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I watched Dan Kogai on TV through my transparent iBook screen.

Our Ka and me about to drive away.


Inspired by Transparent Screens. I came across the group a while ago; read a little about them; then forgot about it. When I was thinking how would I create the same illusion recently I came up with the above subject idea - took two photos using a tripod and combined them. Voila!


Treatment: Yes

This is an actual photo. Every screen is showing exactly whats behind it - relative to the camera, which was on a tripod. See from a different angle


The most difficult task was to convince the old powerbook 180 to show a simple jpeg.. netscape navigator 3 did it.


Inspired by all those.

yeah, I did one of those crazy see-though laptops with my ass. just an experiment -- forgot to adjust the monitor levels to match but, hey ;) -- added to Cream of the Crop for most views & favs.

Hey, that's MY water!


Here's a cross between a clone, transparent screen and out-of-bounds. I tried making this with the cool, new Pixelmator but the lack of precision cursors makes masking tough. Other than that, it looks pretty good. Well... until it crashed. Auto-save (and recovery) would be nice.


Highest rank in Explore: 351

No Photoshop used. The trick to making this is that my sleeve is not on screen while my hand is.

My New Notebook [ 華碩 ASUS - NB l 筆記型電腦 l 筆記本 ]

Canon EOS 30D + Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II + Canon Speedlite 430EX

View large size : press Here ; It's not the photoshop trick!


October 27, 2007

Photo by Yueh-Hua © All rights reserved

My see-through desktop.

I know, I know -- this one is less than legal. Had to put it in the Transparent Screens mix anyway... =)

A retake of this photo from last year, what was by far my most "interesting" picture. Looking back, I was surprised how poorly it was done, so I had to see if I could do better this time around.


You may have guessed it, this one's now the most interesting photo I have on Flickr.

A much more elaborate transparent screen this time around. My TV, laptop, and PSP! Absolutely no Photoshoping of the final picture.


This is the 11th most interesting picture from July 16th, 2005. :)


At the moment this is my only qualifier for the 100 views / 10 favorites group. As of today, August 26th 2005, it has 1494 views and 10 favorites.

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Quick and dirty, but it's just for kicks. Came up at dinner tonight and had to make it real quick.


Used the phone's built-in camera to make the background.

Picture of my palm holding my Palm showing a picture of my palm.


Not a montage No Photoshop beyond noise reduction, colour balancing, and cropping.


Made it to #6 on Explore (for a while) !! Thanks all !! B-)

Now I tried it, too. Thanks to the good tutorial on

My first attempt at a transparent screen.

This one slipped throught the cracks....


It IS Photoshopped. I had posted the original (<a href="") a long time ago asking for help capturing the screen (it comes out black outdoors) -- I knew I had the photos aligned but couldn't get the icons to show up.


A few people told me to photoshop it, but I forgot to mention it. If anyone has any ideas about shooting the screen outdoors I'd like to give it another shot.



This is my first attempt at a transparent screen.


I spent about 2 hours in the kitchen this afternoon trying to get this to work out perfectly (moving my laptop around, trying different angles, re-shooting the wallpaper picture, etc.), and I ended up with this. Actually, I kind of "gave up" and this was the best of my pictures - so therefore it is my final result.


I wish I would've moved the cereal box over to the right a little bit more...


Other than color correction (auto levels, auto contrast, etc.), no editing was done to this picture.


Since I am sorta-kinda unsatisfied with the result of my picture, I plan on attempting this again sometime later this summer.



First attempt at creating a transparent screen effect.

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This is a real, NOT Photoshopped, picture (see comments for directions). This picture is currently my most interesting.


Thanks to Shanan for mentioning this photo in TiVo News #105! Subscribe to the TiVo Newsletter here. Or, go buy TiVo and change you life (in a good way).

A long time before the current transparent desktop craze started, painters were trying novel and innovative ways to explore the nature of the painting, the relationship between the real world and its reproduction, the connection between and separation of the object and artistic recreation. This classic painting deserves the credit for the idea. :)

having Superman as the selected track was completely unintentional



I've seen a few of these across the interwebs and decided to try one. This isn't a fancy photoshop trick, that's really my desktop. I really like these. I want to do a bunch more!


Strobist: Nikon SB-900 bounced off ceiling, 1/8 power camera right 5 feet away triggered with interfit strobies

Inspired by this photo, though I thought I'd stick to exclusively using iPhones.


I snapped a shot of my fingers/palm using my friend's iPhone, then lined it up on my hand and took this shot in Hipstamatic.


Lens: Lucifer VI

Film: Blanko

(Press 'F' if you like...)

Yeah. True! I don't know how it turned out but this looks pretty decent to me. And there's no Photoshop involved to create this illusion.

I'll post a link to the tutorial that lead to this picture at the bottom.

A few tips from me that aren't mentioned:

1. It was a pain in the neck to photograph the screen. The trick here is to use flash here and to remember to diffuse it so that it doesn't bounce off the screen and leave a nasty picture (I'm sure all of us have tried photographing us in a mirror with a flash. Disaster!!). So here I used my hand to block the flash from falling directly at the screen.

2. Use Manual mode. Otherwise I'm sure you'll get those nasty criss cross lines on the screen.


I thought taking this picture would be easy but its not. There's a lot of trial and error involved and I had fun with that.


Here's the link to the video tutorial


In other news, my elder brother (being the darling that he is!) bought me a Pro account on Flickr and it's seriously the best gift I've got in a long long time. :)

Thank You Brother!

Christmas time... Yayyy...

Have fun! TeeHee!!


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// cose che accadono quando in ufficio non c'è internet //


p.s. le mie scarpe preferite!


and here my previous "transparent screen"

My fancy new laptop, with see-through screen! The head's Beethoven's by the way!

just fooling around with my camera :)

*this is not a photoshop job*

My Graduate Schoolmate's MacBook Air [ 蘋果 Apple - NB l 筆記型電腦 l 筆記本 ]

Canon EOS 30D + Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f/2.8 XR Di II │ View On Black


January 20, 2009

Photo by Yueh-Hua © All rights reserved



HFDT everybody. Man I've been slow with the upload the last few weeks. I need to get my stuff together. I haven't done a transparent screen for a really long time, so I decided to try to do it with a FDT. For those of you who haven't seen these, this is the actual picture out of the camera. I didn't add the desktop in post. What fun would that be!? You can actually see the reflection of the wall along the left third of the screen and my camera in the middle as well!


Click on the pretty blue letters to see my other Transparent Screens

And, as always, my other Facedown Tuesdays


I actually had a really epic FDT planned today. So epic that it was a two man job, but I couldn't get someone else to help me out. Maybe in the next week or two.

No HDR again! Ahhh!!


Strobist: Nikon SB-900 camera right (around the corner behind subject) fired bare, 15 feet away and 7 feet high, 1/4 power 24mm zoom

Nikon SB-600 camera left fired bare, 4 feet away and 7 feet high, 1/4 power 85mm zoom

Triggered with Interfit Strobies

First attempt at making a transparent PSP. Came out OK. Will try again when I have more time (and when I'm not at work :)


Will try to add the PSP menu on the next attempt


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