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Derek Yu illustrated this to use for the slowly growing propaganda machine of SuperHappyDevHouse.

This was meant for SHDH12, but I didn't finish it in time.

I guess it depends on where you work, really. The clickwrap license is a nice touch, too.

Bridging the worlds of software developers, artists, and the City of Palo Alto, the inaugural Super Happy Block Party Hackathon will happen in downtown Palo Alto on March 31, 2012 from 1pm - 1am. Innovation Endeavors, Talenthouse, and Institute for the Future will open their doors to the community in the spirit of innovation by creating the perfect environment for an interactive block. The City of Palo Alto will block off High Street between University and Hamilton. In addition, the day long event will feature: fleets of colorful food trucks, parking spaces dedicated to local startups, and a Hack the Future tent to teach kids to code.


Super Happy Block Party is the 50th Hackathon of Super Happy Dev House — a five year standing community of hackers, software engineers and makers who join forces at monthly Hackathons. In the tradition of Super Happy Dev House, Super Happy Block Party Hackathon is partnering with Dev House’s sister projects, Hack the Future and Hacker Dojo — making ideas, learning, and curiosity contagious.


Highlights of the Super Happy Block Party will include: a Day Star Yurt with a Silent Disco with a live DJ inside; a constellation of LED strip lights laid out on the block for developers to hack; food truck culinary mash-ups, and a cavalcade of high-tech personalities and founders.


Local start ups and businesses along the High Street Innovation Corridor will be showcased in parklets (parking spaces) which will debut in the Popup Innovation Parking Lot on High Street. Startups can reserve a parklet by feeding the meter after contacting us via our microsite


This event is hosted by Innovation Endeavors, Talenthouse, the City of Palo Alto, Institute for the Future, and Super Happy Dev House with the support and participation of local startups. To ignite the spirit of the Super Happy Block Party Hackathon, the sponsors produced this playful movie trailer which can be viewed here


For more information on Super Happy Block Party, be super happy, at - hashtag #shbp / @superhappybe

Daniel Ruiz y los escenarios que utilizó para realizar su corto.

Daniel Ruiz explicándonos de dónde se apoyó para realizar su proyecto.

I get reminded of Roman Orgies for some reason... only with computers.

¡Pero por supuesto que sabe que estaba tomando la foto!

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