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With the combination of shorter daylight hours and Lockdown 2.0, I've had perhaps more time than I'd prefer to search out the old files for new or improvable material.


This shot, taken six years ago when only recently retired, fell into the latter category. I was happy enough with the general composition, but the flat light made for an uninspiring image, especially given my then limited processing skills.


Wind forward six years and remarkably my virtual darkroom skills have improved, and how strange that those improvements seem to mirror the far better processing software that's now out there!


I reprocessed this shot a few days ago but have been grappling whether to go with the full-frame or a slightly cropped down version. In the end I've gone with the latter - in part because the portrait format is not especially well served by the landscape computer screens, but also because it talks to the title better.


The original upload has been deleted, but I have made use of the original narrative below.


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With the towering presence of the Tunstead complex dominating the background class 66 no. 66008 exits the 29 yard long Peak Forest Junction Tunnel and prepares to make its way into Wye Dale with the 11.55 Tunstead - Briggs ICI aggregates (6H22) on 12th June 2014.


This train arrived earlier in the day from Pendleton with empty hoppers. The aggregate was loaded at Tunstead and is being taken to the Hindlow complex for further processing.


Thankfully the train was running to time - about 30 minutes earlier I was trying (and failing) to find a way to overlook the tunnel opening from much closer in.


12.33pm, 12th June 2014

…Or just off to catch supper?! Either way it looks idyllic when you are at home in partial lockdown on a cold April morn and dreaming of holidays! Taken back in 2016 at Gorran Haven in Cornwall. Happy Thursday everyone & happy dreams too. Alan:-)…..


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©Alan Foster.

©Alan Foster. All rights reserved. Do not use without permission.……

Manhole ("Het mannetje") by Maurizio Cattelan (2001) took the wrong elevator.

Het Depot, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Design: MVRDV (2020)

There is nowhere quite like the great outdoors for providing the great escape. Being outdoors amongst the elements of nature is the most incredible thing. Not only is it a sensory pleasure but it also helps with our mental and emotional wellbeing.

we found this old framed print in an antique shop.

Better than Lemons

A little vignette of Captain Hilts on a German motorcycle in the 1963 film The Great Escape. Luftwaffe soldier in the background.


Kind of filler content because I don't know what to make.

Le tracce. Per fuga che vada in porto devi coprire ogni traccia. Ti cerceranno. Vuoi davvero rendere facile la vita ai tuoi inseguitori? You had something to hide should have hidden it, shouldn't you?

don't let yourself fall down


Just goofing around with outtakes here. Off to Barcelona...

my movies #27


this picture is dedicated to the fifty



ogni grande fuga che si rispetti ha bisogno di ingredienti imprescindibili. Se scappi getta il cellulare e assicurati di non avere alle spalle uno che posta foto su Flick.

The secret! Una buona fuga non evita i segreti, anzi non c'è mai fuga senza una buona dose di fatti da tenere nascosti. Siete sicuri della lealtà di chi conosce i vostri? "Tre persone possono mantenere un segreto se due di esse sono morte." B. Franklin

Up-cycled from the theme 'Balloons' from the Blythe a Day October 2017 group hosted by Wubbiebat. This was one of my favourite pictures even though I was not particularly happy with the lighting challenges of the flat lay process. At the time I didn't have access to photo manipulation software to fix the shadows cast on the sky. It was this prompt along with my spur of the moment prisoner costume for Scar that inspired the story of The Great Escape, my ongoing soap opera.



La Grande Evasion


"Challenge on flickr" CoF113 - AIR & SNAPSHOT





Thank you Sophie for the testimonial <3


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Composite inspired by Joseph Cornell.


Elements are from Foxey Squirrel-Royal consent pack, itKuPilli-Amazing Grapes and Disorderly Fashion Packs, Magical Reality-Artistic Impressions Pack, Holliewood Moving Pack, Pixabay, Unsplash, Adobe Stock, Bing Photos, and even one of my own!.


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There was a group of Common Goldeneye Ducks quietly enjoying the sunny day, when suddenly one of the resident eagle decided to pay them a little visit.... I think that these ducks were so surprised and so busy with escaping they could not even display the look of fear on their face!

Just booked another Holiday...

You'l never guess where.....

Don't ask me why I'm doing this

You wouldn't understand

You're asking the wrong questions

You couldn't understand


A bridge is not a high place

The fifty-second floor

Icarus would know

A mountain isn't far to fall


When you've fallen

When you've fallen from the moon


There's murder on the street

I'm ashes on the water now, somewhere far away

I have fallen, fallen from the moon

(Marillion - The Great Escape)

My attention was grabbed by a noise above me while descending the Misery Trail at Smith Rock and looked up to see this. Of all the ways to get away from it all, this would be my last choice, didn't they see Cliffhanger?!!


Amid the recent COVID-19 virus pandemic and social distancing measures, it’s comforting that we can escape the insanity and safely isolate ourselves in nature without worry. This woodland scene is from one of my favourite woodland escapes...beautiful Francis/King Regional Park, Saanich, Vancouver Island, BC.


Francis King Regional Park is a 107-hectare park, nestled in rural Saanich. The woodland park is home to massive old growth forest including magnificent 500-year-old Douglas-fir trees. There is a vast network of woodland walking and hiking trails as well as a boardwalk loop trail for those with mobility issues, an ideal place for visitors of all abilities to explore nature.


The park gets its name from the surnames of James Francis whose father purchased the property in the 1840s and his good friend Thomas (the Skipper) King. James Francis was a lover of nature, refusing to donate his land to the city of Victoria as well as declining monetary offers from others to log the land. Thank goodness we have these beautiful gems in nature to enjoy especially during these times.

I wonder if I could squeeze through this?

Marley in deep thought, contemplating the next backyard escape.



***This is a victim of Flickr sharpening.


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This is how to escape confinement when you’re stuck on a Liner.


Voila comment échapper au confinement quand vous êtes bloqués sur un Paquebot.


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Port de Saint-Nazaire



Can you say "carbon credits"?

Every live shot i've seen of Sigur Ros is pretty much the same - the lead singer playing his guitar with a bow. They're not the most exciting band to photograph, but they make beautiful music.

Or at least, that's how it seems to me as I cannot make

the proverbial "head or tail" distinction of this raptor.


Composite shot of the stairs in the Natural History museum in Dublin and one of its exhibits, a bedraggled stuffed mouse that must be over 100 years old

"Gentlemen, you are invited for free drinks at the wash tank."

"The Fourth of July, a little present from The Colonials"

"Down the British."

"Ya, ya... quite right too."

"Very well, we accept... Up the Rebels."

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