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Suri PLaza - Putre, Chile.


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Surreal, that's what the autotag came up with.... what do you see and how would you call it ?

I took this image last year.

It was one of those amazing moments when the sun is low in a late afternoon sky and unexpectedly a storm rolls in.

The sky took on hues of pinks/yellows and purples.

It rained hard for a short time and a double rainbow appeared thereafter.

In the right place at the right time.......and bonus, I had my camera. 😉

After photographing New York and some of the most famous cities in the world by night, I never thought I could get a decent shot of the closest one to my home, Milano. But, thank to the office of a friend I had the opportunity to steal this photo during a foggy night around the Xmas days with the lights of the city which were contributing in creating a festal athmosphere. After that, a little post production to improve the colors temperature and that's it, my little different picture of the "otherwise gray" City with its cathedral, the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, The skyscrapers on the far side, the Sforzesco Castle on the left. Enjoy it!


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Oconee County, South Carolina, USA. Colors came and went within about 5 minutes :)

Still on my Halloween theme! :-)


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Dedicated to my dear friend, Gustavo Gopar and marking the beginning of the new Blue Spectral Storm Year, July 26th 2016

Surreal Bottles back light on old brown bottles, found in North Carolina.

Devote one hour at the dusk, (like we did at 5 AM, during your sleepless vacation), to tour around the park, right off the campground! Meandering between the mound give you an amazing views in the Badlands, where you can be were blown away by this quietest place on earth, when you even cannot hear a cricket. The scenery is absolutely incredible, and image to be greeted by this surreal panorama of hoodoo mounds. You are touched by the sun kissing the hills, incredibly soft light creating stunning crevices on the side hills! This is a perfect time for a hike, when no mosquitoes are hunting you, so you can venture freely.


Thanks for your visits and comments.


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Another composite image.

Surreal graffiti of NY. Night club on 5th Ave.

Wallpaper Edit


#The #Worlds #Most #Colorful #Digital #Art

Thank you to the beautiful and kind hearted Surreal LeShelle♥for this generous gift (best viewed on Black (press L)


"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."


~Marcus Aurelius

EXPLORE Worthy, Mini Challenge 14 - HALLOWEEN (Art from 2016)have a good Halloween everyone.Figures from pixabay rest by me .PS oil ,texture onone perfect effects.Just a bit of fun for Halloween.

Way behind but catching up again


Happy Wednesday


a rainy day, through the windshield, near multnomah falls

Seule au bord de l'eau, j'écoute le chant des oiseaux .


.Entered in the Award Tree Challenge #190 - "SURREAL MOTION"

Entered in the Award Tree 'October Blur' challenge.

© Ron Fleishman 2021


#The #Worlds #Most #Colorful #Digital #Art

♫ American Pie ♫ - Don McLean


It is with a humble heart that I stand here among some of the finest artists in SL photography. I think they just needed a filler piece so as to provide symmetry to the other artists and their incredible creations!


Thank you so much to the Mesh For Men Group:


for selecting The Thinker


which honestly is one of my favorites - probably because I broke the pose machine and couldn't move for two hours =)


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