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" And I shall have some peace there, For peace comes dropping slow,

Dropping from the veil of morn, To where the cricket sings,

Where midnights all a glimmer, And noon a purple glow,

And evenings filled with linnets wings "

{William Butler Yeats}


This stream comes from a spring that cascades out from under a boulder high up on the ridge in the distance. It plays it own special music as it tumbles down the mountain where it joins many other such streams, eventually forming the great Vartry river which enters the port of Wicklow 20 miles to the south east.

The lone Mountain Ash stands and watches its passing as it has done for so many years.

A wild and a beautiful place.


Small stream in the outskirts of Trondheim. Dense forest and no ND filter was needed. In a couple of weeks this place is probably going to be even better with all the autumn colors.



Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2016 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.



Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2016 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.

Sunset at a stream in Kingston, NH

I took this photo from a small bridge over the stream but without a tripod because I never carry one. Of the three photos I took, this one gave me the idea of cropping it for an abstract photo because the water formed interesting shapes. I just saw this when uploaded the photos to my pc. See photo below! 👇


Still most of the leaves are green or turning brown from lack of rain. I hope everything changes during the next few days.


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Warsaw - University of Warsaw Library

What I wouldn’t give to be sitting on a fallen log, daydreaming beside this little stream!

I had hoped to get down to the stream when the snow was deeper and still on the trees, but I couldn't get near it until Thursday. I love how the snow covers up all the trash & litter that is everywhere, especially after storms.

Small drop through granite boulders in the Sierra Mountains.

... on its way into Buttermere. Lake District, England

“To be happy in this world, especially when youth is past, it is necessary to feel oneself not merely an isolated individual whose day will soon be over, but part of the stream of life flowing on from the first germ to the remote and unknown future.”

- Bertrand Russell




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Lovely winter day. Røsnæskilen, Halden, Norway

Don't know where or when this photo was taken. Found it on an old, mostly damaged, memory card. Painterly effects added.

Diffused sunlight streaming through an overhanging Willow tree creates a really strange backdrop as a Migrant Hawker dragonfly skitters over the waters edge in pursuit of small insects

Ever changing light and colours,

reflective of the day,

a foaming torrent during rainstorms

or a placid mirror of oaks, elms

and willows that never weep,

but mostly host to birds

of wondrous variety -- here,

two cardinals, for the moment

startled by our presence.

Fond memories of Fall

Sweater weather is upon us as another splendid Autumn nears its end. Fallen foliage creates a crunchy, colorful carpet that surrounds a sparkling, crystal clear woodland stream.

Through a spider web decorated with dew drops, a small stream could be seen ...

During our cruise down the Yangtze River in China, we boarded a small touring boat (like the one shown in this photo) and set out to explore the scenic Goddess Stream (aka Shennv Stream). The beautiful stream is located in Wushan County along the Yangtze River. between Qinshi Town and Feifeng Peak.


For more information about this beautiful area:


This undulating farmland is near Cottesbrooke in Northamptonshire. The stream has its source in the hills near Thornby and is joined by several others on its way to Northampton, where it joins the main branch of the River Nene. This then meanders across country through the Fens and into The Wash north-west of Kings Lynn.


fallen cherry blossoms.

The quality of the previous few photos was not so good! The reason were the consequence of the light that is not so good in the forest! It varies from too sharp to dark and one struggle to get the focus right! These photos at the stream where it's more open, came out a lot better!


The Pirongia walks


The Pirongia walks provide a rejuvenating experience amongst lush native forest and clear mountain streams.


The Mangakara Nature Walk on Mt Pirongia is an enjoyable one hour circuit through native forest.


The easy track meanders through ancient forest past large rimu, kahikatea, tawa, pukatea and kohekohe trees and crosses over the Mangakara stream before looping back around.

Spring is always great in the mountains, melting water forms streams. Gorgeous stuff paint the surrounding with a life colours again.

One more picture from Hanging Rock State Park. This is a portion of the creek below Lower Cascades Falls.

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