing where the bullet hit. He looked to where he tackled Maroni and exclaimed, "Damn. He got away."


I looked Deadshot square in the eyes and threatened, "You're lucky; at least tonight you are. Blackgate can contain you... for now."


He replied, "Right... As if I haven't escaped from there before."


"Would six feet under better suffice?"


Azrael moves from #86 Dining District to #87 One Trinity Place, placing Deadshot in peril.

Ms CC facing her interviewers, Goat, Emma, Aether, Jimmy and Myrtil.


Ms CC Creegan’s interview took place at Loki’s Absinthe Café, as the Old Imperial Theatre was freezing cold and snow was creeping in from some cracks in the floor.

At least the café was nicely warm thanks to a stove. Besides, there was absinthe.


[08:10] Myrtil Igaly: Thank you for coming to be interviewed. I gather you have an idea of what your role would be if we hired you?

[08:10] Goat makes a note

[08:10] Jimmy Branagh rips pages from his notebook and hands out to the interviewing team

[08:11] Myrtil Igaly takes the page and smiles to Jimmy

[08:11] Aether Steamweaver holds his upside down

[08:11] Emma Walsh needs a paper again....

[08:11] Ms. CC Creeggan: To represent Urchin interests amongst the adults, and to slay all who oppose Urchin Rule. wait, perhaps not that last bit....

[08:11] Emma Walsh: Hey can I get one of those?

[08:11] Myrtil Igaly: No no, that is perfect Miss!

[08:11] Goat takes the extra paper and hides it away, always needing some

[08:11] Aether Steamweaver: Did you eat your last one?

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly rummages in her pocket to fish her pencil out and scribbles

[08:12] Jimmy Branagh: Oy gave ya one. It's stuck ta th' back of yer head

[08:12] Jimmy Branagh chuckles

[08:12] Emma Walsh: I left it at the imperial.

[08:12] Emma Walsh: That's...snow.

[08:12] Emma Walsh sighs

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly rips a page off Jimmy's notebook and brings it to Emma

[08:12] Jimmy Branagh: Yer hallucinatin'

[08:12] Myrtil Igaly: There ya go

[08:12] Emma Walsh accepts the paper

[08:13] Ms. CC Creeggan: I haven't hallucinated in quite a while, I'm a teetotaler and totally sober....totally.

[08:13] Jimmy Branagh makes a note

[08:13] Myrtil Igaly nods seriously and scribbles

[08:13] Myrtil Igaly: Very good to know Ms. CC

[08:13] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh more faw us!

[08:13] Goat deducts a point

[08:13] Aether Steamweaver draws a picture of a teapot

[08:13] Emma Walsh draws a stick figure and writes 'Temperance nut'

[08:13] Ms. CC Creeggan: NOt that I don't know where to acquire good beverages mind you.

[08:13] Myrtil Igaly scribbles again

[08:13] Emma Walsh draws in the hat

[08:14] Ms. CC Creeggan: I have not now and have never been a member of the Women's Temperance Union. I'm neutral on Demon Rum.

[08:14] Jimmy Branagh adds a note

[08:14] Goat adds back 1/2 a point

[08:13] Myrtil Igaly: We will all ask you questions in turn

[08:14] Myrtil Igaly: Don't get unsettled by some of our questions, they all have a purpose even if nobody even the person who asked knows already which

[08:15] Myrtil Igaly: So, are you ready for your questions?

[08:15] Ms. CC Creeggan: Yes I am.

[08:15] Aether Steamweaver whispers "What other sort of rum is there?"

[08:15] Myrtil Igaly: I didn't say it was your turn Aether!

[08:15] Myrtil Igaly: Sheesh

[08:15] Aether Steamweaver: I wasn asking her

[08:15] Myrtil Igaly: Oh

[08:16] Ms. CC Creeggan looks at personal list of things to remember. #1. Don't mention bug eating. #2. Perhaps avoid mentioning the shopping obsession.

[08:16] Aether Steamweaver rolls his eyes

[08:16] Myrtil Igaly glances towards Ms. CC and notices the list in front of her, curious to know what is written on it

[08:16] Jimmy Branagh pours himself an absinthe

[08:17] Myrtil Igaly: My first question, Ms CC, is, could you tell us a bit about your life? Just a few words, to see where you come from, how you were raised, what are your beliefs, that kind of things.

[08:18] Ms. CC Creeggan: Absinthe at your age, Master Branagh? Perhaps with a sarsparilla chaser, but you best not drink it straight up

[08:18] Myrtil Igaly giggles

[08:19] Jimmy Branagh rolls his eyes

[08:19] Myrtil Igaly makes a note

[08:19] Emma Walsh underlines her comment and hides her writing.

[08:19] Jimmy Branagh: This is breakfast, Ms CC

[08:19] Aether Steamweaver: Mmmm breakfast

[08:19] Jimmy Branagh: Oy loikes ta keep it simple

[08:20] Myrtil Igaly gestures discretely to Goat and Emma to try and read what's written on Ms CC's list

[08:20] Ms. CC Creeggan: Right, obviously you would be having port or a brandy for dinner.

[08:20] Jimmy Branagh: Per'aps, yes

[08:20] Myrtil Igaly: For starters

[08:20] Goat giggles and thinks of a recipe she does know with rootbeer and absinthe,

[08:21] Ms. CC Creeggan: Ah root beer, I adore the stuff....been tempted to try it enhanced with a finger or two of glenfiddich.

[08:21] Goat leans forward and tries to peer at Ms CC's list

[08:22] Ms. CC Creeggan looks at #3. DO NOT SHOW THE CLEAVAGE!

[08:22] Myrtil Igaly: Ms. CC, did you hear my first question?

[08:22] Myrtil Igaly: It may have been drowned in all the Absinthe pouring

[08:22] Ms. CC Creeggan: I think it was.

[08:23] Goat makes a note "slightly distractable, could be good AND bad"

[08:24] Myrtil Igaly: I asked if you could just tell briefly about who you were. Where you come from, how you were raised, that kind of things.

[08:24] Jimmy Branagh takes a break from breakfast to scribble a note.

[08:25] Ms. CC Creeggan: Let’s see, I'm mainlander born and bred, Though I'm mostly of Scot ancestry. I spent my youth wandering lands far and near, visiting places like Caledon, Babbage, Seraph City, some strange Bliss Island.

[08:26] Myrtil Igaly nods and scribbles

[08:26] Ms. CC Creeggan: I was taught the arts of fashion by the Puissant Fashionistas of Old.

[08:26] Myrtil Igaly glances at the lady's outfit and scribbles more

[08:26] Jimmy Branagh: Oy 'eard Bliss is not a verra smart place

[08:26] Ms. CC Creeggan: It involved stick beating and training montages.

[08:26] Myrtil Igaly: That sounds horrible!

[08:26] Jimmy Branagh: Ignorance is Bliss an awl thet.

[08:26] Goat notices that the stylish hat is of Caledonian origin so that part checks out

[08:26] Emma Walsh draws a bunch of sticks hitting Miss Creegan's stick figure and her going ow

[08:27] Ms. CC Creeggan: It was, it was...but now I'm a creature of pure unbridled shopping avarice.

[08:27] Myrtil Igaly: Oh I see.

[08:27] Jimmy Branagh mutters "shoppin'" and makes a note

[08:27] Ms. CC Creeggan looks at #4 on the list. Do NOT mention the avarice you numbskull

[08:27] Myrtil Igaly glances again at her outfit and makes a note

[08:27] Myrtil Igaly turns to Jimmy

[08:27] Myrtil Igaly: Question?

[08:28] Jimmy Branagh chugs the last of the absinthe and burps

[08:28] Myrtil Igaly giggles

[08:28] Jimmy Branagh: Now, Ms CC?

[08:29] Ms. CC Creeggan: Well perhaps the avarice was always there Master Branagh.

[08:29] Jimmy Branagh: Say you 'ad cause ta defend one of us, an 'ad ta challenge th' stinken' troublemaker. ee' demands Marquis of Queensbury rules, an' you gots a big iron truncheon in yer 'and. Wot do ya do?

[08:29] Jimmy Branagh scribbles and nods

[08:29] Myrtil Igaly smirks and turns away to hide it

[08:30] Ms. CC Creeggan: Well, first you insist the ruffian cease making trouble for the Poor Helpless, Kind, Sweet and Trusting Urchins.

[08:30] Emma Walsh laughs

[08:30] Goat hiccups

[08:30] Jimmy Branagh nods

[08:30] Jimmy Branagh: Go on

[08:30] Ms. CC Creeggan: If that fails, you shoot him, many many times.

[08:30] Myrtil Igaly nods thoughtfully and scribbles

[08:30] Emma Walsh stops and tries to make a pokerface...failing

[08:30] Ms. CC Creeggan: preferably with a gatling.

[08:30] Myrtil Igaly nods more and scribbles furiously

[08:31] Jimmy Branagh thums up, and makes a long note

[08:31] Aether Steamweaver grins

[08:31] Myrtil Igaly looks up at Aether

[08:31] Myrtil Igaly: Question for Ms CC, Aether?

[08:31] Aether Steamweaver: Ummmm

[08:31] Ms. CC Creeggan: Because the Innocent Urchins of Babbage Obviously do not have gatlings of their own stashed away.

[08:31] Myrtil Igaly: Of course.

[08:31] Jimmy Branagh chuckles

[08:31] Aether Steamweaver makes a thinking face

[08:31] Emma Walsh: ...course we don'.

[08:31] Goat writes 'catling'

[08:31] Jimmy Branagh: Of course not, Ms CC.

[08:32] Myrtil Igaly: We're just children after all

[08:32] Ms. CC Creeggan: Harmless innocent loveable children who could use a voice for their interests

[08:32] Myrtil Igaly: Exactly!

[08:32] Jimmy Branagh thinks of his prized Nix gatling

[08:32] Aether Steamweaver: Do you think kids should be protected or edumacated from the stuff in the world?

[08:33] Myrtil Igaly: Oh good one

[08:33] Aether Steamweaver pauses to thinks if that came out right

[08:33] Myrtil Igaly grins and looks at Ms CC expectantly

[08:34] Ms. CC Creeggan: Why of course the Urchins of Babbage need protection, they're harmless and innocent. And of course they should be edumacated. Engineering, pyrotechnics, gunsmithing, target practice...with BB guns..., and of course dancing, frivolity and ingenious plotting of hijinks.

[08:35] Aether Steamweaver nods

[08:35] Jimmy Branagh: BB guns?

[08:35] Aether Steamweaver: "Big Bang"

[08:35] Jimmy Branagh: Ahhh

[08:35] Jimmy Branagh nods

[08:35] Ms. CC Creeggan: In public of course...certain busybodies might frown of heavier weaponry.

[08:35] Myrtil Igaly was starting to wrinkle her nose but instead stayed wide eyed staring at Ms CC, her pencil in the air

[08:36] Ms. CC Creeggan: Of course an urchin would only have a slingshot or BB gun and would never own a properly oiled, maintained, and blued portable gatling.

[08:36] Myrtil Igaly gets to writing, and underlines three times what she just wrote

[08:36] Myrtil Igaly: Of course

[08:36] Aether Steamweaver pats the slingshot in his back pocket

[08:36] Myrtil Igaly turns to Jimmy and grins

[08:37] Myrtil Igaly glances at Emma

[08:37] Emma Walsh: My turn?

[08:37] Myrtil Igaly: Do you have a question for Ms CC, Emma?

[08:37] Myrtil Igaly nods

[08:37] Emma Walsh: Okie, Miss...recently Loki Gearhead got chased outta his cave hideou...err...port home by a the monster were a dastardly villain with armed minions instead, like Doctor O used to be....what would yer do ter try an convince 'em to leave?

[08:38] Myrtil Igaly shivers and nods

[08:38] Ms. CC Creeggan: I find dastardly villains sometimes need convincing with bribes or high explosives.

[08:38] Emma Walsh: Err...we don't want to blow up Lokis cave.

[08:38] Myrtil Igaly tilts her head and writes a few words

[08:39] Emma Walsh: There's a bar above it

[08:39] Ms. CC Creeggan: Or you could serve an eviction notice for improper squatting on Urchin Property, make it all official like, then call for the constables

[08:39] Ms. CC Creeggan: Foil the Villain with legal chicanery.

[08:40] Ms. CC Creeggan: Or steal his equipment and use it against him.

[08:40] Myrtil Igaly tilts her head on the other side, thoughtfully

[08:40] Ms. CC Creeggan: Or steal his equipment and then ransom it back when he leaves.

[08:40] Myrtil Igaly then takes more notes

[08:40] Ms. CC Creeggan: Or simply shoot him with a large gun, preferably a fine Nix Sands portable gatling.

[08:40] Myrtil Igaly nods while scribbling

[08:40] Emma Walsh: Err...he has armed minions

[08:40] Ms. CC Creeggan: Shoot more times.

[08:41] Emma Walsh: Lots of em

[08:41] Emma Walsh: ...

[08:41] Ms. CC Creeggan: Or I suppose one could wire up a tesla coil to act as an area weapon against mechanical minions.

[08:42] Ms. CC Creeggan: probably require a transformer, some copper....need a bigger generator....

[08:42] Myrtil Igaly: Specifically targeting the mechanical minions?

[08:42] Emma Walsh: Well, it's something...

[08:42] Ms. CC Creeggan: Which is why, SCIENCE!

[08:42] Myrtil Igaly smiles and scribbles

[08:43] Aether Steamweaver: A couple of villains has used mechanicals

[08:44] Ms. CC Creeggan: or I suppose one could use incendiaries.

[08:44] Emma Walsh: We're trying not to burn down Loki's stuff...but could do...would leave the Bar safe.

[08:44] Jimmy Branagh reads Myrtil's notes to catch up

[08:45] Ms. CC Creeggan: As has been said by smarter urchins than I, Sometimes you just need to kill it with Fire.

[08:45] Emma Walsh: Okay, I'm done.

[08:45] Aether Steamweaver: Toasting it slightly is also nice

[08:46] Ms. CC Creeggan: like Waffles.

[08:46] Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight then, Oy'll go next

[08:47] Jimmy Branagh: Ms CC?

[08:47] Ms. CC Creeggan: Yes Master Branagh?

[08:49] Jimmy Branagh: If ya sawr a hoity-toity rich kid wit' a spoin loike puddin' carryin' a noice roast goose down th' street, an' ya knew there wos starvin' urchins back at th' hoideout, wot would ya do?

[08:50] Aether Steamweaver: Ask him how he could lift the goose with a spine like puddin?

[08:50] Jimmy Branagh pours himself another glass.

[08:50] Myrtil Igaly chuckles

[08:50] Jimmy Branagh: Are you apployin' faw this position, Aether?

[08:50] Myrtil Igaly's stomach rumbles too

[08:51] Ms. CC Creeggan: Well.... Stealing it from him is wrong. However if he might drop it and run away.....then one could take it. I suppose I might try to guilt him into bringing it to the urchins, or bribe him, or just buy the thing from him....would be more fun if he was to accidentally drop it though, perhaps if he fell over a ladies extended leg.

[08:51] Aether Steamweaver checks his upside down questions

[08:51] Myrtil Igaly grins and scribbles

[08:52] Jimmy Branagh writes

[08:52] Myrtil Igaly: Got another question, Aether?

[08:52] Jimmy Branagh: Awlroight

[08:52] Ms. CC Creeggan: Of course if he was distracted by a display of adult cleavage, it might happen that some poor urchin relieves him of it.

[08:52] Silas Merlin left the region.

[08:52] Myrtil Igaly: Ooooh

[08:53] Goat giggles

[08:53] Myrtil Igaly glances at Ms CC's outfit again and draws something

[08:53] Jimmy Branagh: Maybe just yell "Creaky Gloom! RUN!"

[08:53] Myrtil Igaly: That'd work too!

[08:54] Jimmy Branagh: 'ee'd drop th' turkey

[08:54] Aether Steamweaver: :-)

[08:54] Ms. CC Creeggan: or it might be possible. "Here, young fellow, you're too slow, your father commanded me to bring the goose to the dinner lad, hand it over, I'll take it in this cab."

[08:54] Myrtil Igaly nods approvingly

[08:54] Jimmy Branagh nods

[08:54] Myrtil Igaly: Smart

[08:55] Myrtil Igaly looks around the tables

[08:55] Myrtil Igaly: Anybody has another question?

[08:55] Emma Walsh: Yes

[08:55] Aether Steamweaver ponders

[08:55] Myrtil Igaly: Go ahead Emma

[08:55] Emma Walsh: What re yer credentials?

[08:55] Emma Walsh: Proof of yer skills?

[08:57] Ms. CC Creeggan: Oh that: I'm Ms. CC Creeggan, Chatelaine of Carntaigh, Professor at Caledon Oxbridge, Sgt of the Caledon Militia (ret), Flight Lt of the RCAF (ret), Former commanding Colonel of the Gunbunnies (ret), and I might have found the Catgirl Dungeon.

[08:57] Aether Steamweaver: Wossa catgirl Dungeon?

[08:58] Myrtil Igaly: Oooh, so many titles!

[08:58] Ms. CC Creeggan: It's a Sekrit to Everybody.

[08:58] Myrtil Igaly tries to write them all down

[08:58] Aether Steamweaver: Oooh sekrits!

[08:58] Emma Walsh writes in bold letters she's a copper, it's a trap!

[08:59] Goat thinks that's maybe where the catlings come from

[08:59] Myrtil Igaly nods to Ms CC and glances around the room again

[08:59] Emma Walsh hides this from sight

[08:59] Myrtil Igaly: More questions?

[08:59] Ms. CC Creeggan: I am most certainly not a law Babbage.

[08:59] Goat blurts out " Supposing some sort of busybody comes around wanting to open a school and force us urchins to try and attend against our will and all, what would you do to prevent it or discourage such kinds of things being visited upon us?"

[08:59] Jimmy Branagh shakes his head and downs the absinthe

[08:59] Myrtil Igaly grins to Goat

[09:00] Goat: could happen y'know

[09:00] Myrtil Igaly: I don't even wanna think about it

[09:00] Myrtil Igaly: But good question

[09:01] Goat: me either but I heard somethin' maybe...

[09:01] Myrtil Igaly frowns. "That would be war!"

[09:01] Ms. CC Creeggan whispers: Why, I'd show up with my best schoolmarmy ensemble and say. "Why these urchins are quire well educated under my purview. They are learning all the things they need to know. Their letters, mathematical formulae, basic engineering and the finer things in life." Then I would have you sing rehearsed songs about history, or something to convince the busybodies, and then return to proper SCIENCE

[09:02] Jimmy Branagh: Any school 'ere is subject to th' lawrs of physics.

[09:02] Goat fingers the matches in her pocket

[09:02] Myrtil Igaly: Ooooh

[09:02] Jimmy Branagh grins

[09:02] Aether Steamweaver: 'splosions

[09:02] Myrtil Igaly flips her paper to write on the other side

[09:02] Goat makes a satisfied note regarding 'no school'

[09:02] Myrtil Igaly: Good for you Goat?

[09:02] Ms. CC Creeggan: I am very good at appearing respectable.

[09:03] Myrtil Igaly glances at Ms CC and nods with a smile

[09:03] Ms. CC Creeggan has not now nor ever been involved in a Duchess Sandwich.

[09:03] Ms. CC Creeggan: Except that one time...and perhaps that other time, but you didn't see me.

[09:03] Aether Steamweaver frowns and ponders that one

[09:03] Myrtil Igaly didn't even hear that and doesn't know what a Duchess Sandwich is anyway!

[09:03] Jimmy Branagh: Wot's a Duchess sammich?

[09:04] Goat thinks Ms CC may have picked up some bad habits in her travels...

[09:04] Ms. CC Creeggan: HIstory of Times past in the lands of Caledon.

[09:04] Goat: I got one last...

[09:04] Myrtil Igaly: Sure Goat

[09:04] Ms. CC Creeggan: Ah the stories I could tell...when you're older.

[09:04] Myrtil Igaly: We're almost older

[09:04] Ms. CC Creeggan: almost.

[09:04] Goat: Ms CC What's your biggest fault?

[09:05] Ms. CC Creeggan: biggest? Lazyness, perhaps, or Vanity.

[09:05] Goat makes a note, looks up and smiles

[09:05] Myrtil Igaly shrugs

[09:06] Myrtil Igaly: Alright, I think we've asked all of our questions, unless someone contradicts me

[09:06] Emma Walsh: I's good

[09:06] Myrtil Igaly looks up to Ms CC. "Would YOU have questions for us?"

[09:08] Ms. CC Creeggan: let’s see...I have a couple: So where do you all shop? And do you promise to not throw me in Irons when you rule Babbage at last.

[09:08] Myrtil Igaly chuckles

[09:08] Emma Walsh: No promises

[09:09] Jimmy Branagh: Ummmm ... we sorta shop th' whole town, Ms CC.

[09:09] Myrtil Igaly: I mostly shop at the Spider's pawn shop and I won't throw you in Irons unless you've done something very bad

[09:09] Jimmy Branagh smiles

[09:09] Aether Steamweaver: Mostly Loki's :-)

[09:09] Ms. CC Creeggan: Drat! I was hoping for at least that, if I couldn't get personal extraterritoriality.

[09:09] Myrtil Igaly: Extraterritwha?

[09:10] Ms. CC Creeggan: Kind of like Diplomatic Immunity without having to be a diplomat.

[09:10] Myrtil Igaly: Oooh

[09:11] Ms. CC Creeggan: I think...really should have studied that more.

[09:11] Myrtil Igaly: well, we still need to discuss first before we make a choice anyway

[09:11] Myrtil Igaly: As for immunity, just don't do anything bad against us and you'll be good!

[09:12] Ms. CC Creeggan: thank you for the interview.

[09:12] Ms. CC Creeggan: it was most edumacational.

[09:12] Jimmy Branagh: Thenks faw comin', Ms CC!

[09:12] Myrtil Igaly: Thank you for coming Ms. CC, we will let you know what we have decided sometime in the New Year.

[09:12] Myrtil Igaly smiles

[09:12] Goat just now notices the holster and grins

[09:12] Ms. CC Creeggan: Though I suspect you can find a better candidate than me.

[09:13] Myrtil Igaly: That's for us to judge!

[09:13] Ms. CC Creeggan: True that, Miss Igaly


And thus ended the sixth and last interview the urchins helf to find a “grown-up ambassador”.


the smart place to be.

Identifier: boytravellersina00knox

Title: The boy travellers in Australasia : adventures of two youths in a journey to the Sandwich, Marquesas, Society, Samoan and Feejee islands, and through the colonies of New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia

Year: 1889 (1880s)

Authors: Knox, Thomas Wallace, 1835-1896 Harper & Brothers. pbl

Subjects: Voyages and travels Adventure and adventurers Tutors and tutoring Friendship Sailing Sailors Animals Natural history

Publisher: New York : Harper & Brothers

Contributing Library: School of Theology, Boston University

Digitizing Sponsor: Boston University


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Text Appearing Before Image:

to have one for ours in due time. The steamer made her way direct to the wharf, and as soon as shehad made fast and the gang-plank was out, our friends stepped on shorein Kew Zealand. Under the guidance of a fellow-passenger, they en-tered a carriage and were driven up Queen Street, the principal thor- THE FOUNDING OF AUCKLAND. 18^ oughfare, to the hotel they had selected for a resting-place during theirsojourn in Auckland. They were favorably impressed with the activitythat prevailed on the streets, and the general evidences of business pros-perity. • A Missourian would call it a right smart place, said Frank,as they were alighting from the carriage at the end of their drive. Yes, responded Fred, and even a New Yorker would treat itsbeautiful bay with respect after seeing it as we did. Where did the city get its name ? one of the youths asked DoctorBronson. It was named after Lord Auckland, First Lord of the Admiralty,and afterwards Governor-general of India, by Captain Hobson, who


Text Appearing After Image:

AUCKLAND IN 1840. founded the city. Captain Hobson was sent here, in 1838, to organize acolony. He saw this was a good site for a city, and accordingly heestablished the capital here. It remained the capital until 1865, whena royal commission moved the seat of government to Wellington, thelatter place being more centrally located. Of course the Aucklanderswere not at all pleased at the change, but their city is so well estab-lished commercially that there is no danger of their being ruined by it.From various sources Frank and Fred found that Auckland had a 188 THE BOY TRAVELLERS IN AUSTRALASIA. population of nearly forty thousand within the municipality, and seven-ty thousand in the city and suburbs. It has, said Frank, in his jour-nal, handsome streets, a great number of well-constructed public build-ings, such as post-office, custom-house, exchange, courts. Governmentoffices, and the other paraphernalia of a well-established city, and it hasalso a fine museum, a public library, and


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I saw this driving around and just thought it was weird. This is a Ford Econoline cargo van, the front windows are tinted, it even has a lightbar on the roof, and it's owned and operated by the United States federal government.


It would be interesting to know what color or colors the lightbar would display if it were on. Looks like it has some kind of airport decal on the back, but I have no idea what this vehicle is used for.


If you want to use this image, ask permission PRIOR to use. Don't be a thief - under most circumstances, I'm quite reasonable.


Copyright 2011 - Alan B.


Abandoned Abused Street Dogs.

Nikon D300 DX Camera.

Nikkor 17-55 2.8 Lens.


December 17th 2014.


Back Story ...............


5:30AM rolled around and I rolled out of bed.

6:15AM rolled around and I rolled on down the road heading East towards Cambodia.


The Browns were all waiting in the middle of the road that makes up the boundary line between The Leroy Crew & The Brown clan.

The Browns are always first to make their statement as to who owns this important piece of real estate !

Mr B never a shy guy when it comes to speaking his mind. And when he does speak the whole jungle listens.


Did the usual good morning greetings, leaping, licking and a couple back flips.


Sorted myself out then headed into the Dog palace and proceeded to feed The Browns.


Did notice they were slightly edgy for some unknown reason but it didn't matter cuz there's always something going on here.


In due time we headed through The DMZ, Browns waited and I continued over to feed The Leroy Crew.

While in the process of laying out their food I heard a loud screech from The DMZ area. Looked over and didn't see any of The Browns waiting in their usual spot. No big deal I'll find out upon my return.


Shot a few monkeys and tourists then headed back over to find The Browns.


So here's the story ...............


Found Mama & Mr Brown at the edge of the swamp in The DMZ.

Some fool had dumped off an old dog which is why The Browns were a bit edgy this morning.

Scared, frightened, traumatized and unsure of itself the new dog ran for the safety of the swamp, as you see here.


The Leroy Crew is about 40 meters to my left raising hell but cautious enough to not cross the boundary line !


Mama & Mr Brown are explaining the rules in great detail. Well, Mr B is doing most of the explaining !


So what do I do you ask ? ............


I told Mr B to "Cut It Out !"

He looked back all sheepish like and said "OK"


The new old dog has herself in a real pickle ..........


Can't hangout with The Browns...........

Can't hang out with The L-Crew...........


So I'm hoping she makes it over to where the Nun's live and they will give her shelter from the storm.


You may be wondering why I didn't help her out of the swamp ?




First of all the bank is slippery giving me no solid footing.

Second, getting between 4 wild dogs having a disagreement is not a smart place to be.

You could feel the tension in the air and I know when not to be in certain situations.

That's how you get to be an old guy, by knowing this stuff ... ;-)


Next photo shows where we went next..........



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actually the name of the Mountain is Walmendinger Horn. And it's top is a smart place for a sunset ... one of my future projects. Allgäu, Kleinwalsertal Austria, Österreich; Vorarlberg.

We were passing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters when I happened to notice this Cuban Tree Frog camping out on a solar lawn ornament. Because the light attracts insects it was a smart place for him to wait for them. Cuban tree frogs are an invasive species in Florida.

I went into this cafe/hotel after leaving Victoria Station one day. Very nice, smart place for coffee. 'M' in Manchester, Greater Manchester, England.


© Please do not use this image in any way without my permission. Thankyou

Modern auto rickshaws run on compressed natural gas (CNG) and are environmentally friendly compared to full-sized cars. As on this picture, they are distinguishable from the earlier petrol-powered autos by a green and yellow livery, as opposed to the earlier black and yellow appearance.


Main Bazar street is very close to New Delhi station and is fastly reachable from internationnal airport by metro. Thus it is tha main place for cheap hotels and restaurent. One would want some smarter place to sleep at but would be really annoyed since in Delhi you have 2 kind of hotels:

- the simple and mostly often noisy ones in Paharganj around Main Baazar, around 10 dollar per night

- the crazily expensive Palace in nice places like Connaught Place, around 200 dollars per night


sad choice...

We were passing out Halloween candy to trick-or-treaters when I happened to notice this Cuban Tree Frog camping out on a solar lawn ornament. Because the light attracts insects it was a smart place for him to wait for them. Cuban tree frogs are an invasive species in Florida.

Taken last night. Incredible lightning over my house. Taken from our gazebo/deck/pool area. Smart place to be, huh? No editing here, but I guess I should have cropped a little.

birdsview from Arc de Triomphe

Side view of the lower platform of Fossil Island at Pirates Bay, Eaglehawk Neck on the Tasman Peninsula. Waves crash on the lower platform, making it not a very smart place to be. Shot taken from the adjacent platform with the entrance to the Blowhole in between.

Cannon Beach was a chance to relax and have fun on a good old fashioned sandy beach. Well kept, smart place.


The Lighthouse Inn did its job nicely, and was well located close to the beach and restaurants.


Our 4 week trip of the pacific Northwest (BC, WA, OR) and California, July-August 2013. View the trip in order here:

July 31, 2016


Menhaden (also called Pogie or Bunker) were in large tight bait-balls off the Nauset Beach shore this past Sunday.


This surfer is caught between the moving bait ball and the shore. Not a good place to be if the predator fish is toothy. It turned out, however, that the menhaden were being harassed by Striped Bass, which have no teeth.


Even so, in these waters, its not a smart place hang out on your surf board: Menhaden are chased by Striped Bass, which are chased by Seals, which are chased by Great White Sharks! A surfer looks an awful lot like a seal when sitting on his/her board, especially in the chaos of a panicked bait ball!


Nauset Outer Beach

Orleans, Massachusetts

Cape Cod - USA


Photo by brucetopher

© Bruce Christopher 2016

All Rights Reserved


No use without permission.

Please email for usage info.

Guess Where Londoners?

First Scotland East SN55 JVD (66752) is a Scania bodied Wright Solar.


Sitting here waiting time at the entrance to The Falkirk Wheel.


Larbert and Stenhousemuir make up one of seven areas throughout Scotland which has been chosen to take part in the Scottish Government's Smarter Choices, Smarter Places initiative, which has been locally branded Take the Right Route.


Take the Right Route is a programme aiming to tackle traffic congestion and reduce car dependency in and around Larbert and Stenhousemuir. This will be done by promoting walking, cycling and the use of public transport for everyday, short journeys.

A house in Algiers LA. Once a hard-scrabble community across the Mississippi from New Orleans, Algiers is becoming a smart place in its own right.

Even towns noted for nice buildings and famous architecture have their less smart places, This is a less-attractive area of Bath that appears to have been recently demolished.

Covered in dark grey suit material, this A6 notebook is a smart place to take notes! The notebook has 50 high quality (100 gsm) white pages and a grey ribbon bookmark to keep track of your place, and grey lining pages for a neat finish.

Seems a smart place to stay in the shade.

Today I turn 30. Although I'll miss being 20-something, there's no where to go but forward and however old I get I must embrace it. I take 30 different than most people, my dad, his dad, neither lived past 50 so I kind of always told myself 30 was over my personal arch. Heh. We'll see.


All I know is I'm in a better smarter place now than I've ever been, and I intend to make the most of the next 30 years too.

I want to be with you . I want endless nights.


London, Oxford Street

-----But it still wasn't warm enough where I was!


I should go to smarter places..........

An isolated thunderstorm departs Norman to the southeast on August 8, 2011. View is from the top of the OU stadium parking garage (quite a smart place to be during an electrical storm, obviously).

Hiking Around the Government Shutdown Day 7: We awoke at 5:00 a.m. to a gigantic boom that shook the hotel! A severe thunder and lightning storm was making its way through Cortez, Colorado. After 6 days of beautiful weather, we were in for a soggy morning. We don’t mind hiking in the rain, but most trails we wanted to hike were off Utah dirt roads- not a smart place to be in a downpour. We made our way back over to Blanding, UT and made our first trip to the Edge of the Cedars State Park. This is an exceptional park if you are an Anasazi junkie. We then started to make our way NW toward Hanksville. On Cedar Mesa, we made a short hike to see the Tower Ruins followed by a quick stop at the restored Mule Canyon Ruins. By the time we had reached Lake Powell, the sun was starting to break. By the time we reached Hog Springs, the weather was gorgeous so we did a quick hike there and some pictograph hunting. The day was made complete with a shake and bacon burgers at Stan’s in Hanksville.


Historic floods in Colorado and fires in Yosemite had us changing our fall vacation plans at the last minute. Our next plan was SW Colorado to see Colorado National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park, but the infamous 2013 Government Shutdown started just a few days before we were to leave, closing us out. I checked the weather forecast for SE Utah where I knew we’d be able to access great hikes on BLM land- it looked great so off we went! It was a fantastic week of hiking in the Utah sun (ironically, almost entirely on government land), complete with seeing my good friend Lisa (Flickr’s pixie1339), making some wonderful new friends, and crossing off several bucket list items. It is always good to be in SE Utah and this trip was one of our best yet.

Arnos Vale Cemetery in Bristol is astonishing. It is Victorian in origin and became a very smart place to be buried in Bristol. However, it fell in to the hands of an owner who let the site decline, letting saplings establish, and eventually planned to sell it for housing (having thoughtfully previously exhumed the residents). It was bought by the local authority and passed on to the trust. It is now being restored and is a wonderful mix of fairly conventional cemetery and hillside cemetery which nature is reclaiming. Let's hope that the restoration is sensitive to retaining that mix.

My first visit to this terminus at Wallyford, beyond Musselburgh in the east of Edinburgh and Service 44 divides in two at The Loan, a mile or so along the road from here at the railway station, with one bus going to Tranent and the other coming here.


Sunshine in Springtime makes everything look nicer and the trees are itching to burst into bloom day by day. Lothian's magnificent new 'classic' livery is everywhere to be seen in 2011, a year after its conception and who could fail to stop and admire this bus standing here? And what a smart place Wallyford is too.


Stuart Montgomery is 'in conversation' with James Pringle


i almost got run over by another motorcyclist seconds later. The Djemaa el Fna is not really a smart place to crouch on the ground- you never know what might run you over - a monkey, donkey, snake, motorbike, horse, tourist, moroccan... the list goes on.


my favorite new street food is roasted chickpeas with cumin on top. simple and delicious!

Emporio Armani Caffe at the Vincom Centre. We went there a couple of times for coffee or breakfast; it was a smart place to hang out.

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