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Qualcuno penserà che il Nostro fotografa sempre gli stessi paesaggi....Sono d'accordo, ma l'amore è un sentimento duro a morire, e io AMO quello che vedo e fotografo! Quando sarò stanco, mi metterò a fotografare gatti e pappagalli. Ma sarà un momento duro della mia vita. Forse, e più probabilmente, chiuderò baracca e burattini e comincerò ad acquistare la Settimana Enigmistica!

Architectural meeting in Frankfurt.


Classique et moderne -

Rencontre architecturale à Francfort


It reached out its long arms to grab at me. My heart stopped but somehow my legs knew to run. Run far away...

It looks like Conny is telling a story about a catch THAT big...

Katja is all ears, and seems to be impressed.

St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh

Sid “The Rock” Ellis brought his amazing storytelling and puppetry to the Alma Powell Branch Library on Tuesday, February 22, 2011.

“I love how, whenever you tell me a story, you go backwards and forwards and tell me everything else that could possibly be happening in every direction, like an explosion. Like a flower blooming.”

― Andrew Smith, Grasshopper Jungle

- Keefer Lake, Ontario, Canada -

I redid one of my tales from many, many moons ago. I have placed the words here in Flickr with a snapshot from Second Life. You can see this here


This was one of the first tales written from my dreams for teh Into Your Dream Radio Blog I kept back then...


The new sound track can be heard here


I am still working with Mic issues, and the learning of the Adobe Audition. I think I'm off to a good start...


Image found on the internet a LONG time ago. Because of this, I cannot fully provided original creator's name and info.


Manipulated in Photoshop...

Maybe he's writing a screenplay...



Nikon FE Kodak Tri-X 400

Richmond, MN

Artist Peter Vermandere, chatting and storytelling with Magda Indigo in the garden at his parents home in Flanders. He had popped in to pick up a big barbeque and a few other things he needed. We ended up all laughing, talking and drinking beer, as one does in convivial Belgium.

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you" - Maya Angelou

Created for the Self Portrait Sunday theme "Storytelling".

More environmental setting changes... and good cropping :)

An old picture. Looks like some traditional (old) paintings.

- large -


I decided to revisit the first image recorded with my camera and make something of it.

Here I added lens blur in Photshop, as well as noise. I then used the black and white channel mixer to create a bit of infrared effect, and added a duotone on top of that. Just trying to create a slightly sideways feeling of reality.


Once upon a time, there was a big ocean. instead of fish, the ocean was full of LOCKS & KEYS,,,,keys were interested to open LOcks. For centuries, Keys started to invade, kill, and open unlocked ones. In some cases, some unlocked ones, decided to let keys open them. because they were tired of being persued or raped. On the other hand, there were some unlocked ones who fought for their rights. After thousands of years. the ocean became divided into 2 sections...Supported Open Ones & Suffering Unlocked ones...keys, are still trying to OPEn the rest of Locks, in order to support & bring harmony for the entire ocean...I have heard that, when they succeed to open the last ulocked creature, THE LOCKING procedure will start..which means,,,keys start to relock, all the open LOCKS...but this time,,,they will be locked forever... :-(


"Locks & Keys - - Cartoon Competition / Belgium, 2006 "

Following his pioneering success synchronizing sound with animation, Walt Disney was committed to the importance of the role sound and music played in storytelling. Through four different game-like activities, visitors can experience how Disney used tempos, moods, themes, and lyrics to help tell his stories. A central monolithic screen features animated images of Walt working side-by-side with animators and composers. At any one of the four stands surrounding Walt visitors can browse the four sheet music covers to pick one of the activities. Visitors manipulate a metronome to match storyboard sequences with tempos in the “Step in Time” activity, and pick records to match musical themes with characters in “How Do You Do?” In “Fun With Music” visitors match the mood of an animated pencil-sketch scene from Dumbo with the appropriate melody, and they listen to the words and music of “Love Is a Song” to decide which drawings correspond with the story the song tells.

A night glimpse of magic at Zaka camp, Bled - a storytelling tent for children, with all the props for conjuring up adventures, strange creatures and faraway lands.

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