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Terrorism will never succeed to destroy this beautiful world. I will show you in the next days more images of the Paris landmarks.


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A Russian official said that traces of explosives found in the wreckage indicated that a makeshift bomb detonated, killing all 224 people on board Russian plane #7K9268 that crashed last month in Egypt


I hate terrorism

Firenze, Ponte Vecchio

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December 28, 2019 10 pm.






### +++ ATTENTION !!! LAST VIDEO !!!











As I continue exposing the truths, of our corrupt and toxic government; it Cast Shadows of doubt on those willing to read it.


The pilots from Warren Air Force Base, are back. I took these layered photos yesterday. While editing them this morning; I had large Air Force Planes, Helicopters, Single Props and ½ wits on ATVs, bombarding me all day. They took a slight break, after my post: Domestic Terrorism In America, Part 11. But, are now back.

If you really have doubts; listen to the audio, in Parts 11, 9, 2, Terrorizing a Service Dog, and Terrorize Me. Then, ask yourself; why would military man-hours, fuel and military aircraft, be used to dive at our Motorhome, Koda and I? Why are people ransacking through our Motorhome, when we leave, for extended times? Why are people, rapid firing guns, in the distance; when we step out of our Motorhome?

Why are total strangers, willing to use children, pets and animals; to harass and bait us? This network of hate and ignorance; spreads across this Nation, in almost every community. Why are those in the medical field, the airline industry; seeing such a surge in hate and violence?

You can thank agencies like the FBI, the CIA, for much of this. They have allowed, what is called

Gang Stalking (Domestic Terrorism), to flourish for decades. Other agencies and private contractors, have been using, and testing Direct Energy Weapons, on US Citizens for more than a decade. They have military applications, and are becoming more publicized. Why are FBI agents, their Supervisors, CIA Directors, our Politicians; caught in lie, after lie, cover-up, after cover-up, and never prosecuted?

Why would our CIA, contemplate; kidnapping, and assignation? Yahoo News, did an excellent, recent article on just that:


Here, is an article that just popped up on my Google page:


Why, do I constantly, lose my internet connection; when I try to post these?


So, as many trolls leave comments and threats (many I have deleted), ask yourself; why? As the military, is used to try and intimidate, harass and stifle me; ask yourself why? As the Bottom Feeders are sent out, from community, after community, harassing and baiting Koda and I; ask yourself, what is our Government, trying to hide, cover-up? The United States, has become a Draconian Nation….

There is a great movie streaming on Netflix, exposing what lengths the United States and its Leaders will go to. It’s titled: Official Secrets.


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We have heard and seen, our Pentagon's and State Department's; Over The Rainbow Capabilities. What many Americans, haven’t seen; is our Government’s capabilities of retaliation, against US Citizens, that have the courage to expose the truth.

I arose early this morning, to capture this beautiful sunrise. Koda, wasn’t so eager to get up. Within 10 minutes, of me getting out of bed; we had the Single Propped, Parasitic Pilot, flying over our Motorhome. It doesn’t matter, if we get up at 5, 6, 7, or 8 am. Within 10-11 minutes, he’s flying over our Motorhome. I have recorded this, morning after morning, after morning.

After I took these; I did some routine maintenance, on the Motorhome this morning. As soon as we stepped back into our Motorhome, here comes an Air Force cargo plane; flying directly low, and over our Motorhome. As I ate a late lunch; here comes Billy-Bob, decked out in red, cruising pass our camp. As I edited these 5 images (in one stop increments); an Air Force Helicopter, shows up. I was closed out of Lightroom CC, 3 times. As I started writing this draft, an Air Force Jet, dove directly at, and over our Motorhome.

When we went into Laramie, Wyoming, yesterday; the Village Idiots (Gang Stalkers), mobbed and baited us, like no tomorrow. As we filled up on gas; they blocked the Motorhome, completely. We were, mobbed, blocked and baited, at Walmart, again. We had the ½ Wits, using their pets to antagonize Koda, at the RV dump and fill site.

This is what happens to American Citizens, that expose the truth, of corruption, in our Government Agencies, and Corporations. Those involved, have gone unchecked, for decades. This is why, there is Gang Stalking (Domestic Terrorism). This is why our teachers, flight attendants, and nurses; are being threatened, abused and sometimes assaulted. Those involved in Gang Stalking (Domestic Terrorism), have been doing so, without consequence. They have no boundaries; as our society has shown. If you try and do the right thing; you become a Target.

Agencies, and people, within our Government; have been testing and using, Direct Energy Weapons, on US Citizens. I am one of those US Citizens. I’m not afraid to expose the truth, or those involved; in this Criminal Torture. If you don’t believe me; look and listen through my photostream. I say and do this, not for recognition or fame. I say and do this, because; it’s the right thing to do, the moral thing to do. I do this; because I love this Country, or what it used to be. Each time I speak out; Koda and I receive, overwhelming retaliation.

I will say this again; Gang Stalking (Domestic Terrorism), is destroying our Democracy. The FBI, has been aware of it, for decades, and does nothing. You can thank them, for this dangerous Mobbing Mentality; filled with hate and ignorance. As we now see, homes and residence, surrounded by such Mobs, holding and waving signs, of this ignorance and hate. Direct Energy Weapons, are being tested, and used, on US Citizens. The FBI, has been aware of it, for over a decade, and does nothing. The CIA, is full of Shit, when they say; they don’t know the origin, or implementations, of Direct Energy Weapons attacks (Havana Syndrome). The White House is full of Shit, when they say; “they take these attacks, seriously.

All images and content, in my photostream; are free to download, print and share. My Logos, must be maintained, on them. Thanks for visiting our (Koda’s and My) photostream.

Fight against terrorism !

Pray for Paris ...

I much needed a break, from the Domestic Terrorism In America; its pictures and collages. As I predicted; the retaliation that Koda and I have endured over the weekend, was extremely over the top. I’ll cover it later this week. He’s crashed right now; from playing fetch, being woke by a truck horn and cows, way to early. For now, you have 5 images, that I bracketed in camera, at 1 stop increments. I used Photomatix Pro 6.1.1, to layer, and I selected its balance preset. I did the final editing in Lightroom CC. What you see is natural color.


If you know someone who is Targeted, please stand by their side. Those involved in Domestic Terrorism (Gang Stalking), are cowards. If they know a Target is not alone and isolated; they will tone it down.


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Two weeks later the place of a vile terrorist attack. We must hold together against violence and terrorism

For all the victims of Barcelona, Aleppo, Charlottesville, Paris, Maiduguri, London, Kabul, Baghdad, the Quetta, Beirut, Mogadishu, Mosul, Nice, Berlin, Stockholm... etc Stop the hate and the barbarity of fascism, terrorism and the fanatics that feed it. We must stand united in LOVE ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️


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Terrorism will never succeed to destroy this beautiful world. I will show you in the next days more images of the Paris landmarks.


All my images are protected under international authors copyright laws and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my written explicit permission.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2015 © Jacques Freund

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The anti-terrorism bollards in London offer great image potential IMUO (In Me Umble Opinion). Evening outside Kings Cross Station 4th Feb 2020. 16 hues in equal spacing from hue 61° (yellow), in 16 evenly-spaced brightness breaks starting from zero. White-grey over brightness level 160 transparent over a blue-to-white gradient.

The white blobs on the ground are spat-out gum. I've purposely emphasised them as part of the design. A design of gobbits.

This is done with own software Hue and Brightness Evenly Spaced. Gradient with Adobe Illustrator.

Government Overreach


Koda and I made another trip to Laramie, Wyoming, yesterday; 9-16-21. We received the same mobbing, baiting, blocking and hate. As we shopped through Walmart; Perps performed the same repeated acts of Terrorism, as they have each and every time. We even had a woman, lean down at the register again, look right into Koda’s eyes, as he lay at my feet. If any of you know anything about animals; this is a threatening, intimidating act. She said, she loved animals; as she stands there tormenting my dog. Before we even stepped out of the car, the show began, and continued, as we left. Once we arrived back at camp; the Extreme Direct Energy Attacks and Fly-Bys began. We got settled in, groceries put away, and I decided to make a few phone calls.

First, I called the FBI, again. I gave them an account, of what happened in Laramie, and additional information, about what happens at our camps. The woman took my information this time, said it would be documented, and told me to call local police. She said, they don’t investigate, that I needed to contact local police, in Laramie. I informed her, I have done this previously, in Yosemite, Grand Junction, CO, and in Arizona, to no avail. She, then, told me to contact the State Police.

I called, what I thought was the State Police, for Wyoming. I was told by a polite dispatcher; that Wyoming doesn’t have a State Police Department, they only have the Highway Patrol. I told her what was happening to me in our Camps and in Laramie. She said, they can only deal with Highway incidents. I needed to contact Laramie, Police Department.

I called the Laramie, Police Department, a woman told me an officer would call me back. An officer did call me back. I explained in detail, the extreme mobbing, baiting, blocking, harassment, and Terrorizing, Koda and I received. I went into detail about the repeated, Walmart incidents, and the fact, that my service dog was being Terrorized too. He went into a spill, the insinuation; saying I think everyone in Walmart is harassing us. I told him no, but it is a large group of people, to include Walmart Staff. I told him, I have dates and times, of each visit. If you look at the footage; you will see, people setting up at places, where I purchase curtain items, and their actions. He said, he was not going to look at the footage, that it was not Domestic Terrorism. He said, he would not open a case.

I don’t know if you’ve watched the Coverage of our Government Oversight Committee, on our Olympians that reported sexual abuse? If you did, you can only imagine, what the average US Citizen goes through, trying to report the Horrendous Crimes of Domestic Terrorism. Especially, when Law Enforcement and our Government Agencies, are complicit. The dismissal and cover-up, are beyond extreme. I called three different agencies, explained in detail, told them I have the evidence to prove it. I’m bounced from one to another, without resolve. In previous calls, I’ve called the Forest Service, and the local Sheriff's, to be bounced back from one to the other, and dismissed.

After my phone calls, the low Fly-Bys began. You know; ‘The Over The Rainbow Capabilities’, that our Pentagon, brags so much about. The Capabilities, that kill so many innocent; men, women and children, abroad. The Direct Energy Attacks, intensified. The Locals, (Laramie Mob), started driving pass, and stopping, in their off road vehicles. Koda, was so Traumatized; he would go, to and from the bedroom, confused, shaking and afraid. I remained calm, mostly for his benefit, but I was angered (putting it lightly).

Is this why 1% of us, serve this Nation? Is this why brave men and women, die for this Nation? Is this why our Olympians, sacrifice so much, representing us? Is this why our New President’s microphone, is cut off from answering reporter questions? Is this why, our New President, is rushed out of briefings, without answering questions? Is this why our Vice President (The First Woman of Color), stays hidden, silent?

Domestic Terrorism, is the biggest threat, to what is left of our Democracy. Domestic Terrorism, is being covered up, by Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. I’m not saying, all, in these agencies are corrupt, but those that are not, cannot make decisions to stop this. Then, we have the ones; like I spoke to in Laramie.

Koda and I; have Military Aircraft, buzzing our Motorhome. We have Military Aircraft, circling our Camp, as I try to go to bed, and sleep at night. We have Military Aircraft, following and surveilling us, as we go on hikes. Take a good look, and listen, to my last post; Part 9. This is where we are in the United States. We are using Military Aircraft, Mobs of People, Law Enforcement; to Terrorize, Intimidate, and Stifle, United States Citizens. Direct Energy Weapons are being used and tested on US Citizens. I am one of those Citizens. Gang Stalking is Domestic Terrorism on Steroids.

As we prepared to go out for our little hike today; the Perps show up in their Red, Off Road Vehicles. We get the Fly-By, as we leave camp, we get the Perp showing up with a cigarette, in his ATV; as we walk a road. We get the Fly-By as we come back to camp. As I draft this; the Bottom-Feeders, circle around our camp. Koda, was sleeping in his seat by the window. He hears the hate, comes over and lays at my feet, as I type.


I included Koda, in this set, to show you what a Magnificent animal, he truly is. Parents and Adults, in Laramie, Wyoming are teaching and using children to Torment him. I took this with my Samsung S21, in RAW format, edited in Lightroom CC.


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Brussels Terrorist Attacks, Explosions Kill 32 in Airport, Subway Station: ISIS Claims Responsibility


Our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. Rip.


Solidarity with ALL victims of terrorism


Turkey, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, France etc........

There were 'only' 32 victims in Belgium. It doesn't make their lives less important.


Notre Dame - Nice - France


explored Oct 30, 2020


L'assassin tunisien est arrivé en France du Lampedusa (sud de l'Italie), il était un sans papiers allé à Nice que pour tuer;

qui doit avoir les morts de cette église sur la conscience est seulement le gouv. italien qui s'en foue du people italien, on est envahi.

A large portion of the protesters flew the Tamil Tigers emblem, featuring a tiger on top of bayoneted rifles, and a ring of bullets. I'm not sure if anybody the noticed the irony of flying a flag, featuring bayonet-tipped rifles, behind a tiger, while decrying the effects of war.


Tamil Canadians gathered outside the U.S. consulate in downtown Calgary to call on the U.S. to help Tamils in Sri Lanka. Demonstrators expressed support for the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, better known as the "Tamil Tigers", who are designated as a terrorist organization by the Canadian government. The Tamil protesters want that status ended, and want the world to pressure Sri Lanka to accept a cease fire with the Tigers.


Photographer: Robert Thivierge

New York








Una de las tácticas habituales entre los terroristas asesinos yihadistas es el atentado suicida,para causar el mayor numero de victimas posibles.

Los métodos utilizados para conseguir sus fines son muy variados, siendo los más destacables los atentados terroristas perpetrados en territorio occidental entre la población civil ( Europa y America del norte ) con los que buscan un gran impacto mediático por esa razón suelen producirse frecuentemente de madrugada pero también a cualquier hora del dia para que tengan la máxima repercusión en los medios de comunicación a lo largo de los siguientes días, pretendiendo siempre crear una sensación de enorme terror y confusión con la que forzar aterrorizar y chantajear a la opinión publica y voluntad de los gobiernos y sociedades libres civilizadas hostiles a sus alocadas doctrinas.



image courtesy


lying trampled by boots

freedom with broken wings

on the street as the baton swings

a sad funereal song sings

spiritual leaders modern kings

to the masses no happiness brings

out of the door a mandate flings

yes its happening in Iran

but to man all over the world

it hurts and stings

from the blood flowing

into the gutters

a new hope springs

freedom from dictatorship

above all things

for whom the bells toll

a sadness rings

Little David

hitting Goliath

with 5 stones in a sling


So you’re all about police brutality, huh? How about this one for a change - THIS is happening right now in Burma (Myanmar). The military and police forces are actively engaging in terrorist acts upon their very own people. Today is known as Black Wednesday on March 3rd and it symbolizes the 60+ deaths that occurred in the protest just within a day alone. CCTV and drone footages are everywhere if you choose to open yourself to see. We are the lucky ones, the privileged, who even have the choice to ignore or scroll away. This.. is reality.












The Human massacre perpetrated by Anders Breivik in Norway, as well as the ones that are currently being perpetrated by governing & non-governing criminals in Libya, Syria, Yemen, & in other parts of the world (check Amnesty’s website for further info) are all condemnable with no exception.


The divine religion condemns racism, terrorism & oppression.

Anyone committing a crime or any kind of injustice in the name of God, is in obvious contradiction with himself, whether he’s Muslim or Christian or Jewish.


Anyone intentionally & consciously killing & terrorizing innocent people is guilty of violating the laws of God, no matter the religion or ideology he claims he adheres to, no matter his origin or race, he will be held accountable for it on the day of Judgement.




In order to understand the motive of some Muslim terrorists, I invite you to watch the following video: “Who is the true holy warrior?” (it’s very short, but well made – if you can’t understand their English very well, a transcription of their dialogue is available in comments.) The veritable duty of Muslims is to prevent these acts & to bring peace & justice to the world, & not to terrorize it.




As for Anders Breivik’s case, it’s still under investigation, but Kevin Dutton (a research fellow at the University of Cambridge, who has a Ph.D in psychology & is an expert on the science of social influence) wrote a very interesting analysis of his profile & motive, you can read it here. Here are some excerpts:


“Now there's a reason why you get this kind of profile. It's the profile of someone with a hugely inflated ego. But who, nevertheless, still feels socially inadequate. (…) What happened on Utoya Island wasn't about immigration. Or so-called Eurabia. Or the Eurocrats' plot against the people. In fact, it wasn't really about ideology or religion at all. That's just the window dressing. It was all about him. Breivic. (…) Now one of the things we know about narcissists and egomaniacs is that they have a tendency to externalize blame. A formidable natural talent for it. Nothing is their fault. It's always somebody else's."




Edit (september 11, 2011) : Obviously, Islam does condemn the terrorist attacks that caused the death of more than 2700 Civilians 10 years ago in New York. A tragedy that has affected the whole Mankind, & not only the US.



Thanks for your visit & thanks for reading.

(snapshot of the Parisian sky, taken by me in spring 2011.)


The Use and Abuse of Animals


The many Perpetrators Involved in Domestic Terrorism, will often use animals, to harass their Target and a Target’s Pet, or Service Dog. They have no boundaries and will Torture an animal, without hesitation. Like they did mine, for 20 minutes, while I was at a VA appointment. He was yelping and crying in pain for 20 minutes; all captured on audio. It brought me to tears. As I mentioned in my last post; I have to use all precautions and devices, to protect myself and my companion; best friend. I don’t exaggerate, I give you facts. You can look at Part 4; where the Perpetrators, where using electronics and lanyards in the Laramie Walmart. These same Perps will actually laugh, as I record and commentary their actions, in real time.

Once the most respected Nation in the world, other nations are witnessing, our fall form grace.

After 9/11, our government turned it’s backs on the many First Responders, and their families.

After that, the world sees the images, of the Torture at Guantanamo Bay. Then, we leave our own US Citizens in Afghanistan. And, we have turned our backs on the thousands of Afghanistan's, that have sacrificed so much to help save American lives. We leave then there; to be Tortured and Killed. As many brave Americans, from the private sector, try so desperately to help them; our State Department won’t respond to their emails, for assistance. I’m going to throw one more bomb at you; the United States of America, Uses Direct Energy Weapons on it Own Citizens. They will go to all extremes to Silence those of us, that have been addressing this for more than a decade. They will entice the Ignorant, Simple Minded, and the Intelligent filled with hate and vindictiveness. They will use and recruit anyone willing to Intimidate and Stifle their Targets. They will use Military and Law Enforcement, to do the same.

We have seen President after President, Congressmen and Women, Senators; stand at their podiums, and lie right to our face. The United States is testing and using Direct Energy Weapons, on US Citizens. I know, I’m redundant, saying this, but US Citizens and the World has the right to know. Exposing this; is the sole mission of my Photostream. I open all my Pictures and Post to the public. You may copy, print, repost, and share all my photos, in my Photostream. All I ask, is that you keep my Logos, on all copies. I look not for fame or glory. I want the world to know the Truth, about what was once a Great Nation, is doing to its own Citizens.

Before I get into the pictures in this collage; I’ll give you a little update, since my last post, Part 7. Once I posted Part 7, the drive by Perps in ATVs, Motorcycles and Trucks have not been seen, except for yesterday. There was a guy that rushed off, not expecting us getting up so early. I’ve been kept sleep-deprived by Direct Energy Attacks, accompanied by extremely low Fly-Bys. The FFA, has regulations on altitude heights of aircraft. These guys Torture People and Pets, so why would they abide by a few FFA Regulations. I’ve had a helicopter, low flying as I get ready for bed, or try and edit photos, and like tonight; draft this. We are having Jets, give us Fly Overs, as we venture out, or hang outside. That’s not new, we’ve had Air Force and National Guard Jets; get in on the hate, for some time. The Parasitic Single Prop Perpetrator, has been hitting it pretty hard. Even dropping extremely low, as I tried to take a nap. I’ve been running on very little sleep, and Sleep Deprivation; is one of their specialties. But, who cares if the Geneva Convention, classifies it as Torture. Do you really think; people using Direct Energy Weapons, on US Citizens, care. A Targeted Individual in the US, is under 24/7 surveillance.

Koda and I, went to Laramie yesterday, to do laundry, have lunch, and stop at Walmart for groceries. We received the same mobbing, harassment and baiting, at all locations. Even, as we walk to, and from the Post Office; while doing laundry. I was laughed at 3 locations, for standing up for myself and Koda. Today, as we go out for a hike, 15 minutes after we leave; we get a Helicopter, flying tree lines for cover, looking for us. As I stood under a tree, it comes into the open, circling, searching for us. Once, I stepped out and took pictures; it turns and went back where it came from. I got some great pictures. Later into our walk, we stepped into a wooded area, to take a break in the shade. We soon had a Single Prop Plane searching for us. This evening, Koda and I step outside, to enjoy the weather and our surroundings. We get the Fly-By, followed by rapid gunfire, not far from us. This is not someone hunting; these were acts of intimidation. Last week, we had a C-130, fly over our motorhome.

I’ll be doing a follow-up post, on Overwhelming Presence, with a collage of these Aircraft, including audio. Those involved in Domestic Terrorism; will go to all extremes, and expense, to hide their Dirty Secrets, and those involved. The Powers that Be; will use hundreds of thousands of dollars, in aviation fuel and time; trying to Intimidate and Stifle little-ol me. Meanwhile, as I travel across this Nation; I see people, families, living in cars, tents, the beds of their trucks. Using blankets for shade, coolers for food storage, if they have food.

OK, time for the Collage. The 1st picture is a cow, being scared, across the front of our camp. This was on 9-4-21. The day before, the two boys, did the same. I have morning time with Koda. We play fetch, I have my coffee, he works up a good poo. There were cows around our camp, Koda wasn’t bothered. They were right on the edge of camp, and didn’t cramp his space. We were having fun, and the Perps, couldn’t have that.

Picture 2; is a man, that came from behind our camp. The same area the boys did. He was hitting his stick on the road, startling the cows. A whole group, came running across. I put Koda on the cable, so he wouldn’t run after them. I looked over to see what startled them, and saw this guy. Look close at the Red, he has, sticking from his pack. Again, colors. I grabbed the camera, and started taking pictures. He stops and gives a good pose, in picture 3. He’s on the small road that runs pass our camp, the other is the lane that goes to our camp. Someone had to drop him off, which is usually the case. The road he was on, goes for miles and miles, before it links up to a main road, or another camp. I know, Koda and I have walked it. It leads into a wooded area behind us; which is the Perpetrator’s staging area. Take a good look at his physic; he didn’t walk the over 6 mile loop.

Picture 4; is our welcome home committee, just after our welcome home Fly-By. They have a dog in the front of their ATV; hoping to excite Koda. We took a long hike, he was tired and didn’t care. It must have pissed them off, because they turned around, came back and stopped. They had a dark front windshield, and were very shadowed. I added a little Clarity, Dehaze, Shadow Reduction and bumped the Exposure, and look; you can see them clearly. If I cropped it further, you could see the expressions of hate, they had on their faces.

Picture 5; is Koda the Magnificent. He just chased the cows to the edge of our camp. He’s giving me the; did I do a good job, Dad, look. Look close, you can see his ‘Cut Eyes’. The top 1/3 is brown, the bottom 2/3, are blue. Yes, he is Special, and a Catahoula, Cow Dog.

The last picture are more cows, at the edge of our camp. Yesterday morning; I woke early, from noise around our camp. I heard the morning Fly-By. I laid in bed, sleep-deprived, then heard something knocking on the side of the motorhome. Koda, jumped up, so we got up. I opened the blind to the front door, and see a guy driving pass, fast, from behind our camp. There were also cows, all around us. Again, they were herded into our camp, by someone. They were right outside our door and were circled around the fireplace. They licked our solar panels again, but didn’t knock them over, this time. Koda, chased them to the edge of camp, then we played fetch. I had my coffee, and he took a good poo.


Thanks for visiting our photostream.

Memorial Dedicated To Remember British Victims Of Overseas Terrorism

6,832 Flags flying at Oklahoma State University honoring those lost to terrorism since 2001. Veterans Day

~OvAz~ says:

"I am confused, you have a muslim name yet according to your comments and pics you seem anti-islam. Can you please state if you are anti-islam or not? This will help determine your artisticness."


I am shocked to say the least on Flickr , I thought people who migrated here were human , smart , mankind loving, that is what photography is all about.

You capture a moment like a fleeting poem and read it out to others , its not important everyone likes it or adheres to your thoughts, but there is someone out there who needs a thread to continue, like my pictures of the Devil stump tree, that connected me to Sarif who has more knowledge on this subject than I have he has visited this place 30 times and I am searching divinity in a moment.

We all I think are here on a picture site to expose our worlds , not to preach or proselytize, I shoot pain, I have mentioned this so many times, I do not manipulate what I shoot unless to add some artistry.

But pictures of pain like this one of a possessed lady, this is an awfully bad picture , but see the eye of the boy, and tell me does a womans pain need to be sharply focused.Is a woman's pain ever sharply focused .

You can hang a camera to a kite shoot , but a woman's pain hangs by a tale..the tale of her inherent vulnerability.

Fuck before asking me whether I am anti Islam, why dont you go to Iraq ask the Muslims both Shia ans Sunnis if they what they are doing it , is Anti Islam.

First check out your backyard before you dump shit on my manicured lawn..Fuck You.

At Karbala , when Yazid was marking a black page , killing Truth , Imam Hussain the grandson of the Holy Prophet did anyone raise a hue and cry did any one say "It Is anti Islam.."

Man I am shocked by my moderation.. I am not a Mullah a preacher or even my own sect promoting guy..but I am happy for once that as a Muslim I was born in India not in a neighboring country or an Arab country.

I am adding my comments to Ovaz as part of this body post..

I would not like to lose it like I lose my temper...


my comments

You said:

i have a muslim birthright .

i am an indian muslim

my culture is Hinduism

i show what is seen but the mullah does not see it

the condition of the underpriviliged muslim women in india

so this is anti islam

if muslims kill muslims you dont see it ..well that is islam

jehad to populate the world with only muslims that i guess is ok by you that is islam

i cut my body as a shia is anti islam

12 years boys decapitating journalist heads is islam

fuck you dont even know what is islam

islamic is not just the 5 pillars it is humanity

loving humanity and a single word called tolerance

does that satisfy you ?

i dont have to tell you about women in saudi arabia..

a land where even God is under House Arrest .


actually you can call me a Shia Pandit

firoze shakir

see my pictures dont interpret my thoughts they dont belong to your blinkered world , where you say allah ho akbar from cybernetic minarets and in the same breath curse and promote sectarianism..

I am not forcing you to my beliefs or unbeliefs I

Womanhood is not just about Islam or Anti Islam.


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NYPD New York Police Department 7026 CTB Counter Terrorism Bureau Mobile Command Centre


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Teaching Children To Hate


Traveling across this nation I have spend some time in many communities. Never, have I witnessed such amoral acts; as I have traveling through Colorado and Wyoming. The overwhelming use and abuse of children, are beyond words.


Please take the time to thoroughly look and read the contents of this Collage.

The first picture is, of the truck with bicycles. It was taken on 9-4-21. That morning before we left for a hike; we had an older man, herd and chase cattle through our camp. I’ll cover that in another post. I felt this one was more president.

On 9-4-21, we headed out for our hike. We had the Fly-Over, as we ventured away from our camp. Soon afterwards; this truck show up on a road, we were walking parallel to. It came from the wood-line behind our camp; where many of the Perpetrators come out from. Look closely at the young driver and the adult in the passenger seat. It’s hard to see the adult, in this small frame. Using Shadow reduction in Lightroom CC; he can be seen clearly. These Perps were looking for us, after the previous Fly-By. The young male, started turning his head, the other way; once we were spotted. Now, take a real close look at the two bicycles on top of the truck. They will be seen again, the next day; in following pictures.

Being chased down by vehicles carrying bicycles, is nothing new to me. Perpetrators, started this in Fresno, California. Someone would drive them around in a white van, then, drop them off. These were young adults, in red and orange colors, wearing backpacks. They would be dropped off on my predicted routs, wait at intersections, on their bicycles. I would go to Fresno often, while working in Yosemite National Park.

Back to the 1st picture; this is what these Perpetrators, are doing. They are looking for a place to drop people off, ahead of us. If we came close to a roadway, they would speed by on bicycles, doing anything to get Koda to react. We walked across the open meadows and into wooded areas, away from the roads that day. The Perps, didn’t get a chance to do it on 9-4-21.

The 2nd picture was taken on 9-5-21. We had cows herded to our new camp, not long after we occupied it. Perps would use the cows to harass Koda, when I would take him out. These are cows, just being cows, and don’t bother me. Koda, sets in one of the front two seats, of our motorhome on a daily bases. If I’m busy, like I am now; he will watch over his domain. He’ll watch the wildlife that surrounds us. The cows, have stimulated him at times, as they get closer and closer. That morning and the day before; I took Koda out, and we walked among the many cows, that surrounded our camp, and as we hiked, the previous day. At first he was anxious, as most dog would be. I kept him on leash, until he really became accustomed to the cows. He then, would walk to my left side, off leash, and watch the cows with curiosity. The cows were just as curious as he was. They would just stand there and watch, not feeling threatened. The 2nd picture; are two females with their calves, laying under the trees, in the shade. They were about 100 feet from the motorhome. We walked up to them them that morning, not bothering them a bit.

I was spending some play time with Koda, afterwards. He loves to play fetch. The cows lay there in the shade, watching. Suddenly, the cows jump up, and run across to our front. I look over and see a young boy chasing them. That’s picture 3. He’s kicking and making motions, scaring the cows. He came from the road, that runs behind our camp, to a wooded area. This area, is where the many Perpetrators, come from, to harass and bait us. His bike was on the road, hiding behind the trees. I had my camera, because I have to, just to protect Koda and I. Also, to document, moments like this. I yelled to the boy, and asked, ‘what the hell are you doing’. He turns to look behind him, as another boy, takes off down the road, leaving him. The other boy was hiding back, out of site. But, once I yelled, he took off and left the other, standing there. That would be picture 4.

Double click on the Collage, to enlarge it, to max. Take a good look at the boys Red bicycle, in picture 4. Now, take a good look at the bicycles, on the truck; in picture 1. It’s the same Red bicycle. The next picture, #5; is the boy that scared the cows. He ran back to the road, got his bike and took off. He’s on the same Black bicycle, also, on the truck in picture 1. Like I said, the truck was on 9-4-21. The other were taken the next day.

Picture number 6; is where the older boy, waited for the other to catch up. This is where a lot of the Perpetrators, involved in this Domestic Terrorism, stop and watch our motorhome. I should say; I was astonished by their actions, but take a look at my Post “Bait & Hate”. I’ve become accustomed to it, in these areas. This is what many Adults, are teaching children; in Laramie, Wyoming. This is a Conspired, Planned, Act of Hate; carried out by children, coaxed by adults. I spent days, training Koda to be accustomed to cows, and on 9-4 and 9-5-21; Perpetrators, chased cows across our camp. Most dogs, have an instinct to chase a running animal. That’s exactly what they were hoping for.

What you don't see, is the Convoy of Hate that followed. I wanted to keep the pictures minimal, in this collage.

As you may question my statements, about Government and Law Enforcement involvement; you can’t question this. I use a Nikon D850E, a fast 2.8, telephoto lens, and can capture almost every second of these acts. Which I do, and document. I also, have to use other devices, to protect myself and Koda, at all times. These Perpetrators; perform these acts, in hopes I will act out, and they will record it. Like the repeated acts; baiting Koda and I, in Walmart, or other public places. They feed into the ignorance and fear; that seems to be deriving our country.

You may ask yourself, how have we come to such a hateful, vile place in our Culture, our Society? Take a good read through my photostream, and you can see; post like ‘Bait & Hate, Holiday Hell, Generations’. We have adults teaching children to hate, bait and harass, a total stranger. We have adults, teaching children to hate, bait and harass a defenseless dog; a service dog. We have those in Law Enforcement, and Government Agencies, that are complicit. If they don’t participate, they downplay these acts of Domestic Terrorism. These Adults should be incarcerated, but instead, they are emboldened, because of those agencies.

We have abandoned the basic Values and Ethics, that founded this Nation. We now have a Culture, Society; of Self Serving Sociopaths. We have a Toxic Youth, that someday, will be leading this Nation.

Is this the future you want, you want for your loved ones?


Domestic Terrorism, is Real in America. Direct Energy Weapons are being used on Whistleblowers and Targeted Individuals. These are United States Citizens, on United States Soil. These Attacks, and Overwhelming Presence of Mobs and Authority, are used to Stifle and Discredit, such US Citizens. We have learned nothing as a Nation. The Hypocricy of these people, and the agencies involved; is reminiscence of the Torture, we have so often tried to hide.

These are other prime examples, of why our Country is in the mess it is. These People are another Terror Group, living within us, that will destroy our Democracy.

Our FBI, has been aware of it for Decades and Does Nothing....


Today, 9-6-21; I took Koda for a long hike, trying to let him be a dog. We had a Helicopter circling us, when we would disappear into a wooded area. As we came back close to camp; we had the Single Prop Plane Fly-Over. As soon as we arrived at camp, we get an ATV drive by, with a dog in the passenger seat. As we set out front, unwinding, and I let Koda chew on the femur bone; we get the Convoy of Hate, go by. Once we decide to go into our motorhome; the Perp with the dog in his ATV, shows back up, and stops on the road, to be seen. As I draft this; these same Perpetrators, drive their ATVs and 4 Wheelers, back and forth, pass our motorhome. Their intent; to Stifle me. I’ll do another post on today’s events. Remember; I chose this site, because of its seclusion. Can you imagine, what happens in densely populated cities and places?


If someone you love tells you, they are a Vitim of Gang Stalking/Domestic Terrorism; please give them the support they need. If someone you love tells you they are a Vitim of Direct Energy Attacks; give them the support, they most disparately need. I have been hit heavily by Direct Energy Attacks for posting these. I have had excellent Military training, and can stand alone facing this. There are many, many, Americans that can’t. My thoughts are always with them.


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Tribute to all victims of terrorism! May the love between people triumph over the horrors!


Hommage à toutes les victimes du terrorisme! Que la paix et l'amour entre les gens triomphe par dessus des toutes les horreurs!

Beauty Of The Second Amendment: .45 ACP vs 9mm


Featuring CZ 97BD and CZ-75B (bottom) from my defense collection

Terrorists deserve .45 caliber bullets.

No chance to survive.


Not for gun haters.


45 калибр - мой душевный ответ терроризму и насилию


Nikon D800E + Nikon 85mm f/1.4

Fight against terrorism !

Pray for Paris ...

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So I haven't really been doing much with Lego, so I spent a couple hours putting together a drone that was supposed to go with these guys, but then it ended up looking nothing like the Police/Riot Dispersal unit that I had planned and I didn't want to scrap the figs or the drone so I'm doing two different pics for them. (You can kind of see the backdrop and the drone in the background.) I don't know if there will be much Lego stuff in the near future other than the drone, but that doesn't mean I'm dead. Also I'm too lazy to tag people so ya.

NYPD New York Police Department 7026 CTB Counter Terrorism Bureau Mobile Command Centre


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Ohhh, who doesn't enjoy a trip to Walmart? This could be any store that Koda and I visit, but this is our last visit to this store, last week. This was on a Sunday evening, after 8:00 pm. It was just like the previous visit, and the one before it, and so on, and so on. I know I crammed a few pictures in here. These are just a few of the hundreds, from this visit. It comes to a point, I could make 30 some collages, or take some of the most predominant, and go with one. I didn’t even cover our arrival, or departure, I may do one on that too, because these Perpetrators; repeat the same acts, the same scripted comments, from state to state. For best results; double-click on the collage, to enlarge.

From top to right: The first picture is of two young males. I don’t call them men, because I’ve served with real men and women. Anyway, these wannabes, come towards Koda and I. Koda is on my left side, close. The two come walking closer, the male in the Orange, comes way too close, in the second picture. He also has an electronic item in his hand. Koda is used to this and won’t react. But the male has something that caused Koda to growl. Koda pushes against my leg, moving me against the shelves to my right. He stayed at my side, continued to growl, as they passed. Once they passed, they started to laughing. The guy in Orange, also had a backpack, as you can see, in the 3rd picture. This has happened time and time again; by 20 something, wannabes. Usually ridding pass us, on a bike with a backpack. It’s electronic stimuli, trying to make Koda aggressive; he’s not...

The 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th pictures, are a group of 3, 20 something wannabes. They are blocking and crowding us at the pillar/post, to the right. They show up from aisle, to aisle, spreading across the aisle, blocking as I try to get through. The 9th picture is what happens when I come to the end of an aisle. Someone will be waiting to dart out in front of us, blocking us. Again, Koda and I are used to it, he will actually pause and wait, until I say; right or left, then turn in that direction. The 10th picture is the same group of 3, waiting again for me in another aisle.

The 11th picture; is a female who shows up at the spice rack. I’m looking for ground Korean red pepper, but unable to find. She stops at our side, pulls out her phone quickly, starts texting. She then starts stepping in front of us, reaching out, taking items off the self, then putting them back. We are completely blocked, and patiently wait; Pictures 12 and 13. Once she does move, an older female shows up, with a young male, that throws his arm out, pointing; picture 14. He then steps in front of us, blocking and causing us to still wait, until he grabs something.

Picture 15; are the same 3 wannabes, from above, coming back around.

Pictures 16, 17 and 18; are the same female from the spice rack. She came to another aisle, to do the same. Picture 19; is a guy that does circles, so he can point his phone camera at me. We get this a lot, I mean; a lot. Picture 20, with Koda’s back; are the same 3 wannabes, watching at the end of another aisle.

Pictures 21, 22 and 23; are of a guy with a long rope, or lanyard. He waits at the end of an aisle, then comes walking towards us. He, like the other, come very close, even though there is plenty of room to their right. As he comes close to Koda; he swings the rope, then reaches for his face quickly. Making fast, what could be aggressive movements, to a dog. This has been done so many times, Koda doesn’t react.

Pictures 24 and 25; are another 3, different wannabes. The woman is watching me struggle, placing a case of water, on the bottom of our cart. They wait in the aisle, then block me, as I try to get through.

Pictures 26, 27, 28; are the same 3, watching me, as I get eggs and orange juice. They will show back up. Picture 29; is what I call a pocket perp. They will exaggerate, a hand, or both, in their pockets; as they walk by, or block us. You will see him again too.

Pictures 30, 31, 32, 33; are 2 guys. The guy in the tan shirt; does the double pocket skit. And, there’s a group of people blocking ahead. The 2 guys come towards Koda and I. The guy in the gray shirt and black cap; also has a long rope, like object, in his left hand. He, too, swings it at Koda, as they pass. I know, Mr FBI guy, who hangs up on people, trying to report Domestic Terrorism in America; it's just a coincidence. Your lack of action emboldens these parasites!

In picture 33, are the same 2, clear at the end; watching me, in another section. They are waiting and watching for what is about t happen.

Picture 34, it’s hard to see, through the shopping cart; are the 3 wannabes, that blocked me in the bottled water section. There was also another couple that blocked us, as we came into the water aisle. Then, again, at the end of another aisle. Her boobs were a little to pert, and shirt to tight, so I didn’t add them. Anyway, the 3 wannabes, are watching Koda and I, at the meat section. The woman in the Orange shirt (these perps love certain colors, it’s another way of sensitizing their Target), waits until I’m occupied, selecting meat; then runs from a distance, towards and pass Koda; picture 35. In picture 36; her buddies watch Koda’s and my reaction. Koda didn’t flinch. Man, he’s got a good trainer.

In picture 37; is the first Pocket Pirp, I addressed. He, and his buddy, are waiting in produce. We will get a whole battalion of these half-wits, waiting for us in produce. The two; are watching Koda and I, to see, where we go. Picture 38; is a female with the phone camera skit, in produce. I asked a young employee, where the sweet onions were. By the time we got there; the Pocket Perp, and his buddy, are completely blocking me from entering that asile; picture 39.

Picture 40; is another wannabe. We are heading to checkout, we had paused, expecting this. He walks across in front of us, with and empty shopping cart. Leaving the store, phone to his butt-cheek.

Pictures 41 and 42; are another Pocket Perp. He’s rushing to cut across, in front of us, at the checkout lane.

While Koda and I checked out; Koda lay to the front of our cart, as taught. Boy, he has a good trainer. While he lay there; two couples show up behind us. The first crowding, at the register conveyor. The 2nd, right on their butt-cheeks. Something caused Koda, to jump from the floor. I couldn’t hear it, but he jumped up, looked directly at the 4, behind us.

This only shows a little, of what we go though, in public places. Like I said, this could have been at any store, or restaurant. On this trip, the young Walmart employees, that I asked for assistance; were very courteous and helpful.

I have 1000s of clips like this; most showing more detail, and complete acts. The Army trained me well in Reconnaissance and Surveillance. So, Mr FBI Guy, from the Cheyenne, Wyoming Domestic Terrorism Line, if you need a little training; I’m sure you have my number. Being chased down by convoys of Perpetrators; some flashing the White Supremacist Signs, others wearing caps with “Our Politicians Are Afraid Again”, IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM.

Being Mobbed from store to store, state to state, having my Service Dog, Tormented, Tortured and Baited; IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Adults Teaching and Coaxing Children to do the same; IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Being constantly Buzzed and followed by Airplanes and Helicopters; IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Gang Stalking; IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM. Using Direct Energy Weapons on US Citizens, on US Soil; IS DOMESTIC TERRORISM and TORTURE.

I thought this was America, but we have become a Nation of; Do As We Say, Not As We DO! Other Nations see this, and know this. As a Nation; we have gone from a World Leader, to a F-ing Joke. Just turn on your TV. For exposing the truth; Americans are now TORTURED.

Is this what you want for your loved ones?


In my next post; I will cover the many symptoms of Direct Energy Weapons Attacks. Once again, our Government and many of its Agencies; want us to believe it's only happening to Diplomats and CIA Agents, overseas. Many, many, of us know better and History is on our side. I am paying heavily for these post; by Extreme Electronic Weapons Attacks.

And, for the Perp that left the role of Aluminum Foil, behind our Motorhome today; Bite Me.


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