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A view across Trafalgar Square from the base of Nelson's Column about halfway through the Blue Sky Day painting challenge. All 300 painters were busily working on their masterpieces.

And here's my final work, completed as part of the Blue Sky Day painting event in Trafalgar Square. It doesn't look much different from how it did an hour and a half earlier, really - I tried to add a bit of water splashing on the fins, but it didn't really work (other than to disguise a smudge near the tail fin!)


UPDATE 16/08/09: I'm wondering why this picture is suddenly getting a large amount of traffic... Hello visitors!

And this guy was painting to my left. Again, note how good his painting is.

This artist was situated to my right for the length of the Blue Sky Day challenge - see how much better he is than me.

For the exacting artist, a ruler was required to ensure that the required effects were achieved successfully.

Different artists responded to the challenge in wildly different ways - here you can see a selection of the pictures people were inspired to produce.

A view out across Trafalgar Square, about halfway through the Blue Sky Day painting event, from the National Gallery.

An hour and a half in to Blue Sky Day, and my canvas is taking shape nicely. The view of the National Gallery has inspired me to paint a flying fish. Obviously.

Looking across the 300 covered canvases towards the National Gallery in London's Trafalgar Square, for Blue Sky Day. In under an hour's time, painters (including my humble self) would be painting on the blue canvases.

Arriving in Trafalgar Square this morning for the Blue Sky Day - 300 "budding painters" would soon be painting together for three hours on blue canvases.

Two hundred people painting onto identical blue canvases in Trafalgar Square. I didn't book an easel, but someone was drawing a giant squid anyway.

Lori's canvas at the Blue Sky Day event.