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Nevermore... or?



"Convincing People" by Throbbing Gristle, from '20 Jazz Funk Greats' (1978)

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Allium, lit with Phottix (5600K)

'fiddler on the roof'

s.v.p. ne le racontez pas sur tous les toits


08/03/2011 I went on top of a roof for a better view of the mountains and the trees in flower


50 years ago on this day April 12 1961 Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin-(Ю́рий Алексе́евич Гага́рин)

First human in space


Another Urbis shot! Thanks to everyone for your comments and fav's :)

Hot on the left...... Cool on the right !!!! ......


Took this last september, can't remember which film I used; think it was sensia.

Wörtlich übersetzt heißt Urbi et Orbi "der Stadt und dem Erdkreis". Es ist also ein Segen, der sich an alle Gläubigen der Welt richtet – zumindest nach heutigem Verständnis.


Denn als die römisch-katholische Kirche das Ritual im 13. Jahrhundert in Rom einführte, galt er nur denen, die physisch anwesend sein konnten und sich in Sichtweise auf dem Vorplatz des Petersdomes im Vatikan aufhielten, wo der Papst auch heute alljährlich den Ostersegen in mehr als 60 Sprachen spricht.

Persönliche Anwesenheit nicht mehr zwingend notwendig


Heutzutage ist es aber nicht mehr nötig, nach Rom zu pilgern, um sich von den Strafen für seine Sünden zu befreien. Gläubige können den Ostersegen über Radio, Fernsehen oder Internet empfangen.


The term Urbi et Orbi evolved from the consciousness of the ancient Roman Empire. In fact it should be expressed by the Pope as the bishop of Rome (urbs = city; urbi the corresponding dative form; compare: urban) as well as the head of the Roman Catholic Church. Thus, as it were, includes the whole world (orbis = earth; orbi the corresponding dative form; compare: Orbit).

Urbis, Manchester is one of my favourite buildings that I had the opportunity to capture previously when I lived in the North West and was shooting film prior to affordable digital photography.


A recent visit to Manchester for Level of Protection Analysis training meant that I had a spectacular 2 evenings out reminaging in fantastic light. Here, one of the the last shots of the night on my D70.




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Parco degli Acquedotti - Roma

Pavia, Italia


27/03/2020. On the tv, the Pope is conferring a plenary indulgence.


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A Roma e al mondo, insomma...👍

[Fontana gemella del Bernini, sinistra]


In piazza San Pietro si trovano 2 fontane gemelle, una delle quali (ma qualcuno sostiene anche la seconda) opera del Bernini.

Sono collocate in posizione simmetrica sull'asse centrale dell'ellissi. Molto belle, portano frescura nella stagione calda. Sono due tra gli infiniti capolavori che si trovano nella città del Vaticano.

Una docena de momentos surtidos.

Last photograph I took of her in March this year. She died 4 weeks ago.

The National Football Museum, Manchester

Urbis at night, Manchester city centre. Built in 2002, it

has been home to the National Football Museum since 2012. | Facebook | Instagram

I am such a fan of this place (RL and SL) and especially the Hacienda exhibition.


Update: Nearly 3 years since I wrote the above, and not only has the SL Urbis (long) gone, but more seriously, (& in am echo of the Hacienda itself which was converted into a block of flats) the RL Urbis Centre has gone too. Converted into a kitch football theme park shop. Still, it's what people deserve if they won't fight for culture; more football.

Via del Carmine.Brera. Milan.

De stad en de tram...CAF Urbos 15G in de Marnixstraat.

National Football Museum and The Printworks, Manchester.

Una imatge costat portes del 312 de Ravigo, un MAN amb carrosseria Unvi Urbis.

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