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HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Answers 2018 PDF Download, this certification demonstrates your proficiency in the theory and practice of inbound. It tests your knowledge of inbound best practices and your ability to apply those practices using HubSpot to achieve measurable results.


Get Certified in HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Now!


True or false? The Marketing Hub uses shared contact information with the Sales Hub and Service Hub via the CRM contacts database.






Which of the following metrics are marketing teams NOT likely to report on?


Monthly website traffic


Rate of visitors converted to contacts


Rate of contacts qualified to be handed over to sales


Individual sales users’ monthly quota


True or false? The more completely you use the Marketing Hub, the better the individual tools can help you.






Keeping your database healthy and up to date should always be a priority so that you can create powerful and ___________.


contextual conversationsCMS


content conversations


contextual pillar pages


outbound conversations


True or false? When importing contacts, HubSpot automatically searches for matches with your spreadsheet columns and pairs your existing properties, such as first name and last name.






True or false? Buyer personas are non-fictional case study examples of your most successful customer.






True or false? When creating buyer personas, consider creating a different persona based on job function. Grouping buyer personas together by the goal or challenge they’re trying to overcome won’t be detailed enough to know who you’re talking to.






Fill in the blank: When linking your topic cluster together, it’s critical that you __________.


link all subtopics to the pillar page


only link the top 20 performing subtopics to the pillar page


link the pillar page to all relevant subtopics


A and C


B and C


True or false? The higher your DA, the easier it should be for your topic clusters to rank.






True or false? Only reference the core topic on your pillar page. Using synonyms of your core topic will confuse search engines on how to best rank this page.






Which type of pillar page is in the form of an ungated guide or ebook?


Resource pillar page


Guide-type pillar page


Information-based pillar page


10x content pillar page


All of the following are examples of SMART goals EXCEPT:


Have 30% of your marketing leads attend an upcoming webinar.


Have thought leaders contribute to an upcoming ebook.


Increase sales qualified leads by 20% by the end of the year.


Generate 10 customers within the first week of an upcoming product launch.


True or false? Every time you publish a blog post, you’re creating a new, unique page for your website.






Fill in the blank: For distraction-free editing, click ___________.


Zen Mode


Text-Only Mode


Draft Mode


Inline Edit Mode


Fill in the blank: To preview your post, click __________.


a – Zen mode


b – The read more separator


c – The eye icon


d – There is no preview mode


True or false? Big companies require complex page templates.






True or false? Logos are always global content and can’t be swapped out on individual pages.






How does a landing page typically gather information about site visitors?


a – Using a meetings link


b – Using a CTA


c – Using an email


d -Using a form


True or false? Pillar pages make landing pages obsolete.






What are the key components of a landing page?


Copy, form, content offer


Headline, chatbot, form, video


Headline, copy, form, image


Copy, form, video, content


What is a call-to-action button?


a – A clickable element on a website page, blog post, or email that promotes and redirects visitors to an offer


b – A pop-up form


c – A snippet of text that Google serves on a search engine results page (SERP)


d – Anybody your company communicates with in the course of doing business


Why should your call-to-action contain action-oriented language?


Because Jorie said so.


A call-to-action should inspire your visitors to take an action.


You don’t want a visitor to have to think too hard about what they can expect when clicking a button.


B and C


You should base the design of your CTA on the following:


Your buyer persona’s preferences


Your brand




A, B, and C


Why should you limit the number of form fields you use on your form?


Trick question! You should ask for all of a contact’s information up front so you can personalize every conversation moving forward.


The information you ask for should be a fair exchange for the content you’re offering.


Nobody has time to fill out a long form.


Short forms show that you don’t really want to learn more about a prospect.


Your form submission rate tracks:


a – The total number of views for all the pages your form appears on that also have your HubSpot tracking code on them


b – The total number of submissions divided by the total number of views for the form


c – The total number of times the form has been submitted across all your pages


d – The total number of times your form appears across all your pages


What is a lead flow?


a – A pop-up form


b – A bot programmed to chat with prospects conversationally


c – A clickable element on a website page, blog post, or email that promotes and redirects visitors to an offer


d – An ungated piece of content


How can a lead flow supplement a visitor’s experience?


a – By interrupting a visitor browsing irrelevant content


b – By providing additional content or value


c – By redirecting users to an interesting offer or asset


d – By collecting information that can help you immediately personalize a visitor’s experience


Lead flows are best suited to which stage of the buyer’s journey?








All stages of the buyer’s journey


You can filter your HubSpot social inbox in a variety of ways. Which one is NOT one of them?


a – By the accounts you want to see engagements from


b – By going to Twitter to see the lists you’ve created in HubSpot


c – By conversations, so you can respond to audience comments


d – By interactions or click-like engagements with content that has been published in HubSpot


What is a Twitter stream?


a – A contact list of followers you acquired from Twitter


b – A data list of keywords to monitor that appears after uploading a list of your Twitter contacts


c – A display of tweets that you developed in the social inbox to promote a specific campaign


d – A display of tweets that match pre-defined, saved searches on specific criteria


What are the three types of segments you can create in HubSpot?


Saved filters, active lists, active filters


Static filters, active lists, active filters


Static filters, static lists, opted-out filters


Saved filters, active lists, static lists


True or false? Common uses for active lists include sending unique marketing emails based on each contact’s behavior and properties.






The analyze tab for your marketing emails is most commonly used to __________.


report on your individual marketing emails


review emails before sending them out


optimize your marketing emails


analyze your email marketing channel as a whole


True or false? Your email channel works with your other conversational channels to help create conversations and experiences with the people you’re connecting with.






True or false? Marketing automation is ONLY used to automate your marketing actions.






_________ workflows will operate once a contact meets the enrollment triggers of that workflow.


a – Start from scratch


b – Center on a date


c – Center on a date property


d – Center on a sales date property


True or false? A session expires after 30 minutes of activity.






How does HubSpot calculate the source of a visitor to your site?


a – Using the initial URL a visitor uses when first landing on your site


b – Using the final URL a visitor uses when leaving your site


c – Using their social media profiles to contextualize their favorite platforms


d – Using Google Analytics


What is the reporting library?


A resource that offers dozens of canned reports built around marketing best practices


A reporting add-on feature you can buy for an additional $300 a month


Dozens of canned reports that help you dig a little deeper into your data — only currently available to HubSpot Admins


The section of your public library where HubSpot developers sit when creating the HubSpot reporting tools


When determining buyer personas, which type of information is most important to capture?


Psychographic information


Demographic information


Both are equal


Neither. Your buyer personas are actual customers you’ve worked with.


Which of the following are campaign metrics that can be tracked in HubSpot?


Influenced contacts


Closed deals


New contacts (first touch)


A, B, and C


Which sentence best describes the relationship between templates and pages?


Templates and pages are the same thing.


To create a page, a marketer must first build a new template using the design manager.


Pages and templates are unrelated.


Pages are created from templates, which can be built in the design manager or downloaded from the marketplace.


Which statement about selecting marketplace templates is most accurate?


Any template in the marketplace will be a great fit for your content.


A web developer is recommended for best results.


Learning to select the best templates for your needs can help your organization build great pages faster.


The most important consideration when selecting templates is brand alignment.


You can create a call-to-action to align with which stage of the buyer’s journey?








A, B, and C


True or false? Forms are dead.






True or false? All scheduled social posts can be attached to an existing HubSpot campaign, or you can create a new campaign with your post.






The definition of __________ is the software that exists with the goal of automating your marketing actions.


Sales automation


Marketing automation


Sequence automation


Productivity automation


There are three types of workflows you can create in HubSpot. What are they?


a – Start from scratch, Center on a sales date, and Center on a date property


b – Start from scratch, Center on a marketing date, and Center on a date property


c – Start from scratch, Center on a date, and Center on a date property


d – Start from a contact property, Center on a date, and Center on a date property


Fill in the blank: To get started with adding a buyer persona in HubSpot, look for the __________ on your dashboard.


Smart List report


Sources report


Conversations report


Top Personas report


True or false? You can collaborate with your team when drafting a blog post in edit mode.






Where should you consider inserting calls-to-action throughout your blog post?


Text-based call-to-action at the top


Image-based call-to-action at the top


At least one call-to-action per three paragraphs of text


A and B


A, B, and C


True or false? A list and a report in HubSpot accomplish the same actions and goals.






Marketing Hub users will frequently use which of the following menus in HubSpot?










All of the above


Which of the following options reflects the correct sequence for establishing goals with your team?


Specify Tactics -> Define Business Goals -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs)


Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Define Business Goals -> Specify Tactics


Define Business Goals -> Specify Tactics -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs)


Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Specify Tactics -> Define Business Goals


Define Business Goals -> Identify Indicators of Success (KPIs) -> Specify Tactics


What is the definition of contact management?


a – A strategy that focuses on using only a marketing software to easily store and source a contact’s information, including their name, contact history, email information, and more


b – A strategy that focuses on using a software program to easily store and source a contact’s information, including their name, contact history, email information, and more


c – A strategy that focuses on using a software program to easily store and source company information specific to making a deal in HubSpot CRM


d – A strategy that focuses on dividing marketing and sales to separate contact information and store it separately in a software platform.


________ software is the foundation for storing all the information you have on the humans you’re connecting and building trust with.


a – CMS


b – CMC


c – CRM


d – CMR


Which parts of your organization can benefit from buyer personas?


Marketing team


Sales team


Services team


A and B


A, B, and C


Most organizations target how many buyer personas?








At least 10


All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT:


Core topics, which will take the shape of your pillar page


Subtopics, such as blog posts or videos


Distribution channels, such as YouTube or Twitter


Internal hyperlinks


All of the following are examples of on-page SEO best practices to consider when optimizing your pillar page EXCEPT:


a – The core topic is featured in the URL


b – The core topic is featured in the H1


c – The core topic is featured in a video at the top of the page


d – The core topic is featured in the image alt text


All of the following are ways you can report on a campaign EXCEPT:


In the campaign itself


In campaign analytics, under the reporting tool


Both of the above


None of the above: Campaign reporting is a default option in the marketing dashboard


All of the following are examples of how you can export campaign data EXCEPT:


a – XLSX


b – XLS


c – PDF


d – CSV


All of the following are tools you can connect to a HubSpot campaign EXCEPT:






Content strategy




True or false? You have up to one week to edit the name of a campaign.






What type of file can you import in draft mode instead of starting a blog post from scratch?


Word doc


Google doc


Evernote file




Which of the following tasks can be performed in settings?


Managing navigation


Setting a logo


Choosing system pages


Setting a favicon


All of the above


Which sentence best describes collaboration in the CMS?


The HubSpot CMS should only be used by one person at a time.


Delegation and organization are integral to managing web assets in the HubSpot CMS.


The HubSpot CMS automates collaboration so you don’t have to worry about it.


Marketers should defer to developers when it comes to CMS decisions.


What are the elements of a traditional conversion path?


Chatbot, live chat, messaging app


Landing page, form, chatbot


Landing page, form, CTA, thank you page


Thank you page, messaging app, CTA, landing page


When should you ungate content?


Contextually — ungate content when it makes the most sense for your business.


Always — forms are dead.


Never — pillar pages are a fad.


To gate or ungate is an illusion.


Why is it considered a best practice to include an image or video on a landing page?


a – Images give visitors a tangible idea of what they’ll receive.


b – Images make landing pages much more visually dynamic.


c – Images can tell complex stories faster than words can.


d – A, B, and C


What are/is the area(s) you need to consider when building a call-to-action?








A, B, and C


A call-to-action button is also known as a:


a – ATC


b – CTA


c – CAT


d – TAC


True or false? You can use your HubSpot CTAs in externally hosted content.






True or false? You should always disable cookie tracking on forms, unless you have a specific use case in mind.






What is a form submission notification?


A notification that your form has successfully published to your site


The code you use to embed your HubSpot form externally


A notification that is emailed to a set list of recipients when a visitor submits a form


The HubSpot tracking code installed to track and store your form submission data in your CRM


Where is information collected by your form submissions stored in HubSpot?


Buyer personas


Your reports home


Deal records


Contact records


What is the advantage of using a form?


Forms help you gauge how interesting a piece of content is to your target audience.


Forms can help you disqualify leads.


With forms collecting information for you, you no longer need to talk to sales.


Form submissions can be used to boost the vanity metrics of your site.


What’s the difference between a form and a lead flow?


Experience — forms are inbound. Lead flows are outbound.


Location — forms only exist on landing pages. Lead flows only exist on pillar pages.


Forms can be used in the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the buyer’s journey. Lead flows are only used in the decision stage of the buyer’s journey.


Experience — lead flows are a CTA, landing page, and thank you page all in one. Forms are part of a larger conversion path.


What are the two most important things to keep in mind when developing a HubSpot social media strategy? Choose two:


Using a free tool to develop great content


Knowing your buyer persona


Mapping your business goals to social objectives


Adding social media links to your website header and footer


Connecting your social media accounts in email


What is the definition of segmentation?


Creating filters for your contacts based on similarities


Creating a segment based on buyer personas


Breaking up your contacts into smaller groups of similar people


Creating a static list based on an imported list of contacts


What are three examples of segments that every business should ideally have?


Subscribers, leads, customers


Leads, prospects, opted-out customers


Subscribers, customers, users


Unsubscribers, users, customers


Quickly viewing a segment of your database right from the contacts, companies, deals, or tickets dashboard is an example of which type of segment?


Active list


Saved filter


Static list


Saved list


True or false? You can test your marketing emails in different email clients from within the email editor.






When drafting an email, why would you enable a web version of your email?


Enabling a web version of your email gives recipients the option to open the email in a web browser if their email client doesn’t render it correctly.


Enabling a web version of your email helps you create SEO with your email copy.


Some email clients require a web version to render marketing emails.


You should not enable a web version of your email. This is not a best practice.


True or false? You can set a workflow goal on the main workflows dashboard.






When should you report on your marketing campaign performance?


Before a campaign


After a campaign


Throughout a campaign




What is key to the success of your reporting?


Setting the right goals


Identifying the correct success metrics


Having the correct analytics in place


A, B, and C


What is a session?


a – A session tracks if the HubSpot tracking code has loaded on a page.


b – A session tracks all the interactions a visitor is having across your site until they have been inactive for 30 minutes or more.


c – A session is anytime a visitor reaches your site from somewhere outside of your website domain.


d – A session is anytime a visitor shares one of your pages on social media.


True or false? Choosing to not use the Marketing Hub blog tool to host your blog will make your Marketing Hub campaign reporting less comprehensive.






Which is NOT an example of demographic information that can help bring value to your buyer persona research?


Age range


Geographical location


Shoe size


Income range


Fill in the blank: Strive to choose a core topic with a monthly search volume that’s at least __________.










True or false? All assets should be built before creating a campaign.






Which of the following is a feature available to you in draft mode?


Adding a call-to-action


Italicizing text


Inserting an H2 or H3 header


Calling out a quoted sentence


True or false? When creating a new page in the CMS, it’s important to choose your title carefully since it will automatically become the HTML title of the published web page.






What is a landing page?


A single page that covers all aspects of the topic, with room for more in-depth reporting


A pop-up form


The page typically encountered first on a website that usually contains links to the other pages of the site


Website pages that are designed to convert visitors into leads


In the HubSpot email dashboard, there are two types of tabs that give you more insight into how your emails are performing. What are they?


Manage and Report


Manage and Analyze


Post-Send Details and Report


Analyze and Report


What are the three ways you can add recipients to your marketing emails?


a – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email as a sales email.


b – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email as a services email.


c – Add a list of contacts, add individual contacts, or save the email for automation.


d – Add individual contacts, save the email for automation, or save the email as a transactional email.


What were the original stages of the inbound marketing methodology?


Get Found, Close, Analyze


Get Found, Convert, Analyze


Convert, Close, Delight


Convert, Delight, Analyze


Which of the following should you do before setting new KPI goals?


Identify current performance for your KPIs.


Create a project plan to meet your goals.


Identify your areas of opportunity.


All of the above


True or false? You can import contacts into HubSpot that are opted-out of communication.






True or false? Lead flows are outbound.






A(n) _______ list can help you gain an understanding of contacts who met a certain criteria on a particular date. Then you can look back at that list later and see contacts who may no longer meet the criteria.










Get Certified in HubSpot Marketing Software Certification Now!


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A savvy marketer will be looking ahead to the upcoming year and developing a digital marketing strategy to stay ahead of the competition and boost brand awareness.


With so many changes that occurred at the end of 2018, it’s important to revamp your strategy and account for current trends, strategies, and technologies to maximize your efforts.


Here are the biggest digital marketing trends leading into 2019:


Topic Clusters


Search engines are now favoring clusters of content that surround a particular topic, as opposed to keywords. If you want to stay at the top of the search rankings, you need to develop these content clusters that link to one another.


To do this effectively, you need a broad topic outline that covers the most pertinent subcategories. Then, the surrounding content should have specific, long-tail keywords that connect back to the original outline with the same keyword.


This boosts your overall performance since any page performing well will result in the entire cluster performing well. This moves you further and further up the rankings.


In addition, choosing topics in which you have proven subject matter expertise or knowledge will give you an even better ranking, since search engines are now prioritizing the value and relevance to the user.


Shorter Video Ads


Internet users have much shorter attention spans than they once did, so it’s possible to lose a viewer with a long video that would’ve worked a few years ago. Audiences tend to engage with shorter ads, such as under 10 seconds, so you’re also getting more for your efforts.

Businesses are more likely to use shorter video ads in the coming year, so you want to work these into your strategy to ensure you stay with the current trends.




Chatbots are becoming more popular, due to their ability to address basic customer service needs and help businesses interact with more customers. Chatbots also create two-way communication between your audience and your business, which improves your customer satisfaction and your response time to messages. Both of these aspects will boost your search engine ranking.


Chatbots have a reputation for providing negative user experience, leading many businesses to hesitate to include them in their marketing strategy. Overall, however, customers are pleased with the use of chatbots and the ability to access information 24/7, so there’s no reason to hold back on this trend.


Chatbots also operate in Facebook messenger often, which has a click-through rate of 80 percent. This offers incredible potential for how a chatbot can lead to more sales for your business.




Blockchain is quickly becoming a necessity for most industries, but one of its most overlooked potentials is in marketing.


With the poor attention span of many internet users, it’s more difficult to draw attention from content and keep your audience engaged. Blockchain can be used to incentivize customers to watch advertisements and engage in some way, whether it’s sharing, tagging, liking or commenting, through a Basic Attention Token (BAT). This technology breaks up the monopoly of digital ads to trade on the value of online attention and engagement and reward the audience that’s willing to interact.


Influencer Marketing


Social media influencers are achieving more influence in recent years, gaining significant followings on multiple social media platforms. Social media isn’t new, of course, but its reach is continuing to grow. Positioning yourself with the right social media influencer can make all the difference.


In the past, businesses were able to have influencer endorse products openly, but consumers are becoming more aware and are less receptive to this marketing tactic. Because of this, a subtle approach is needed to gain the benefits of a social media influencer.


Businesses with successful social media influence develop mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with influencers, so both receive more organic endorsements. These relationships not only provide you with a steady outlet for your promotions, but it also makes influencers less likely to abandon your brand.




Fields like advertising, marketing and sales have a negative connotation, with the belief that these representatives are only out for their own interests, using deceptive and aggressive tactics to get sales.


As a result, consumers are more skeptical and reluctant, as well as being more difficult to impress. The easy access to reviews and testimonials also gives them more information about a product or service’s strengths, and more importantly, its weaknesses.


Now, businesses are addressing this issue with transparency, openly admitting its own shortcomings, faults and negative feedback to show loyalty and dedication to customers. They’re also encouraging two-way communication on a public forum to not only build more trust with a specific customer but also to show their efforts to other potential customers.


Mobile Optimization


Though it may seem obvious, mobile optimization is one of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy to address in 2019. Though many businesses already work toward mobile-friendly sites, more and more users are switching to mobile. Google is even prioritizing mobile-friendly sites in search rankings.


With so many users going mobile, you can’t afford to lose a follower because of poor optimization. Small issues, such as links too close together, a poor zoom function or text that’s too small can be all it takes for a customer to abandon your site and move on to the next.


Be sure to check your site’s mobile user experience and make any adjustments you need to create a flawless user experience.


Voice Search


Voice search is on the rise, thanks to personal assistance devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Nearly one-third of the 3.5 billion searches performed each day are voice searches, which use natural human speech patterns to determine the searcher’s intent.


If you think you can use the same strategy for voice search, however, think again. Voice search differs from a desktop or mobile search in that you get fewer results. If you want to be one of the sites that comes up, you need to tailor your SEO strategy for voice search.


Voice recognition technology is only expected to improve and become more popular as well, which has the potential to disrupt marketing altogether. User experience and SEO have been the main focus of most marketing campaigns, but these aspects become irrelevant with a short search and no search results screen.


While there’s no clear answer to tailoring your strategy for voice search, a bit of brainstorming to understand the nuances of the human voice. How users tend to phrase voice searches and what types of phrases are prioritized is worth your effort.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Artificial intelligence has become a hot topic in marketing recently, and though many are still unsure of its applications and limitations, it’s starting to find its place in marketing campaigns.


A widely implemented form of AI is chatbots, which improve customer service with lower costs and fewer resources. They’re also quicker than humans and offer targeted, personalized services to any customer at any time.


On a larger scale, the same capabilities of AI that make chatbots so effective can be applied to many aspects of marketing, such as forecasting, personalization, segmentation, and data analysis. The possibilities are truly endless, so it’s best to get on board before AI takes the marketing world by storm.


Final Thoughts


Marketing trends come and go, some of which reshape the industry and others that may just fade into the background. If you want to be successful in your marketing efforts year after year, it’s important to be able to identify the upcoming digital marketing trends and stay ahead of the competition.



A few days ago, I was watching a 2005 episode of Doctor Who with my nine-year-old. He saw a strange artifact in a character’s hand. “What’s that thing?” he asked. “An iPod,” I responded. “It’s like a smartphone, but it could only play music and had a black-and-white screen. No, no touchscreen. It held a LOT of music, though! Like hundreds of CDs! Okay, so a CD is…” The point being: You kids need to get off my lawn. Okay, the actual point being: Technology has changed fast in the past decade, and what used to be mind-blowing is now laughably obsolete. That’s doubly true in B2B marketing. We have the tools and tech to do amazing, iPhone-XS-Max-quality B2B lead generation. But a lot of us are getting iPod results instead. Ready to evolve past the monochrome screen and the click wheel? Here’s how.


How to Refine Your Marketing for Better B2B Lead Generation


#1: Get a Better Audience Match


The ability to target ads is more granular and sophisticated than ever. You can segment your audience on everything from demographics to pop culture preferences to shopping history. It’s easy to choose who you’re going to target — but first you have to know who is most valuable and why. That knowledge is at the heart of better content, smarter amplification, and ultimately more leads. If your lead gen efforts aren’t connecting, start by getting a more accurate picture of your buying audience. Use social listening. Ask them questions. Talk to sales and customer service to refine your personas. Keep in mind, too, that determining who is your best audience means determining who isn’t. Pursuing an irrelevant audience won’t do either of you any good.


#2: Boost Content Relevance


The next step is to bring your content strategy in line with your newly-redefined audience’s wants and needs. Creating best-answer content begins with SEO research. You have to know what your audience is looking for, and how they’re looking for it, to make something worth finding. Modern SEO research is less about pure search volume and more about topic clusters and searcher intent. For example, the phrase “financial management” can mean financial services like hedge fund management. Or it could mean the office of finance in a business, what accountants and CFOs do. If your business does the latter, it doesn’t help to pursue keywords for the former, regardless of search volume. As you plan your calendar, pay close attention to the magic convergence of your industry knowledge, your unique insights, and your audience’s needs. Be hyper-relevant and hyper-valuable with your content, and you’re far more likely to bring more leads into your nurturing track. [bctt tweet="Be hyper-relevant and hyper-valuable with your #content, and you’re far more likely to bring more leads into your nurturing track. @NiteWrites #B2BLeadGen" username="toprank"]


#3: Earn Attention with Next-Gen Content


How can you get people to notice and engage with your hyper-relevant content? B2B marketers need to think beyond standard eBooks, blogs and white papers. What I call next-generation content includes:




Strong visual interest


Multimedia elements


Case in point: This AI in Finance asset from our client, Prophix. You could get the same information across in a static eBook, of course. But we have found the interactive and multimedia elements have made people spend far more time with the asset. And they’ve been beating benchmarks for conversions, too. In fact, within the first 90 days after launch, we saw a 642% increase in asset engagement and a 10% conversion rate to the asset. Read: Interactive Content Marketing: Why B2B Marketers Should Take Their Content from Boring to Bold


#4: Get in Front of Your Audience


All of the above will get you some stellar content. But, of course, smart promotion and amplification is what turns it into actual marketing. Target your most relevant audience with amplification and you’ll be more likely to get the folks who will convert into leads. Part of amplification is organic — your social media feeds, your built-in SEO. Add in paid amplification to those highly targeted audience segments and you’ll make more of a splash. Our agency adds a third ingredient to the mix: Influencer marketing. We co-create content with influencers to make something they’re proud to help us share. That brings value to their audience, and builds credibility and trust that can help improve lead capture. As our CEO Lee Odden often says:


If you want your content to be great, ask influencers to participate.


Read: What B2B CMOs Need to Know About Successful Influencer Marketing


#5: Fill in Gaps in the Journey


Each piece of content should be the beginning of a journey that ends in a conversion. It’s important to have content at the ready for every stage of the funnel. Each piece should end with a next step that’s not only logical, but relevant. For example, there’s no value in sending an email subscriber links to content they’ve already read, or a gated asset they’ve already downloaded. The old days of a single newsletter for your entire mailing list are gone. It’s important to segment your subscriber list, and to build more complex nurturing tracks that feel more personal. [bctt tweet="Each piece of #content should be the beginning of a journey that ends in a conversion. @NiteWrites #B2BLeadGen" username="toprank"]


#6: Optimize for Conversion


When you have people digging your excellent content, taking next steps, staying engaged, the final step is to remove every potential obstacle to conversion. Reduce friction whenever and wherever you can:


Reduce the number of boxes on forms


Eliminate multiple form fills (if they download one gated asset, store the info for the next one)


Cut down copy on landing pages (replace with eye-catching visuals)


Tighten up your CTAs and be specific: (Read this / Watch this / Register now)


Add CTAs earlier in content


These are just a few ways to remove friction. A/B testing will yield further candidates for Conversion rate optimization. But it’s important to keep in mind that the actual conversion point is part of a much longer journey. You can make improvements here, and should. But the process of improving lead gen starts all the way back at defining your audience and continues throughout the journey. Read: How Can Marketers Create Stronger Customer Bonds? Focus on Convenience, According to Shep Hyken


Leads: The Next Generation


Lead generation isn’t really a separate discipline from the rest of what we do. It’s simply the culmination of all our marketing efforts. When you upgrade each component of the process, each improvement builds on the last. Level up your buyer audience identification, content creation, amplification, and optimize for conversion. Soon, you’ll marvel at how iPod-like your old tactics look compared to your new results. Looking for more insight on lead generation and lead nurturing? Check out these other helpful blog posts:


Is Content Marketing a Viable Lead Generation Tactic?


10 Easy Wins to Improve Your B2B Marketing Leads


6 Best Practices for Nurturing B2B Marketing Qualified Leads


The post Next-Gen Lead Gen: How to Refine Your Marketing to Get More B2B Leads appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.

một thông tin giá trị :


Một ngày đẹp trời bạn lên google tìm kiếm ” cách để bớt đẹp trai” hoặc “mẹo chém gió siêu cấp” …. có kết quả đầu tiên xuất hiện trong trang tìm kiếm thì đó gọi là seo. Nhưng bạn sẽ thắc mắc tại sao họ làm được hay vậy và cách làm như thế nào, hãy tham khảo qua bài viết sau đây nhé.


Seo Là Gì?


Đầu tiên ta sẽ hiểu Seo là viết tắt của Search Engine Optimization – Tối ưu hóa công cụ tìm kiếm


Tối ưu :Tối là tối đa, ưu là ưu việt, là làm tốt nhất, hoàn thiện nhất, về nhiều mặt, đáp ứng các tiêu chuẩn mà công cụ tìm kiếm đưa ra.


Công cụ tìm kiếm : Là các trang web dùng để tìm kiếm như google, yahoo, bing….. nhiệm vụ là thu thập dữ liệu – crawl , thông tin từ các website.


Người làm seo sẽ bằng các phương pháp mũ trắng, đen, xám ( tùy cách gọi ) …để đưa website của mình lên đứng số 1 trên bảng xếp hạng. Và chúng ta hãy cùng tham khảo quy trình, hướng dẫn cơ bản dưới đây nhé.


Quy Trình Cách Tự Học Và Làm Seo


hướng dẫn cách học và tự làm seo


Trước khi bước vào làm seo thì bạn cần biết qua khái niệm cơ bản và nòng cốt nhất.


Seo là tối ưu nhiều mặt trong web tìm kiếm (VD là google). Google dựa vào hàng ngàn tiêu chí để xếp hạng website của bạn. Nhưng vẫn có 200 tiêu chí chính để đánh giá 1 website như sau đây.


Các bạn có thể tham khảo : 200 yếu tố xếp hạng website của google


Bạn cũng cần tham khảo thêm về bảng tuần hoàn các nguyên tố seo. Để biết mức độ và sức ảnh hưởng từ các nguyên tố và quyết định sẽ làm cẩn trọng và ưu tiên nguyên tố nào nhất.


bảng tuần hoàn seo


bảng tuần hoàn này sẽ luôn cần update để các bạn có thể biết về mức độ ảnh hưởng và tầm quan trọng của từng yếu tố.


Khi đã biết rõ về các yếu tố xếp hạng website từ google rồi thì các chủ web sẽ đua nhau lên top 1. Trong đó sẽ có những seoer sử dụng các thủ thuật seo mũ đen ( đánh lừa google ), vì vậy để cuộc chơi công bằng hơn thì google đã đưa ra 9 thuật toán chính sau đây :


Thuật toán Google RankBrain


Cập nhật Google Pigeon


Cập nhật Google Panda


Google Penguin


Google Pirate


Google HummingBird (Chim ruồi)


Cập nhật Mobile Friendly


Cập nhật Google Possum


Google Fred


Bạn cũng có thể tìm hiểu chi tiết hơn về : 9 Thuật Toán Cốt Lõi Của Google


Khi đã nắm vững các lý thuyết trên thì ta sẽ bắt đầu làm seo. Thông thường sẽ có 2 công đoạn chính sau :


Phần 1 : Làm Seo Onpage




Bao gồm tất cả những việc để tối ưu bên trong website


Thứ bạn cần chú ý đầu tiên là :


Dao diện website đẹp, load nhanh , tăng trải nghiệm người dùng


Tối ưu dao diện mobile ( google thực sự quan tâm và lập chỉ mục cho mobile)


Thêm thẻ Analytics


Thêm thẻ Google Search Console


Thêm thẻ ngôn ngữ thẻ Hreflang, Meta Language ( để xác định mục tiêu seo theo vị trí địa lý và ngôn ngữ , ví dụ Việt Nam là , Đức là…….


Chứng chỉ https


Thêm file robots.txt


Thêm sitemap.xml


Xác định chủ đề : Nếu không phải là website tin tức bạn nên xác định theo một chủ đề xuyên suốt thì sẽ thật sự tốt. Bạn nên xây dựng 1 cấu trúc website, bạn có thể tìm hiểu về cấu trúc Silo, Topic cluster…. Và còn rất nhiều việc để tối ưu 1 website, bạn sẽ dựa vào 200 yếu tố xếp hạng của google ở phía trên để tự đánh giá và hoàn chỉnh.


Topic cluster


Làm onpage chủ yếu sẽ nhắc tới phần làm content: Content không chỉ đơn thuần là nội dung dạng bài viết, nó còn là dạng ảnh ,video…. Nhưng với một nội dung dạng bài viết bạn sẽ cần quan tâm:


Thẻ Title : Tiêu Đề Bài Viết ( Làm nổi bật nội dung của bài viết và có chứa từ khóa seo trong đó)


Thẻ Meta Description : Mô tả bài viết ( Mô tả ngắn gọi, đầy đủ ý, đúng trọng tâm bài viết)


Thẻ Heading : Là thẻ tiêu đề nhỏ trong bài viết ( thông thường ta chỉ quan tâm từ heading 1 đến heading 6 gọi tắt H1 đến H6)


Hình ảnh : Ở các hình ảnh trong bài viết, bạn cần chú ý có thẻ ALT ( Thẻ này để google hiểu được hình ảnh của bạn nói về cái gì).


Liên kết : Liên kết bên trong website được gọi là internal link. Các liên kết này rất quan trọng nó giúp bot google di chuyển qua lại giữa các bài viết bên trong website, có tác dụng:


Điều chỉnh tỉ lệ anchortext


Cân bằng lực, truyền sức mạnh cho 1 bài viết bất kì bạn muốn seo


Nếu bạn muốn học seo nhanh, chi tiết và đầy đủ, bạn có thể tham khảo khóa học seo sau đây của anh Đình Tỉnh trong 30 ngày khá hữu ích đấy nhé.


Xem Khóa Học


Phần 2 : Làm Seo Offpage


Offpage chính là làm những việc bên ngoài website: Bạn có thể đã nghe qua về khái niệm :


Đi backlink : Có nghĩa là mình sẽ kiếm các website, diễn đàn,blog chất lượng để trỏ liên kết (backlink) về website của chính mình như vậy tăng uy tín sức mạnh cho website. Một vài tiêu trí bạn có thể sẽ quan tâm là :


Website đặt backlink


Có nhiều traffic


Có cùng chủ đề


Có ít liên kết backlink out ra bên ngoài ( hạn chế việc mua bán link )


Nội dung content tốt, ít copy ,spin


Website hoạt động lâu năm và tuổi thọ domain cao


Website từ các trang của chính phủ đuôi , của cơ sở giáo dục , trường học


Website có tốc độ index nhanh vào nhiều, gõ site:domain trên google để biết các bạn nhé


Một vài khái niệm bạn có thể quan tâm như :


PBN : PBN là từ viết tắt của cụm từ Private Blog Network, hệ thống các blog, site bạn tạo ra nhằm múc đích seo cho money site của bạn


Guest Post : Là tài khoản khách đăng bài, trao đổi guest post có nghĩa là khách sẽ có thể post các bài viết lên site của bạn và để tên tác giả của họ ở cuối bài viết. Viết trao đổi guest post sẽ đem lại nhiều tín hiệu và yếu tố tích cực cho site ( bởi tỉ lệ spam và mua bán ít)


Blog 2.0 :


Một vài site blog 2.0 bạn có thể chăm sóc hỗ trợ việc seo được tốt nhất.


Blogspot (


WordPress (


Tumblr (


Google Site (


Link Profile : Link từ các hồ sơ mạng xã hội, forum… Các link này thường nofollow nhưng giúp tăng uy tín website của bạn lên rất nhanh. Bạn có thể tham khảo 712 Social ngon sau đây :


Một vài thủ thuật tìm kiếm diễn đàn ( forum ) trên google như :


intitle:”seo” inurl:forum”


Có nghĩa là bạn tìm tất cả các trang có tiêu đề là Seo, và trong url có từ forum. Tương tự sẽ có


intitle:”học” inurl:””


Có nghĩa là tìm tất cả các trang có tiêu đề là Học và trong url có đuôi là


Với cách làm vậy bạn có thể tìm được hết các diễn đàn( forum) chất lượng cùng chủ đề để đi link rồi đó hehehe.


Một vài mô hình đi link để hỗ trợ seo website bạn có thể quan tâm như :


Liên kết bánh xe (Link Wheel) …


Liên kết Kim tự tháp (Link Pyramid) (*) …


Liên kết web (Link web) …


Liên kết sao (Link Star) …


Chuỗi liên kết (Link Chain)


Đi backlink được coi là một công việc quan trọng của seo. Tuy nhiên để tìm nguồn backlink chất lượng thì ko hề dễ dàng, bạn cần đa dạng các nguồn backlink mà mình đi. Đòi hỏi bạn phải mất nhiều thời gian hoặc bỏ money để mua hoặc trao đổi nữa đấy nhé.


Bạn cũng cần quan tâm đến vị trí đặt backlink ( đối với bài viết )


Đối với bài viết thì đặt backlink tại phần content đem đến hiệu quả và nhiều sức mạnh nhất nhé.


Ngoài công việc đi backlink thông thường thì để tăng sức mạnh của website bạn có thể xây dựng Entity ( một thực thể có thật – doanh nghiệp có thật).


Bạn có thể hiểu như sau : Google rất sợ việc đưa nhầm một nội dung của 1 website ma, doanh nghiệp ảo, tin giả, ko uy tín lên mạng, bởi vậy nó ưu tiên và quan tâm đến nội dung được xuất bản từ 1 website địa chỉ doanh nghiệp có thật – uy tín.


Entity chính là làm các việc này ( xây dựng một bộ hồ sơ ,tài khoản trên các mạng xã hội hỗ trợ để đảm bảo rằng địa chỉ doanh nghiệp này là có thật).


Nhưng trước tiên bạn sẽ cần tạo 1 địa chỉ map google cho doanh nghiệp :


Lợi ích thì có thể :


Làm Entity cho website


Seo luôn đia chỉ map ( các dự án như bất động sản, dịch vụ, nhà hàng thì seo map rất hiệu quả)


Ví dụ đây là thống kê hoạt động 1 địa chỉ map trong vòng 1 tháng mà mình đang quản lí


Giả sử nếu map này bán xe ô tô, kinh doanh bất động sản, nhà đất thì với 1,96N người gọi kia bạn sẽ có bao nhiêu tỉ lệ chuyển đổi thành công >>> rất thú vị đúng không nào.


Tạo map và xác thực map trên google hiện nay rất cần thiết.


Mình cũng nhận :


Tạo map mới và xác thực cho doanh nghiệp nhanh tróng trong 24h ( Giá Ibox)


Lấy map có trên bản đồ ( nếu chưa có chủ sở hữu ) ( Giá Ibox)


Tạo và xác minh map hàng loạt, phủ kín bản đồ ( Giá Ibox)


Mọi thông tin và giá liên hệ mình quả fanpage nhé:


Hoặc qua địa chỉ fb :


Khi bạn tạo nhiều map mình sẽ có áp dụng giá tốt và ưu đãi đấy nhé. Map tạo nhanh tróng, uy tín,chất lượng, chính chủ full quyền.


Các công cụ hỗ trợ seo, plugin thường dùng


Tiện ích trên trình duyệt browser


AddToAny ( Giúp bạn chia sẻ bài viết mới xuất bản lên các mạng xã hội )


Mozbar ( Kiểm chỉ chỉ số DA – Domain Authority , PA- Page Authority)


Seoquake ( giúp bạn kiểm tra phần tối ưu trong site như thẻ tiêu đề, mô tả, mật độ phân bố từ khóa, liên kết internal , liên kết external…


Nofollow extensions ( tiện ích giúp bạn kiểm tra liên kết là dofollow hay nofollow


Spineditor ( kiểm tra thứ hạng từ khóa, kiểm tra trùng lặp nội dung….)


Web Developer ( kiểm tra đầy đủ các thẻ heading, mô tả ảnh và nhiều thứ hay ho)


Plguin seo cho wordpress


(Mã nguồn wordpress được sử dụng phổ biến hiện nay). Các plugin rất cần thiết sau đây bạn sẽ cần đến là :


Yoast seo ( Hỗ trợ tối ưu seo toàn diện )


Rank Math ( giống với yoast seo ). Nhưng theo mình bạn nên chuyển sang Rank Math vì Rank Math có nhiều tiện ích với tính năng mà yoast seo không có. Bao gồm cả tiện ích chuyển hướng redirect 301, schema, rich snipet, thêm thuộc tính nofollow cho toàn bộ các liên kết ra ngoài, seo local, amp,….


Really Simple SSL ( đồng bộ giao thức https cho toàn bộ các page trên site)


WP Fastest Cache ( tăng tốc website nhờ tính năng lưu cache cho khách truy cập cũ)


Simple Author Box ( Thiết kế và tùy chọn thông tin phần tác giả, google rất chú trọng nội dung xuất bản có thẩm quyền từ tác giả có uy tín, bởi vậy phần tác giả bạn cũng cần được quan tâm và chăm chút


Table Of Contents Plus ( Tạo mục lục cho website , vừa giúp site bạn trở nên đẹp ,gọn gàng mà còn giúp hiển thị sitelink trên kết quả tìm kiếm rất hiệu quả)


Post Views Counter ( Thống kê lượt view mỗi bài viết cho wordpress)


iThemes Security ( GIúp bạn tăng tính năng bảo mật cho wordpress)


Classic Editor ( Đưa website bạn về giao diện cổ điển dễ chỉnh sửa và sử dụng


Thực ra thì cũng còn khá nhiều plugin và tiện ích nữa cần dùng. Tuy nhiên với mình mình sử dụng những plguin và tiện ích phía trên. Nếu bạn thấy plguin hay tiện ích nào cần dùng hãy bổ sung thêm nhé.


Có thể bạn sẽ thấy một điều lạ lẫm nữa là . Những website chi nhiều ngân sách để chạy ads từ google thì thường có vị trí khá cao ( và như một sự ưu ái nào đó của google ). Quả thật điều này rất đúng, dù google không nói nhưng nó vẫn thường làm như vậy. Trong trường hợp kế hoạch seo của bạn không thành công bạn có thể chuyển hướng sang kéo traffic từ google ads nó vừa làm lợi về mặt doanh số trực tiếp mà cũng hữu ích cho seo.


Bạn có thể tham khảo khóa học về ads sau đây khá hay đấy nhé.


65 Tuyệt Chiêu Chạy Quảng Cáo Google Ads Giúp Bạn Tiếp Kiệm 50% Ngân Sách


Xem Khóa Học


Trên đây là một vài chia sẻ về seo của mình. Nếu bạn thấy hữu ích hãy cho 5 sao nhé, thank các bạn đã đọc và theo dõi blog của mình hi!


5 / 5 ( 1 vote )


The Conference 2014 didn’t have a main conference theme, but connected ”clusters of topics”. Pictured is the flip side of the printed pocket program guide.



On the first day of 2019, I laid out a series of New Year’s resolutions for content marketers. At the top of the list was creating a documented content strategy. Maybe you came across the post. Maybe you nodded your head while reading that particular item and said, “Yup, I’m gonna do that.” But most likely, you still haven’t yet. I’m not trying to be presumptive, just speaking in probabilities: research tells us that documenting a content strategy has been the subject of pervasive and perpetual procrastination across our field for some time. What gives? Why do we keep putting it off? “Usually procrastination happens because the task seems too difficult,” according to psychiatrist A. Chris Heath, MD (via PsyCom). Makes sense, based on my personal experience. In this case, I think the difficulty and complexity seem a lot greater than they actually are. So, B2B content marketers, today I’m going to try and make both the “why” and “how” of this matter as simple and straightforward as possible. We’ll start with the first part.


Why is a Documented B2B Content Strategy So Important?


There are two primary reasons. First of all, neuroscience has found that we are more likely to accomplish our goals if we write them down. According to an article on Forbes last year from Mark Murphy, there are a couple of psychological factors driving this:


External storage: When your goals are written down, in a tangible and visible form (whether a physical piece of paper or even a digital document) they are harder to ignore. This is why Post-it Notes exist.


Encoding: The actual process of writing something down makes it far more ingrained in our memories. This owes to the generation effect, “a phenomenon where information is better remembered if it is generated from one's own mind rather than simply read.”


So that’s a big part of it. The second component is tangentially related, but has more to do with the collaborative nature of a marketing operation. When you’re trying to keep numerous individuals aligned around the same vision, it’s essential to have a single source of truth that’s accessible to everyone. The above psychological principles come into play from a team aspect — your colleagues will better adhere to a strategy if they can actually see it, and the process of encoding will take place if everyone is collectively involved with documentation — but there are also more basic and practical elements. When your content strategy is documented, you don’t have to re-explain things to people over and over again. You have a central point of reference for various freelancers, contractors, new hires, clients, external business partners, and so forth. It provides a concrete and objective basis for decision-making. You also might spot flaws in your strategy more quickly (for example, an SEO specialist may see something amiss in the documentation and say, “We’ve gotta fix that,” whereas it may have gone unnoticed). Are we all agreed on the value of a documented content strategy? Good. Let’s get one put together.


A Three-Point Checklist for Documenting Your B2B Content Strategy


In the interest of keeping things simple, we’ll flesh this out in high-level fashion. When you cut through all the variables and moving parts, content marketing strategy almost universally nests under three buyer stages: Discovery, Consumption, Action. If our content is going to accomplish anything, it needs to be discovered, it needs to be consumed, and it needs to ultimately drive action (all with the right audiences, of course). Discovery: Who is your target audience and how will they find your content? That first part is arguably the most important in this entire discussion. Who is your audience? What makes them tick? The more specific you can get, the better. When you gain a firm and comprehensive understanding of the people you want to reach — the challenges they’re trying to solve, the questions they’re trying to answer, the channels they tend to use — it can and should guide your entire strategy. This is one foundational area where the documentation process is particularly valuable. Going through the exercise of articulating details about your audience can expose gaps in your knowledge, and force you to challenge existing assumptions. The “Discovery” phase of your content strategy should account for the following:


Who is our buying audience?


What differentiates the various segments and buyer personas?


How can we develop an SEO strategy that aligns with their search behavior?


Which channels do they use?


Who do they listen to and respect in the industry or niche?


What topic clusters or editorial themes will dictate our content direction?


From here, you can build out your editorial plan and start focusing on consumption. Consumption: How and why will people engage and interact with your content? Once you’ve fleshed out a mix of channels and topics that align with your audience, the next step is focusing on engagement. Creating a bunch of content — even if it’s relevant and strategically aligned — won’t do you any good if people aren’t consuming it. Documenting your approach for making this happen will help keep everyone on the same page, while tying consumption to discovery. The “Consumption” phase of your content strategy should account for the following:


How will our content stand out from competitors?


Are we optimizing on all fronts for mobile users?


How will we compel clicks with our headlines, meta descriptions and social messaging?What will be the timing and cadence for publishing?


What tools and technology will you use to plan, publish, and track your content?


How will you respond and interact to audience engagement? Whose responsibility?


Where do organic, paid, and influencers fit in?


With consumption covered, you’re to focus on action. Action: What are your end goals, and how does your tactical mix connect to them? Strategy is defined as “a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim,” so ultimately it all comes down to the outcome. We’ve listed this part last, to keep things chronological, but really you’ll want to start with your objectives and work backward. Your content strategy is a bridge between your purpose/mission statement and your goals. You have to know where you’re going before you can chart a course. The “Action” phase should account for the following:


How will we convert our buying audience into customers?


How will we build and maintain relationships?


What are our key performance indicators (KPIs)?


Where do our benchmarks lie?


How will success ultimately be judged?


What ongoing steps are in place for conversion optimization?


How does every piece of the Discovery/Consumption framework above lead into this piece?


Create a steady stream of qualified traffic at the top, engage them through the middle, and drive action at the bottom. That’s a simple strategic content funnel, and as long as it keeps flowing you’ll be in good shape. Documenting strategy helps everyone in your organization rally around the same structure for making it happen.


Write It Down, Ramp It Up


If you can confidently check all three boxes above, you’ve got yourself a fundamental content marketing strategy that is built for success. There are plenty of extensions and additional elements that come into play, but for the sake of simplicity, this should cover your bases. By documenting all of this, creating external storage and encoding it for your team, you’ll be on your way to full focal alignment, minimizing miscommunications and ambiguities that plague many operations. And if you don’t have time to create that documented B2B content strategy at this moment? Make a note to yourself. Don’t underestimate the power of writing something down. Want more resources from our blog to help solidify your content strategy? Check out these past articles:


What is a Content Marketing Strategy (And Why Do I Need One?), by Caitlin Burgess


How SEO Can Work With Content Strategy, by Lee Odden


How to Inform Your Content Strategy Using SEO Insights, by Annie Leuman


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Cluster beans or Gavar is classified as a humble vegetable. It was found in the wilds but since time has come to be found as an edible food. They are also used for cultivation.

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Topic clusters is a popular trend now in blogging and SEO for some years. While a lot of have heard of this strategy, few have got it.

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10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020


Improve User Experience Across Your whole Site

Design for Mobile First & Formost

Focus on Topic Clusters In place of Keywords

Write Longer Content (Mostly)

Make a Diverse Backlink Portfolio

Don't ever Overlook Technical SEO

Try to Target Local Searchers with Local Landing Pages and Listings

Monitor & Measure SEO Performance


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14. Topic's

Number 14, leverage topic clusters. Don't just launch one piece of content. Make sure you write about multiple pieces of content around the same subject and link those together. When you do that and you link them intelligently, you can increase engagement because people are reading the different articles.


You can add the right contextual inner links. I have a great case study that I want to show you in the transcript below, where someone did this and produced amazing results. So look into topic clusters for 2021.

Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of Content Strategy from HubSpot HubSpot July 05, 2017 at 08:50PM

Topic Clusters: The Next Evolution of Content Strategy from HubSpot HubSpot July 05, 2017 at 08:47PM


All of the following are components of a topic cluster EXCEPT: Core topics, which will take the shape of your pillar page Subtopics, such as blog posts or videos Distribution channels, such as YouTube or Twitter Internal hyperlinks


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Topic hubs and topic clusters have been around at the intersect of SEO and content marketing for a long time. However, with the increasing information overload and PR noise, topic hubs have once more become important in the scheme of things, especially for brand differentiation and establishing authority. We invited Dan Shure to shed some light on the purpose, nature, and effectiveness of topic hubs.

Lead generation is an important part of SEO for every online business, as having more leads brings better opportunities for making sales. And, if you are Every SEO company in India is well-versed with the latest techniques and processed being used to optimize SEO strategies for any website. The topic cluster method is one such latest technique.