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An otter calls timeout in Monterrey Bay




"Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than those you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."


- Mark Twain




#littlevacation ... back tomorrow!

*waves and send greetings*

picture taken by Vivien De´lancoure

After trying differrent ways , Color, B&W , I could not be satisfied .

I come with this two tones who give a better visibility and contraste to the photo.

A short time out on the castle Schnellenberg. Situated in Attendorn, Germany. Founded in 1222.

This week a new series named "Publicity needs human complicity". No more words, you can judge... =O)

Have a nice week my friends!!

ga even zitten en geniet van de herfst kleuren


Explore / Interestingness / November 2010 / 20th

“ Great Minds Discuss Ideas, Average Minds Discuss Events, Small Minds Discuss People”


“Les grands esprits discutent des idées,Les esprits moyens discutent des événements, Les petits esprits discutent des gens ”


- Eleanor Roosevelt


Picture Before :


Picture Taken @ La Isla Tropical


Thank You for Looking 👀


Nax taking a break


Dox's 1982 B-day Party at Soundproof

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street photography from Glasgow, Scotland. Enjoy!


Previously unpublished image from October 2019.

Enjoying a refreshing drink in the sun at the shore of the Danube river in Vienna, Austria.

Winter grows in Denmark (Bellevue Beach, North of Copenhagen)

Me and this kingfisher have been going at it for years. He usually lands in preferred locations, all of which I know. But by the time I'm "camera ready" he's long gone. This morning he was up to his normal antics making his rackety sounding call, flying like the showoff he is. He stopped briefly at each chosen spot, then moved quickly on. I waited, keeping focus on what I considered his favorite place. Finally, he tired and settled in for a rest. The result you can see.

Just down the road form Forrest, in the Great Otway National Park.

Used a variable ND filter, .8 second exposure.

Young Red Deer stag takes timeout in the autumnal sun

frozen scenery some days before christmas

It's time for a break from foggy shots. Soon there will be some happier pictures here :)

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Scarlet Creative: Megan Summer House

Kazza: DreamLounger

Yugen: kefi and fika

Studio Skye: Wild Grass

Fanatik Architecture: Grass


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Lazy Days

Canon EF85mm f/1.2L II USM | Kodak T-max 400 Pro | HC-110

Motel One / Charlottenburg / Berlin / Germany


Album of Germany:

FR : Confinement Jour 10 / Petit journal…

Photo du jour, en direct des studios de confinement...


"L'ennui naquit un jour de l'uniformité"

(Antoine Houdar de la Motte / Fables nouvelles, 1719)


Action du jour : J'ai avancé une de mes pendules d'une minute et, d'un coup, c'est beaucoup plus fun !...

Mais qu'est ce qu'on s'emm... quand même !


Nota : Chez moi, ceux qui bénéficient le plus de cette étrange immobilisation spatio-temporelle, ce sont les vieux bibelots sans valeur, remisés (ai-je le droit de dire "confinés" ?) au fond du placard depuis des décennies, et qui en profitent malicieusement pour faire un inespéré "come-back" sous les feux de la rampe...


Gargouille "low cost" en plâtre, un des derniers souvenirs des voyages heureux et hexagonaux de mon enfance (années 60) qui a miraculeusement échappé à la casse et à la poubelle !…


L'original du monstre, stryge perché en haut des tours de Notre-Dame depuis Viollet le Duc, après avoir échappé à l'incendie de 2019, savoure désormais, et depuis dix jours, sa solitude au soleil, et poursuit sans relâche sa contemplation mélancolique d'un Paris ensoleillé... mais viral…


EN: Lockdown Day 10

"Boredom was born on a day of uniformity"

(Antoine Houdar de la Motte / 1719)


Action of the day: I advanced one of my clocks by one minute, and suddenly it’s much more fun!..

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