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A little Canadian trip-hop for your listening pleasure: "3rd Destiny Blues" - Sinewave.

La música, mejor con auriculares._ Music, best with earphones


♫Enlace a la música♫


View On Black


Titulo........................... Glory Box


Genero.........................Trip hop

Album...........................Dummy ( 1994 )

Never An Easy Way


Never An Easy Way, Live at Rockplast


I think I slipped the net

But I cut myself free

I'm not losing yet

So don't forget me


I'll say it, we play it, and try tomorrow

I'll say it, we play it, and live with sorrow


You'd think I'd learn by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees to pray


You'd think I'd learn by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees


I'll admit I'm wrong

But I'm getting on track

I've been here too long

I'm under attack


I face it, replace it, and try to change

I face it, replace it, and rearrange


You'd think I learned by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees to pray


You'd think I learned by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees to pray


On my knees to pray


I think I slipped the net

But I cut myself free

I'm not losing yet

So don't forget me


I'll say it, we play it, and try tomorrow

I'll say it, we play it, and live with sorrow


You'd think I learned by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees to pray


You'd think I learned by now

There's never an easy way

I get through somehow

I'm on my knees to pray

I'm on my knees to pray


On my knees to pray

On my knees to pray


Written By: Paul Godfrey, Ross Godfrey & Skye


Release Date: April 1996


Anton Hazewinkel (Netherlands, Art Teacher, 1961) has great memories with the Rolling Stones: Black and Blue, released in 1976


Black and Blue is one of the first albums I bought. I remember dancing and playing records at the local youth center “De Huve” in Eibergen.

I was not a real Stones fan, but I played this record a lot. Mainly due to the influences of funk and reggae, but also because of Jagger's varied vocals and the prominent appearance of keyboard player Billy Preston.


And I liked the inner sleeve!


I also liked: “big names” like Zappa and Pink Floyd, but a lot of funk and soul music too.

Nostalgia does not (yet) influence my current music taste. I mainly listen to contemporary music; HipHop, Neo-Folk, Trip Hop and a lot of music from non-English speaking countries. Spotify is ideal to discover new music and create playlists.

If I listen to older music I don't play the 70s, but mostly jazz and R&B from the 60s and classical music.


domingo, 29 de mayo de 2005.

"respirando triste antes de decidir algo más triste".

Álbum-debut del dúo de Trip Hop Anemia:


Innita para No: Voz y líricas.

Ariadna Coltz : Programación, guitarras y teclados.


to be continued .....

continuará .....


model / modelo: Cherry Montagouth.


Megan James, Purity Ring, Halifax Pop Explosion 2015, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal!


Me and my friend Simone (artist and performer) are starting a musical project, an electronic-trip-hop duo whose name will be MONONOKE....

I made this photo imagining it to be the possible cover for a future music album of us.

*too excited*


Watch the video of me making the make-up :)


Facebook | website | formspring | redbubble | my book


en concert à La LAITERIE Strasbourg le 27/11/2019

(photographié avec un petit compact tout-terrain)

(photographed with a small off-road compact)



©ALL RIGHT RESERVED></a</a</a</a



•♥• meoowww •♥• Happy Pride Month! I'm thrilled to be mixing at Pride At Home! My set is on Friday, June 18th 6-8pm SLT

house, drum & bass, future funk, retrowave, trip-hop, cat purrs 🐱


Best Pride outfit is recommended!


Donations to worthwhile causes are encouraged, which are found on boards located around the sim with direct links to LGBTQ+ charity websites.


Pride @ Home Festival Area:


Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Etc:



(also included at bottom is session 1) [ To see the rest of this, if it gets cut off, go to ] HIP-hop session #3 of 3 (B. Santelli leading) : [he's reviewing some books as I arrive] ...Tricia rose, hop hop wars..I took her place at rutgers....another..written history of.."big payback"...also nelson George..fellow journalist..jersey,,opinionated, but well-written.I was a rollng stone writer..

'500 greatest albums"..not many hip hop..very white..mtv did a series on greatest hop hop..wanted to go over greatest emcees. 10) ll cool j, 9 eminem, 8) ice cube 7) big daddy kane 6) krx-1 5) nas 4) rakim (william griffin, aka ra) 3) notorious b.I.g, aka biggie, 2) tupac

1) jayzee [conversation]..rock roll hall fame..they put us rolling stone writers..together..sppsd to pick 500..sppsd to be fun, wed we were @ eachothers throats..who's missing? No females. Lauren hill? ..[what about lil wayne?]

...& the albums? 10) pub enemy, nation of millions 9) tupac 8) 7) nwa 6)jayzee 5)run dmc raising hell 4) biggie, ready to die, 3). ..2)? 1)paid in full (eric b. & rakim [spare, stripped down..rhyming, flawless,..his fav, raising hell ..6 of 10 from gangsta rap era ..[has this guy abandoned anglos..has he caved? Or is he speaking to his primary audience ? Only a handful of whites in the room of maybe 50]...hip hop orig was new york 50's in memphis & orleans..but now things changing..begin. here in L.A. large af am pop in late 80's..lot of kids rapping , deejaying..public enemy (long island), ..why so amazing..first bl roots of hip hop ..we mentioned gil scott herron..changing..g.master flash.. some enemy brings it back.chuck d. Knows his enemy makes a political mess. ..from a white perspective..bob dylan...Fear of a black planet..nation of millions..huge..brought over to white...white intells..get more intrsted..then nwa and tupac..gangsta rap..west coast..using what pub enemy doing back east..more outrageous & angry than pub enemy..

...What we hear..chuck rock of fame..had him come & lecture ..he said it was a refl of blues..language previously able to scream it..listen to tupac, ... in panther..he was deep into it..early life a mess..what tupac ... shakur.this man had a..he was a 5 tool player....genuine anger..he was intelligent..bitter but intelligent..most important..listen to cadence of words..anyone can rhyme..but cadence.....Eminem..too many words..don't apprec his stuff as much..tupac best ever..right in middle..perfect storm..east west..1990's..mid 90's..bitter rivalry east v west ..ironic ...and tupac ...then ----- killed..neither murder solved..//Why a feud ? East jealous? Tupac..death row l.a..; bad boy 2 diff schools forming..

Then puff daddy..sean combs (aka diddy, p diddy, puff daddy, p daddy) .west... tupac....2 "m words" .1) MEDIA..hip hop mags..source..vibe..'88 mtv raps ..2) MONEY ..early 90's..can make money..on radio...mtv..also white element..beastie boys..middle class white kids in suburbs..

...Bold personalities..incendiary..tupac murdered..later biggie (notorious B.I.G, Real name Christopher Wallace, aka biggie smalls) gets hold of it ..society says its out of control....when Biggie dies..album..double platinum..

Also the tree..acid jazz, socially conscious hip hop, funk jazz, trip hop, some from england ..england didn't embrace hip hop at first ....Arrested development..? Hip hop? Some music lost relevancy..blues, big band ..glenn miller..ragtime..some become "historical"..mid-90's..hip hop not dying, but branching out..moody blues..I hated it...but difference between hating versus respecting [I actually liked moody blues & saw them @ hollywood bowl]...Who else ? Outcasts, wootang, lords of underground, onyx,.[several others shouted out] .hip hop 90's taking over...Now beyond nyc & LA..master orleans..tree exploding..geographic connections..diff sound..good businessman..he also played b-ball..also south, but northern sensib.,,,also $ business..mainstreaming of hip hop,,,gangsta rap dies out...invention, re-invention.....also, rise of detroit..eminem..major figure...brings detroit to forefront..making detroit hip..and then kid rock ..real..metal..fringe genres..coming together w/ hop hop..limp biscit, korn,...Today? Hip hop becoming irrelevant? ..making lots of money..stop changing..less experimentation..less bold, from hip hop ...u know u become mainstream when grammy recognizes u..heresy for me to say but....Recording academy..being in biz..producer, writer, ....[Plays vid eminem & elton jon..given hip hop's homophobic culture..this was seminal] [ was it a seminal moment as the beginning of the END of hip-hop, as it lost its verve?] ..2006 nas comes out saying hip hop dead..didn't want to stay stuck in rut...had nas here....rock hall of fame brings in hip hop, grammy knows hip hop

...After we did whitehouse thing..state dept..calls..cultural diplomacy..obama revived it.. they asked me to organize hop hop to go to muslim countries.[hip hop to muslim countries as a form of diplomacy ?! Please explain how that would appease muslims or appeal to muslims who already think of America as godless] .as did armstrong & ellington 50 yrs ago ...I couldn't run it....Where is hop hop now ? Ring tone..commercialize..sound same..its on life support now..homogenized..mentions nicky menaj opening for britney spears in upcoming tour..360 degrees ..piracy..economy ....Country music still buys cd's ..loyalty..not download..not w/ hip hop....need audience with means to support act ..when economy of art form goes away..trouble ..younger gen doesn't feel the concept of spportin.."////BELOW are the NOTES from SESSION 1 of 3

(I missed session 2 )



3/29/11 NOTES FROM HIP-HOP SURVEY COURSE (1 of 3) taught by Bob @ GM: "...learn more abt music hip hop..whats a middle age white guy teaching hip hop..I'm a musical am music my specialty..not hip hop.this class not like the elvis class.this is a survey course..3 periods as an overview..will have other courses..hip hop america's pop music now last quarter century..its a survey class..people who live this culture..if u want to add, embellish..can never learn too expertise. Af am music..also reggae..after hip hop comes bob marley exhibit..a hip hop museum ready to bronx..I'm on board...maybe russel simmons on board..anybody see him here a few weeks ago....others coming chris blackwell, ..pbs special..kate..@ whitehouse..kate did this exhibit..don't need to agree..its interpretive..subjectivity..otherwise just read in book ..used to teach @ rutgers..this is not academia..try to do this in colloquial way..not preach to u..meant to be entertaining..some here b/c I asked u to come..I didn't come quickly to hip hop..even tho I was there in the early 70's...think of 20th century..america's century..come to age as superpower..after fall of comm ..also musically, no country can touch what we have given to the world musically in 20th century..separate bl & wh culture..look @ af am to amt..# of new forms..brilliant artists..overall impact.entire world..not all clear cut..jazz black music form..but dig down.others contrib too ..but in general..louis armstrong et al..blues blues jazz, soul, funk, r & b, disco, hip hop, bee bop swing, cool, fusion,,of all these forms..all given due..endorsed exported..except hip hop until now...revol music..challenges..polit..most recent..hasn't gotten its due.celeb gospel blues...maybe too controversial to get credit..still...what made it so..give & take of african cult..also anglo irish..also racism..extra & wh celbr..where r we now..first ams bouncing ...haven't had major music..lately..last was grunge..late 80's, 90' slowed down ?ess imp..25% decrease in concert to ..soul music..motown..also...and atlantic..golden age..also rock roll..then 1970's..chronolog..musically '63 to '73..that's the 60's music era..hip hop..not 60's go from soul funk...I don't know re hip hop in '73 ..have to wait 6 years..before recorded artifact..rappers delight ..sugar hill gang..why in this ? .69 71 motown losing lustre..stevie wonder..migrated..motown leaves detroit comes here..but not like it used to be..sly & family stone..loses sensib as..couple key bands & artists..2 huge..gil scott herron ..last"when revol comes.."..gangsta rap..not on radio..last poets..many blacks didn't even know of this music..marvin gaye..more known..cnsdrd greatest of all times..70-73 ..clip.."far too many of u dying.."...[red hat]..also "sounds of philadelphia"..the oj's..signed in cleve but rcrded in phillie.."love train" ....revolution vs love..this is backdrop to bronx q..rock surfaces memphis ..why hip hop fr to be created & sustained..not just artist but was like beirut or baghdad..suffered incredibly..ny in bad condition..bronx pushed aside..gangs ..drugs..south bronx..maybe mother cabrini projrcts chicago..maybe south l.a....become so isolated..create in a vacum w/o outside interference or ack..seattle..grunge..a seam..pearl jam, nirvana..already formed b/f world knew..a lot carribeans settled nyc ..jamaicans..brooklyn..1962 jamaica indep..many got out..s. bronx...late 60's..kid campbell..clive ..from jamaica..brings..reggae..sound systems..everything outdoors ..disc jockey....toast over dub plates..jamaicans come to usa with this..clive campbell..longs for jamaica..wonders what he's doing in bronx..sound system..he didn't know he was creating history...invit..come to dj cool hercs party set up jamaica style..earliest hip hop...rap..part of af am cult..verbal at herks ams and jamaicans together..'73..sudden concept of spinning records..unique way, art form..74 75..another frm..also hispanic & gay..disco..gets no respect...but it was important..w/o disco no m. Jackson, no manhattan..records..disc spun..if white grate dead, almond bros,..underground movement, black hispanic again..mixing..never leave dance floor..77 sat night fever..mst imp of all time..j. travolta..exported disco cult..drugs..all this happ.. bee gees..trammpps...burn baby burn..disco & white outfits..early hip hop would borrow from.some day will do disco shoe exhibit....or pistols.springsteen..u had to select what u would embrace....people dressed their music..


Then bob sensib..lively up yourself..all this happening..rappers delight..sugarhill gang....soul train on tv..imp for black..this was seminal..just happened to catch it on camera..not the best


Three main entities..curtis blow..then up to run dmc ..hip hop is developing a consc style.that will explode...grand wizard theatre..scratching..then grand master flash. Popularized it..then .barbada (?)..flash a seminal giant..


Dj & mc..back then dj..was the guy..age of mc in future..dancing why they're spinning records..bee boy bee girl..bboy break dancing..some of best break dancers were latino ..


Tagging..grafitti..becomes part..cey dams..tagging did a piece here ..been dodging cops for 3 decades...there's a f you mentality in bronx..didn't want to be part of discos..taggers..socs & psys studied.. I was in zurich..most expensive place in wall..


[He periodically makes some of his prejudices "conservative zurich"..wouldn't apprec it in des moines iowa.."no offense to des moines"..let's "rock n roll"..(it was a term for sexual icourse)..he's talking to white christians....jazz also fr black culture ..means sex icourse.."

I've loved trip hop band Portishead's music for years now and since living in Bristol, have wanted to visit.


After a market in Bedminster, we drove across and were greeted with some beautiful light.


Having to be speedy as we weren't parked correctly, we left quite soon but had forgotten tripods so it was getting tricky to shoot handheld in the fading light.


I used an old manual sigma 21-35 ish... (I've forgotten...) , which was a pleasure and i'll certainly use more often.

Inaugurado em 1980, em Ibiza, o Café del Mar é uma referência mundial no entretenimento de luxo. Considerada a capital mundial das baladas durante o verão, reúne os maiores e melhores artistas, além de diversas personalidades. club instalado agora no coração de Copacabana: Av. Atlântica 1910 info reservas


Entre janeiro e fevereiro de 2009 passou um tempo no Forte de Copacabana Rio de Janeiro Café del Mar Bar Altea.


Com especialidades da cozinha mediterrânea Café del Mar Brasil conta com toda a infra-estrutura gringa a serviço dos seus visitantes. O diner perfeito, e os atendentes e público da casa muito educados, gostei!


The label from the relaxing terrace in Ibiza (San Antonio) specializing in Balearic Chill-out music.


ambient atmospheric britpop cafe cafe del mar cafe del mar music café del mar chill chill out chilled out chillout chillout dance chillout music classic classical cool dance downtempo dub easy listening electronic electronica house ibiza indie instrumental latin lounge lounge mix love mellow metal nice night pop psychedelic relax relaxation relaxing sexy smooth sunset trance trip-hop world

my production company is hitting it this weekend with a trip hop remix event

1pm Phemie

1:30 Jadeyu

2:30 Haze


special thanks to Haze for this incredible environment

Cascadas de Lamiña./ Lamiña Waterfalls.

+1 en comentarios./ +1 in comments.


♫ Hooverphonic - Mad About You.♫


Para acompañar una canción del grupo belga de trip hop, Hooverphonic, con la voz personal y seductora de Geike Arnaert.


El río Barcenillas o río Lador es un curso fluvial de Cantabria (España), se encuentra en la reserva natural del Saja - Nansa.

Lo más destacado de su recorrido son las llamadas cascadas (o saltos ) de Úrsula, cerca de Lamiña, en Cabuérniga, situadas en un paraje de belleza mágica.


To accompany a song by Belgian trip hop group, Hooverphonic, with the personal voice and seductive Arnaert Geike.


The Barcenilla river is a watercourse of Cantabria (Spain), is in the nature reserve Saja - Nansa.

The highlight of their trip are called cascades (or Jumps) of Ursula, near of Lamiña, Cabuérniga, located in a place of magical beauty.

Meoow!! I'll be celebrating my 12 years in SecondLife and would love to have you join the party and invite your friends Come join me on Sept. 3 at :::ESKOL::: There will be sets all day from about 9AM-11PM

Facebook Event Page


9:00 AM Tracer

10:00 AM Soda

11:00 AM Biotactic

12:00 PM Dusty

1:00 PM Morlita Quan

2:00 PM Nat the Cat

3:00 PM Khaos

4:15 PM Minty

5:30 PM Phemie

6:00 PM Wookie

7:00 PM Nat the Cat

8:00 PM Rumi

9:00 PM Berkeley

10:00 PM Rei Munro


house, techno, drum & bass, jungle, drone ambient, acoustic, downtempo, trip-hop, synthwave, 80s, 90s, future funk, dubstep, bass, experimental, and more





Just a shot of a bamboo fence that I flipped upside down because I thought it looked cooler :-)))


How about a little Trip Hop: Daughter Darling - Sad & Lonely right click and open in new window/tab




All my public photos are free for personal use

Creative Commons license

"It's a beautiful day, well it seems as such

Beautiful thoughts means I dream too much..."


Blue Lines is the debut studio album by the English music group Massive Attack, released on 8 April 1991.

It featured breakbeats, sampling, and rapping on a number of tracks, but the design of the album differed from traditional hip hop. Massive Attack approached the American-born hip hop movement from an underground British perspective and also incorporated live instruments into the mixes.


Blue Lines is generally considered the first trip hop album, although the term was not widely used before 1994. A fusion of electronic music, hip hop, dub, 1970's soul and reggae, it established Massive Attack as one of the most innovative British bands of the 1990s and the founder of trip hop's Bristol Sound. Music critic Simon Reynolds stated that the album also marked a change in electronic/dance music, "a shift toward a more interior, meditational sound. The songs on Blue Lines run at 'spliff' tempos – from a mellow, moonwalking 90 beats per minute ... down to a positively torpid 67 bpm. (From Wikipedia)


The song:

House - Big Beat - Break Beats - DnB - Bass House - Trip Hop - Dancehall - Raggae - Hip Hop (Roots/Urban) - Chill

Megan James, Purity Ring, Halifax Pop Explosion 2015, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS

This fledgling owl woke up from a deep sleep when his/her sibling fell from a higher branch. The owl that fell seemed to be fine and took a nice and fun trip hopping back up the tree limbs- this time, settling on one a little bit closer to the ground! Photo of that owl to be posted in the coming days.

Megan James, Purity Ring, Halifax Pop Explosion 2015, Halifax Forum, Halifax, NS

The Day Before The Storm by Daniel Arrhakis (2015)


With the music: So What? [DEMO] (noir trip-hop)


That day, there was no one on the street ... but her car was there, in the same place, black and bright as her hair. Today she did not pass by the Office ... with its hypnotic and seductive scent ... the storm approaches ... i must go ...




The B&W version you may see in Karl Rudhyn stream :




The scene was constructed with a photo taken in Lisbon. In the background the main building of Caixa Geral De Depósitos the Portuguese state-owned banking corporation.


The car is a 1938 Delahaye 135 MS coupé modified for this work. The model, half is a mannequin.


en concert à La LAITERIE Strasbourg le 27/11/2019

(photographié avec un petit compact tout-terrain)

(photographed with a small off-road compact)



©ALL RIGHT RESERVED></a</a</a</a


I've been tagged again by Chris aka Midnight-digital.

(he is an amazing artist! you should visit his photostream!!)


1. I bought the new camera a week ago. my new one is EOS 5D mark II.


2. I don't think I'm a good photographer. photoshop helps me a lot... I want to learn photography more this year!


3. I love movies! could you recommend good movies you know?

I watch all sorts of movies and I especially love sci-fi and horror movies. their imaginations should be valued more!


4. my flickr ID "kakhabad" comes from my favorite gamebook "Sorcery!" written by Steve Jackson. I'm still in love with his world.


5. some of my images are here. is a good place to learn photography.


6. I think I'm very lazy. I don't think it's a bad habit.


7. I love moody and experimental musics. I can't exist without 80's new wave and trip hop!!


8. I'm very busy recently and I can't enjoy flickr enough... miss you, my friends!


9. I'm thinking what to write here... hmmm. hey chris, this tag game is too much for me! :P


10. OK, I say my favorite things now I can come up with... cheese, nuts, smoking, david lynch, jim foetus, gogol bordello, carbonated drink, POV horror movies, folk costume, 30's, mountain, woods, flickr friends.... and holidays!


(11) I HATE large awards and icons. please don't give them to me!!


One of my favorite singers... first came across her live performance about 4 years ago when i was still in audiophile hobby. She performed live in an audio show that my group organized at Mandarin Hotel with all-tube amplifiers powering up the show. Intense!


Her influences are: SamBossaBatucada a brasileira + Drum 'n Bass + Bateria Afro-cubana + Trip-hop + Funk + Progressive House + Hard Bop + Afrobeat + Dub.


Check her out here


Mag:net Cafe, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Philippines.

08/06/2018, Isola del Liri (FR) - Daddy G (from Massive Attack) live per Industrie Sonore

My favourite artist those days....

A very effective mixture of good music! (soul, trip hop, reggea, hip hop...)

Give it a try!


I LOoove it!!!


Flusso pedonale appositamente dirottato

Footsteps of Kick_

Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved.



08/06/2018, Isola del Liri (FR) - Daddy G (from Massive Attack) live per Industrie Sonore

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