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Hay que destacar el estado del tendido eléctrico en Vietnam, pero en especial en Hanoi. Hay tal maraña de cables que no se cómo harán cuando tengan una avería eléctrica, ¿qué cable es el que falla?, ellos sabrán..., tal es el estado de las líneas eléctricas que hasta hacen camisetas alusivas al tema. Curioso ¿no?


It should be noted the State's electrical lines in Viet Nam, but especially in Hanoi. There are such tangle of cables that not is how will make when they have an electrical fault, which cable is which fails?, they know, such is the State of power lines making up t-shirts allusive to the subject. Curious isn't it?

Dervish is like a constant supernova. He's in a constant state of power and beauty, but he's dying, and racing to keep himself going. He'll do whatever it takes to keep himself standing tall. Surviving isn't enough. He must be on top.


On another note, did someone feature me somewhere? I got a whole heap of new watchers over the past few days and I don't know what I did lol.Obviously I don't mind, I'm super appreciative, i just want to know where y'all new buddies came from! <33


Thanks so much for following me! ;0;



After three days of work closure, Pookie and I had to head back to the office today. It was surprisingly depressing, though, to be in a warm, well-lit, internet-enabled environment all day -- we both got tremendously depressed about the state of power outage we still had at home, despite the fact that with the camp stove and generator and having Jack Reacher and the new Nelson DeMille to read aloud, we were having a lot of fun at powerless Maple Hoo. But once we got back home and were removed from the old normal, the new normal reasserted itself as not-at-all depressing. We had an extraordinarily good dinner of bratwursts from Flying Pigs Farm, simmered in beer with homemade sauerkraut, and a side of boiled red-skinned potatoes with butter. Eaten by candlelight and the glow of our headlamps, with the generator powering the furnace and snuggled under piles of quilts, we had to admit that, all things considered, life was pretty good.



Title: Florists' review [microform]

Identifier: 5205536_34_1

Year: 1912 (1910s)


Subjects: Floriculture

Publisher: Chicago : Florists' Pub. Co

Contributing Library: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Digitizing Sponsor: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


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M The Florists' Review Mat 21, 1914.


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The United States Nursery Co., Eose- acres, Miss., has a pink sport of Climb- ing American Beauty. Articles of incorporation have been filed by the Cherokee Nursery Co., of Cherokee, Ky., with a capital stock of $50,000. The incorporators are Edward Wilder, Charles E. Gould and Charles P. O'Brien. The recent strong winds at Chico, Cal., damaged young stock of the Chico Nur- sery Co. to the extent of over $4,QP0. The young buds had made a remarkable growth and thousands went down before the high wind, Shrubbery and fruit trees, for that part of Iowa and for the neighboring part of South Dakota,, have been the heavy lines in the spring business of the Algona Nursery, at Algona, la., which is owned by J. W, Curtis, of Cresco town- ship. The city of Springfield, Mass., expects to develop what will be the finest rose garden in the country, using as a basis on which to start 1,000 bushes presented the municipality by the J. W. Adams Co. The park department has set aside two acres for this first lot. Bulletin No. 128, just issued by the agricultural experiment station at Penn- sylvania, State College, treats of '' The Apple in Pennsylvania: Varieties, Plant- ing and General Care," and is the work of John P. Stewart. Work in the or- chard, as it should be done in the st^te of Pennsylvania, is discussed "fully and well. Ornamental shrubs and palms from the Eoyal Poinciana Nursery, at St. Pet- ersburg, Fla., will line West Central avenue, from Thirty-fourth to Thirty- sixth street, the length of the concern's grounds. Slat houses are to be erected shortly, and orders wiir'be filled this fall; the stock which the nursery cannot propagate in time will be secured from other concerns. The forestry department of the state of Kentucky is going into the nursery business, and will furnish budded apple trees to the people of the state at cost. So great has been the demand for apple trees in this state that the Kentucky forestry commission decided a few days ago that seed beds should be^ftblished in the Louisville nursery and seeds pro- cured by State Forester J. E. Barton at once. The seedlings will be budded and grafted to the proper varieties be- fore shipment. We have always found The Review ^i top noteher aa ^ re- ■ulta received zrom wholesale adTertiainff of nuraery atoek.— Atlantic Nursery Go.« per D. W. Babcoek, Myr., Berlin, Md*, January 16, 1914. Nurserymen in general report the largest sale of pe^epiials thus far re- corded. The demand in this line appears to increase every year. NON RESIDENT NUBSEBTMBN. Discrimination Against Them. The provisions of the United States constitution whicn deprive a state of power to interfere with interstate com- merce, or to deny to citizens of other states the privileges arid immunities ■ enjoyed by the citizens of the partic ular state, have been invoked in the . courts to overthrow statutes restrict- ing the right of non-residents of a state to sell nursery stock there, where the field is left open to residents. ; A Federal Court Decision., In a case which can be found re- ported in full in volume 63 of the Federal Reporter, the United States Circuit Court for the District of Min- nesota declared void a statute of that state which attempted to require sell- ers of nursery stock grown outside the state to file an affidavit with the secre- tary of state containing, among other things, a statement (^ where the stock to be sold was grown, and to give a $2,000 bond to indemnify citizens against fraudulent misrepresentations made on the part of the seller as to the place where the stock was grown and as to its hardiness. The court holds that this law unreasonably in- terfered with interstate commerce and unjustly discriminated against non-resi- dents. Judge Sanborn decided that the United States constitution gives to the citizens of other states the right to in- troduce and sell the products of those states in Minnesota on the same terms on which her own citizens sell like prod- ucts of the state. He said, in part: "The Illinois tree, the Wisconsin vine, the Iowa' shrub, that is sound, and is of the same character as that grown in the state of Minnesota, seek- ing sale in that state, is entitled to be sold by those who deal in it on the same terms as, and with no greater re- strictions than, the like article pro-, duced in the state of Minnesota." The Presumption of Honesty. Answering a claim, made in support of the validity of the law, to the effect that the bond attempted to be required of non-residents was intended to pre- vent dealers in foreign trees from per- petrating fraud in their sale, and that it was competent for the state to pro- tect its c^lize.ns against ttfe fraudulent representations,*Judge Sanborn said: "The answer is that when a state unde^takos, by statutory regulation, to deprive^ citizens of other states, who deal in sound articles of commerce pro- duced in other states, of that presump- tion of honesty and innocence of wrong which it indulges in fav<fr of the deal- ers in its own products, and which the law raises in tavor of every man, it effectually deprives the citizens of other states of the most valuable priv- ileges and immunities its own citizens enjoy.'' A New HampshlC^ Case. A statute enacted in'tfbw Hampshire, prohibiting sale of nursery stock in the state without first obtaining a license, unless the stock should be grown in the ^tate, but authorizing residents of the state to sell stock grown one year/, or more on lands or in nurseries owned by them in the state, on which taxes should have been paid, was declared by the Supreme Court of New Hampshire to have been void, as amounting to an unconstitu- tional discrimination against non-resi- dents. (State vs. Lancaster, 63 N. H. 267.) South Dakota Legislation. A law enacted by the South Dakota legislature a few years ago was up- held so far as it required payment of a $10 fee for a permit to sell nursery stock in the state, based on an inspec- tion of the applicant's nursery by a competent entomologist. But the act was dei^lared, to be void so far as it purported''to vest power in the state board of agriculture to arbitrarily re- fuse to grant a permit to an applicant, both as amounting to an unwarranted interference with interstate commerce and as amounting to a deprivation of liberty and property without due proc- ess of law. A further provision, re- quiring non-resident nursery salesmen to carry duplicate permits issued by tne state board of agriculture, was also declared to be void, as being unjustly FRUIT TREES NURSERY STOCK FOR FLORISTS' TRADE ORNAMENTAL TREES SHRUBS CLEMATIS SMALL FRUITS ROSES EVERGREENS W. & T. SMITH eoHlFANY, «f«n. N. Y. " Witteiav natfeUal. IMO AcnuM


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This is Romeo at his highest state of power. Becoming one of the most Elder of Vampires Romeo has mastered all forms of Mental, Physical, and Elemental Strength. His blood thirst is one of the highest though his body could go on for centuries without a drop of blood in his system, the want for blood was almost unbearable at times. Having learned how to control his thirst and his power he is known as the Black Rose Prince and Father.

Moving out of the series of #Days for awhile. Today i thought about "Greatness". What is Greatness? Would accomplishing something, a task or a campaign, be seen as "Greatness" ? Some says that it is the property possessed by something or someone of outstanding importance or eminence. While others term greatness in response to their state of wealth or state of power and authority. I think most people would refer a person who have greatness to be someone who would have done something reputable, something worth praising him for, accomplishing great things.


Would winning a school for Jesus place greatness upon you? Would preaching a powerful awesome message on a Sunday service give you the term greatness? Would all these that you are thinking about doing and plan to give u the prestige of having greatness found in you?....


Would finding happiness in your heart, joy in what you do, walking upon the word of God and satisfaction in life.... bring greatness? We are all on a road of greatness and it doesn't matter if you are a hawker ; it doesn't matter if you are an evangelist ; it doesn't matter if you are musician ; and it really doesn't matter if you are average Joe.. Its all about knowing that in your heart, you gave your all. You did what you came here to do and to be what you are chose to be.


Things of this world will fade away, but build it on the rock, when the flood comes, it will stay.

Typical of the state of power I saw around town.