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تبقى الاسود أسود

والكبير كبيــر على قولتهم لوول

Camera: Sony DSLR-A700

Exposure: 2

Aperture: f/3.5

Focal Length: 16 mm

ISO Speed: 800

Exposure Bias: +0.7 EV

Flash: Off, Did not fire

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Created for dA Users Gallery Challenge 144 – 181


Model with thanks to La-Esmeralda-Stock


This was the original Challenge image HERE

People who complain that software engineers build unwieldy, unfriendly and outright mindboggling user interfaces need to look back in history to realize that hardware engineers have not always been much better in that respect. A good place to do that is the Railway Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

16th day at home





HP User ؛~ ♥ ..


[ Taken By Me ]



Hope you like it ! ..

Comarca de l'Alcalatén (País Valencià)

Oops. Errant seeds growing in one pot. Herb therapy #3, day 9. Do the world's problems depress you? Idiots at large? I read about growing herbs on a window ledge as helpful when one has a feeling of helplessness, hence these efforts.


The rental D750 arrived this morning while my camera has a sensor cleaning.


More user error: Forgot to check to see which card this camera takes. Borrowed an SSD from a wee Raspberry Pi.


Wouldn't you think camera models would have a few similarities? Could have rented a Canon and one of their nifty macro lenses.


Also had to return a soft lens to a vendor. From now on, perhaps, I'll buy from after renting; their quality vetting has seemed exceptional for the past five years.


Ah well, it is a dark and stormy day—and windy! Suitable for the Pacific Northwest.


Many, many thanks for looking, dear friends!


Created for dA Users Gallery Challenge 125 – Foggy Landscape


Stock with thanks to XKSteve


The dog and pony show is by shatteredmuse in Deviant Art



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Please do not download or use any of my photographs without first obtaining my approval.

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تغمرني النشوة على صوت الشتـر

والقلـب ينبض شـوق في كـل تصوير

عشق الكانـون ياناس ابد ماله مفر

ربـي وهب لـه وســط قلبـي مسامير


Eidt By : MaD Gi®L•™ Thanx 7yatee 3la a7la edit

all canon users say HOOORRAAAAAAAAAAAY =P

and yea Nikon - sony - Fuji users =P

too bad u can't say hoooray


out of picture

out of ideas =P

and btw. that colorful thing is eatable =P LOOOL i jst did it to take this shot =P


Just a 4 picture series of the Florida setting sun...hope you like them !!

I got us a new hide-out, boss. it's a penthouse!

sounds good, ernie. take the steamer trunks with all the loot and let's go.

trunks? ah. . .

what's the problem?

well, it's just that. . .


this place is, you know, very secluded.

yeah? so?

I don't think those trunks are gonna fit inside the. . . the metal ladder cages.

the what?

you know, the kind that go up the outside of the building, to get to the, ah, you know, penthouse.

you mean I gotta climb a ladder to get to this place?

you'll love it! it's got great views!

yeah? and what about my loot?

I don't suppose we got a helicopter?

Gotta start em while they're young ;) He's playing with his Giggles ( My Animal Friends computer game.

Source Mage GNU/Linux users centered over europe 2007 20 Oct 23:37:03

For my video;,


Scarborough, England, United Kingdom

Trafalgar Square, London

Middle Point, Northern Territory, Australia

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This board rotates between User, Maker and Designer.

A closer look at the Apple Iphone. No, it's not also a popsicle! But it is almost everything else:

Taken at the new Design Museum in Kensington

Lo-Mob, Blender, Decim8


FROM Users

Where Clue > 0;


How many records are returned?


The new coder girl is trying to tease me but I'm not falling for it :-) She's definitely my favorite minifig from the new series.... I love her happy expression and her t-shirt :-)


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