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This tree was tiny compared to others in the area, but it was well ahead of its neighbors in terms of early autumn color, and it seemed to be transitioning from the top down. I photographed it using the Pep Ventosa technique. The method involves walking around a subject while taking multiple shots along the way, then merging those photos together in post processing. This image was made using 11 of the 13 photos that I shot, with additional processing using various Topaz filters.


Submitted for Sliders Sunday

and for Our Daily Challenge: "Adjective and Noun" that start with the same letter, in this case, "Tiny Tree"




. . . it's spring!


(On the car!! What did you think???)



HAYSURIZA Tokyo Eyes No4 Glasses exclusive @ Designer Showcase (Apr. 05 - 25)

DOUX Kiara Hairstyle


Sitting in the sexy topless Nevada V.7 from [SURPLUS MOTORS]


I am so excited to welcome Ave Moi back to my sponsor list! Read More

I'm a clean car fanatic but this is impressive in March in Pittsburgh.

Schiphol Airport - Hilton Hotel (height 42 mtr.)

oasi Torre Flavia (Ladispoli)

"I paint from the top down. From the sky, then the mountains, then the hills, then the houses, then the cattle, and then the people."

- Grandma Moses


I luv Grandma Moses paintings, and this farm reminded me of one of the many of her works of art.


I had FUN using 'Overlays 'n Textures' for this one. ;)


Thanks for viewing and have a Lovely Sunday to All ~~~~~




An arial view of CN 4028 and CN 4770 sitting in Brantford Yard.

Here's a look at one of the many chandeliers and staircases at Biltmore, a 250-room mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, that was constructed in the 1890s as the private home of George W. Vanderbilt III. My wife and I toured the place last Spring.



Thanks for taking the time to view my image. Your comments & faves are greatly appreciated.

4 day Urbex Roadtrip from Porto to Lisbon and a few days to wander around Lisbon at the end.


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Just wanted to show what the butterfly looks like from above

Groningen - The Netherlands

Table Rock State Park, South Carolina

HBW 01.13.10


I think tulips are fast becoming one of my favorite flowers.

Another fine day in prospect clearly!

This monument located on Mount Buzludzha is the biggest ideological building in Bulgaria. It was built as a tribute to the creation of the Bulgarian socialist movement in 1891.


The construction of Buzludzha was made possible thanks to government funds and supporters’ donations for an amount of around 14 186 000 leva (around 7 000 000 €). The site was built by civil engineering troops from the Bulgarian army and volunteers. The master builder was General Delcho Delchev who was in charge of the Stara Zagora civil engineering section. The author of this project was the architect Guéorguy Stoilov. Several famous painters and sculptors have participated to the decoration.


Ever since the superseding of Bulgarian president Todor Givkovand and the political changes that occurred in Bulgaria from 1989, the state of the monument has continued to decay. portraits of Ludmila and Todor Givkov have been destroyed. The copper adornments have been stolen. The building is slowly disintegrating; the monument is abandoned and no public institution seems to be concerned by the conservation of renovation of the building. The Bulgarian socialist party itself is not taking any action towards the maintenance of its most important symbol. The big star has been perforated by gunshots because it was thought to be made out of ruby!


On Bulgarian derps tour with Dursty, John, Andrew and Mike. Visited very little due to the harsh roads and long drives in two car convoy, busted by a pistol and axe wielding guard, picking up a hitchhiker, removing a hire car wing mirror with a bin, countless selfies, a stray dog and not forgetting an insect bite from hell that gave me a club hand.


But the main event was accessed twice and was the main objective for this trip so all was good.


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Looking directly down on the trees from the cable car in Sigulda, Latvia

Cervo, Imperia, Italy

The first day of lockdown easing regulations . Ideal weather to take the car out off the garage and take your lady for a drive .

Austin Healey 3000


Manly on Moreton Bay


Drune as seen by the Government Security Drones; for your own protection.

Wonderful Wednesday to you my friend. Be well.


Play Projects

Makapu'u Beach, O'ahu, Hawai'i

damit geht meine kleine Serie zu diesem wunderschönen Treppenhaus zu Ende

Two more drone shots from the Jordan River Valley ...


I think this is the most colorful / photogenic spot in all of the LP of Michigan!


Taken with a Phantom 4 Pro UAV.

Maple leaf on gravel in Autumn


Big rainbow trout in Cabins, WV

Glasgow, Scotland

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