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Jardin des Tuileries Paris (F)

sailing ship Nadezhda

With all the apps you can get, (YahooIM, Skype, MSN, Facebook, Twitter even NYTimes on this phone alone) and the "push notifications" that make a text message sound when you get them, it is almost impossible to escape , even with the notifications turned off , it is still almost impossible

Are you on Ello yet? If not you should be. :)

Before Facebook or Twitter, when folks actually talked to one another. Not sure the younger viewers will understand. Another black and white photo that I painted and added texture to. Best viewed at the largest size.



2016 Rome ( Via di Tor Millina - Rione Ponte )

All images and photography © Tanjica Perovic


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Junior Whizz kid on social network. First step: facebooking :D

In the very heart of the city, nowadays it's less of a food market and more of a gossiping place for the after-office pint of beer (or flute of prosecco, lately)

Oxford Circus - London

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involuzione o evoluzione? Equilibrio è sempre una parola giusta

Leica M2

Leica Summicron 35mm f/2 IV "King of Bokeh"

Kodak Tri-X 400

Ars Imago FD 1+39

6 min 20°C

Scan from negative film

Film camera Mamiya 645. Author's hand print VanDyke (kallitype). Watercolor paper Kroyter (300 g/m2) 30x40cm.

I can't stop processing night shots lately. Still by far my favourite time to shoot, especially with those incredible bokeh in Tokyo.


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With the previous week being Elvis week in Memphis (but eclipsed by the eclipse!), and the 40th anniversary of The King's passing as well, thought it would be a good time to look at one of the iconic fads of the 1970's - postponed by the eclipse until this week - sorry, Elvis :P


Long before flickr, facebook, twitter, etc., and even years prior to widespread use of cell phones, there were citizens band radios. I was a bit too young to participate, but remember when this craze swept the nation in the 1970's. Those crazy adults (like my neighbors across the street!) that were hardcore into C.B. communication back then had both mobile and home bases. The home base antennas were sometimes 3 or 4 stories high easily (seriously, what were they thinking)!? My neighbor's rig was so powerful (and likely illegal), it would sometimes interfere with our over-the-air television signal, and we had sprung for a fancy, somewhat expensive rooftop TV antenna even!


The C.B. madness had fizzled out by the end of the 70's though, eventually to be replaced by the current social media madness present day, only without the massive, intrusive antennas -- some massive, intrusive personalities instead(!), especially outside of flickr sometimes!

simon biswas, knocking out some work at the forge one morning before phoot camp. the forge is the home a studio of the amazingly talented ryan schude and dan busta. they decided that instead of packing away all of their props and sets into storage after the shoots are over, they would instead make far better use of them by setting them up in their living space, as seen here. i happen to agree that this was the best course of action.


i first met simon at the lookbetween event for emerging photographers in charlottesville, virginia; and was humbled by his multimedia project The Light of Day, which was recently featured in PDN. i'm glad i peer-pressured him into applying for phootcamp 2010 and that he was able to make the trek out from the east coast with me!

collage in old photo album

Joplin, MO.



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