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:) lindo, é uma honra, sempre :) xoxoxoxoxo

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thi Shippe

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Thanks soo much to Miaa Rebane and Tadeu Gartner for your patient, best models i ever had!! u 2 Rock! <

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cover model | Absinthe (sinontherocks resident)



Throughout the centuries, civilizations in the Far East has captured the attention of people world-wide. The bright colors, rich exotic patterns and regional traditional costumes have been admired by people in vast corners of the World. Fashions from the Far East have spanned history, from the traditional outfits worn during the Xia Dynasty to Thailand's Dvaravati Period of fashion resurgence, from traditional costumes celebrated by Bollywood films in India to the eclectic street fashions of Japan. Clothing is universal, but clothing from the Far East is remembered for its's influential style and is enriched with centuries of tradition.



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Junte-se a nós, não tenha medo da crítica!


Se você se sentir injustiçado em algum tipo de tratamento, em comparação ao seu profissionalismo. Lembre-se de que, estamos todos no Second Life com seus objetivos e ninguém pode "Desrespeitar" sua integridade!

Faça o seu protesto e mostrar que juntos podemos tornar este mundo virtual melhor e respeitado. Afinal:




Faça uma foto e mostrar-nos que podemos construir um mundo mais divertido no Second Life.




[ ➸ English ]


Join us, do not be afraid of criticism!


If you feel wronged in some sort of treatment compared their professionalism there. Remember we are all in Second Life with your goals and no one can "disrespect" their integrity!

Make your protest and show that together we can make this world better and respected. after all:




Take a picture and show that we can build a more fun world Second Life.



Nayomi Gartner

Tadeu Gartner


Roses—the symbol of romance. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can understand the heartfelt emotion behind a rose. CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture has released two new outfits, CHERI & AMOUREUSE, that capture the meaning of love.


CHERI, the latest suit from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture, is for the man who acknowledges the beauty, sweetness & purity of the rose, while still expressing his masculine qualities. The sophisticated silky fabric and rose collar trim speaks from the heart and radiates elegance and charm. It’s simple lines avoid pretention and make CHERI a comfortable way for the most easy going man to express his feelings. The delicate detailing of the rose collar is almost poetic in nature, and its softness compliments the strong appearance of the CHERI suit.


As a companion to the CHERI suit for men, we also bring you the AMOUREUSE gown for woman.

What woman doesn’t love a rose? What woman doesn’t want to feel fresh & beautiful? Combining chic elegance and romantic details, CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Couture introduces AMOUREUSE. This gown has a draped scarf neckline that feels like a warm embrace. The delicate rose accents emphasize feminine beauty and grace. With its classic silhouette and romantic feel, AMOUREUSE, is the perfect ensemble for any special occasion.


Miss V♛ Brazil 2013, Nayomi Gartner,and Mr V♛ Brazil 2012 Tadeu Gartner appear on our advertisement and vendors.

Both outfits are offered in four colors – red, pink, white silver and black. And for the mesh parts , you can get a demo in store :)


Perfect for your Valentine’s Day affairs, or anytime you’re in the mood for romance, purchase CHERI and/or AMOUREUSE from CHAMPAGNE!sparkling couture today!


MODELS: Nayomi Gartner,Miss V♛ Brazil 2013

Tadeu Gartner,Mr V♛ Brazil 2012


PHOTOGRAPHER: Enzo Champagne

Some seconds of the show :( is a little souvenir (^^) click here and read more...

See in big size


Hair by Vanity Hair

Dresses by PurpleMoon


Him wear Lelutka and Bliss Couture

Tadeu Gartner and Miyoko Magic using the new set of poses by HelaMiyo called "Sorry what?" Don't they look sweet together?

Exclusive at Alice in sexyland: