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He let himself slide easily on the floor, sat down, leaned back, exhausted and tired from his experiences. Almost felt asleep, his eyes gazed around, watching all his drawings that came to life........

"That´s it now," he thought. "Finally i reached the last chapter of it. But how could it end like this?"

The lost artist sighed, leaned back, sad and drained, turning his head as he noticed for the first time the glowing stars on the map next to him. He reached out, touched the map carefully, the paper felt soft and yet hard. His fingers went lightly over the astrology map and the glowing stars moved up and blinked whenever he touched them. He got lost in his thoughts again while he stared at the astrology map and the moving stars on it. He grabbed his magical pen and paper and started to draw again.....


P.S. NEVERENDING will open soon. Honestly i am very excited about it, hope it will come out good. I will share the LM soon.

Stay tuned:


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Mad Wonderland


Had lots of help by my dearest friend Valarie. Watch her amazing work. Can´t find the right words, how thankful i am, that i can call her my best friend <3


Sky full of stars

Thank you for choosing my photo. This photo is very special for me and I love that you liked it ❤️

Summer is transitioning into autumn. In addition to the flowers and butterflies leaving, my child moved out of my house this week for a new job in a different state. Humans have seasons too.


Taken at Garden State Parkway Exit 138 in the patch of flowers planted by the highway bureau. Kenilworth, NJ

Last spring and summer I watched this bird for hours. She would go to the bird bath and rest. Then go to the feeder and eat, rest, repeat. I love this bird, more than any other bird I've had the opportunity to capture. I showed this bird to an expert … was told this dear girl was likely old. I don't think I'll see her this year. I only hope she aged gracefully.


I hope you find her as lovely as I do!

seen in Camogli, Italy

Captured at an old Church.

All rights reserved.

My first attemtpt at adding droplets to the black acrylic mirror surface

I recently attended a photography workshop in Salt Lake City by Karina Kiel, a Russian Photographer who specialized is amazing creative works of art. This is my first attempt, I've got a LONG way to go with this type of work. Here's a link to Karina's Pinterest account.


Architectural meeting in Frankfurt.


Classique et moderne -

Rencontre architecturale à Francfort


I took this staged photo during my stay in Xiapu, north of Fujian Province, in China. The good thing there is that you can really do at the same time some "aesthetics photos" like this one, or wander in the streets of the small and numerous fisherman villages to see their real life, which is actually very far from being as glamorous as suggested in this photo. (China, Fujian, Xiapu, Nov. 20)

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how I found her the other morning... love how she dressed her herself. She doesn't go anywhere without that skirt on, it goes over dresses, over jeans, pretty much over anything :)

A mother's dream is to see her children grow to be happy and successful...


I went along the beach of "the dune" on the island of Helgoland together with two good friends - looking for newborn great grey seals - and we had good weather and a lot of fun - just missing my heart when I saw this sea dweller in the tidal watershed... when you bring it to your ear you can listen to her tales of the deep water magic... :=)))


please press "L" for a large view...


have a great week my friends

Loch Ness Monster

Fishing Pier, Belmar, NJ

Thank you so much for the group cover I appreciate it so much!!


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Make us feel the love in this week's photo. Tell a love story in one image.

Chosen as Group Cover Photo

for the Second Life Story Telling Group on 19th January 2019


Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart, for the honor, I am very touched! Your group is exactly what I try to achieve through the work I created from SL.


Our world is full of circular patterns; as some things end, others begin. Tell us a story of a New Beginning.

Tell us the story of your hometown. It could be a famous landmark, something the town is known for, or even just your favorite place to relax.

Story Telling...

Friday night, I was getting ready to go to Jackson's barbecue, when Tanaka called asking about this weekend's trip to some resort farm kinda thing.

I didn't know if we were really going and saturday morning I was woken up by them, and told that I had half an hour to get everything together and ready for the trip.

It was a really nice place to go, we were in 9 people there, had barbecue all day long saturday and sunday.

But saturday afternoon it rained SO much and the weather turned SO cold I thought I was going to freeze.

Then Rafael told the other guys that there was going to be a funk party somewhere, saturday night. I didn't want to go for many reasons, the main one was that it was raining, and we had to hit a dirt (mud, actually) road to get to the place they thought this party was going to take place.

It was dark (no illumination at all), we were all getting pretty lost when someone saw a house by a far and said: "oh, I think it's there! Let's check out!"

The problem is that we'd have to go down a very long and steep dirt (mud) road. I was in the car with Guilherme and told him: don't go down there! we'll bog in the mud! There are too many cars! Too much rain! Too steep!

Guilherme told me: "You're such a pessimist! It's going to be an adventure!!"

We got down the "road" and there wasn't a passage to the house they had seen.

"Oh, we have to go back, the Chinese (Bruno) almost got stuck in the mud!" they said. Guilherme was the first one to try to go up, rear gear and still, he would just "dance" in the mud. One more thing. There was a creek right in front of us. The cars almost fell in many many times :P

I said:"I told you... what did I say? Did you listen to me?"

Gui just groaned something, because *now* he was really worried. Smart ass...

It started to rain heavier and Chinese (the craziest driver of all) managed to drive his car half way (and almost ruined the car's engine), but it wouldn't go further. So I told the guys to push the car. (I, obviously, wasn't going to get out of the car in that rain :P)

After they pushed, the car got "safely" up the road. Tanaka and Gui tried to drive their cars up, but they just couldn't. So Chinese had to drive all cars up. Perdiga was pretty much the "Mud Man". It only took us almost 3 hours to get out of there.

Sunday there were more "adventures", but I'll tell you about it in another occasion, this is already pretty long! ;-)




Sexta à noite, eu estava me preparando para ir ao churrasco do Jaxx, quando o Tanaka ligou perguntando se iríamos viajar esse fim de semana para as cabanas sei lá onde.

Eu não sabia se iríamos mesmo mas sábado de manhã me acordaram e disseram que eu tinha meia hora para arrumar tudo e ficar pronta para viajar.

Era um lugar bem bonito, e estávamos em 9 pessoas, fizemos churrasco o dia inteiro sábado e domingo.

Mas sábado à tarde choveu TANTO e ficou TÃO frio que eu achei q fosse congelar!!

Daí o Rafael surgiu com a lenda de que ia ter uma festa funk com umas piriguetes na casa principal. Eu não estava nem um pouco afim de ir, principalmente pq estava frio, tinha chovido, coisital e as estradas eram de terra (barro).

Estava o maior escuro, e estávamos ficando perdidos quando alguém viu uma casa ao longe e disse: "ah, *acho* que é ali! Vamos ver!"

O problema era que teríamos que descer uma longa e íngrime estrada de terra (lama). Eu estava no carro com o Gui e disse: "Não desce! A gente vai atolar! É muito carro, choveu um monte e é muito íngrime!"

O Gui disse: "Ai, Você é muito pessimista! Vai ser uma aventura, meu!"

Chegamos ao fim da "estrada" e não tinha passagem para a casa que eles tinham visto.

"Ow, a gente vai ter q voltar, o Chinês (Bruno) quase atolou ali..." disseram. O Gui era o primeiro a tentar subir, de ré e nem assim, só ficou derrapando e patinando. E mais uma coisa, tinha uma represa bem em frente da gente. Os carros quase caíram algumas boas vezes. :P

Eu disse: "Eu te falei... o que foi que eu disse? Alguém me escuta?"

O Gui resmungou alguma coisa, porque *agora* ele estava preocupado. Espertão.

Daí, pra melhorar, começou a chover mais forte e o Chinês (insano total) conseguiu subir o carro um pouco (e quase fodeu o motor do carro), mas não subia mais, ficava patinando na lama. Daí eu falei pros guris empurrarem o carro. (Eu, é óbvio, é que não ia descer do carro naquela chuva :P)

Depois de empurarem o carro subiu a estrada até o fim. O Tanaka e o Gui tentaram fazer seus carros subirem, mas sem sucesso. Então o Chinês teve que dirigir todos os carros. O Perdiga estava o próprio "Homem Lama". Só levou quase 3 horas para a gente conseguir sair de lá.

Domingo aconteceram outras "aventuras", mas eu escrevo sobre isso depois, pq esse texto já está enorme! ;-)


There was a story to tell......There was usual.

Then there was a visitation.

Unos discuten, otros comentan, se cuentan cosas banales, o comparten su miseria. Todos van de dos en dos, pero yo, ¿a quién le digo que me siento sola?.

Horseshoe Crab Spawn

A 450 Million Year Story Continues

Sandy Hook Gateway National Recreation Area, NJ

Sorry I haven't been uploading much lately. First problem is all this rain, I haven't been able to get a good full day of shooting in for a long time. 2ndly is school and all the work that brings on. 3rd is probably the fact my internet feels like dial up lately because Comcast has been having some problems on my line. I haven't been able to fave or comment or even post much because the internet is so slow, it will be resolved soon and hope to catch up better then.





Les couleurs conteuses de Shéhérazade

Thanks to Second Life Story Telling (HQ Only) for the honor of selecting one of my photos as cover. Thank you!!!

возведен в начале XV в. до н. э. в долине Дейр эль-Бахри . Храм был построен во время правления великой( и единственной) женщины-фараона Хатшепсут.


жж 12:30:10 DSC_0162

For 60 years, our family and friends have gathered at this lake cottage. If these walls could talk, the stories they would tell!

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