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Troyes, La France

Dit roestvrijstalen kant werd ontworpen door een koppel kunstenaars uit de Aube (Michèle en Thierry Kayo-Houël) en gemaakt in een fabriek in Troyes (Sotralinox). Het werd een werk in finesse die zijn gewicht niet toont: 2 ton, maar met afmetingen die een vermelding in het recordboek waard zijn: 4 meter breed, 3,5 meter hoog, 2 meter diep.

Het hart wordt 's avonds verlicht


Happy Valentine's Day to Max, Amy & Piper.


Special wishes also to my closest friends Heather, Gavin, Tory, Lae, Harper, E, Jon Demen, Daxie, TRU, Kieth and everyone else who makes me smile when they say hello.


I'm rusty ... but glad that I can take a picture again.





The Song


This is Valentine's AD!!

The clothes will be sold at Crystal Heart!





〇backdrop&deco〇 .random.Matter. - Cabinet of Curiosity @EPIPHANY

〇monster〇 FRESH3D Queen of Nessus 6


+eye+ [VIVO] weekend eye V2 - Purple (lelutka) @HARAJUKU  

+blush+ [VIVO] usagi blush set @HARAJUKU

+hairbangs+ *barberyumyum*(+bangs) (K)(wear me)v2

+hair+ [KRR] Carrie Hair (Monochromes)

+choker+ .random.Matter. - Obara Choker

+earring+ .random.Matter. - Obara Earrings

+outfit+ {Valentine} Sumire Dress ~ Petite ~ @!!coming CrystalHeart!!


Thank youuu------目




〇backdrop〇 Recuerdos Pasados *RARE* - Cataclyms - The Bearded Guy

〇book〇 DISORDERLY. / Book Magic / FATPACK

〇rope〇 8 -DRD- MM1 - Noose




+hair+ tram J0826 hair / HUD-A

+coat+ {Valentine} Dazai Coat ~ Fatpack @OtaCon

+bandage+ {Valentine} Dazai Bandages ~ BoM@Ota.Con

+top+ {Valentine} Dazai Top ~ Fatpack @Ota.Con

+pants+ {Valentine} Dazai Pants ~ Fatpack @Ota.Con





+hair+ bonbon - yubi hair (naturals)

+bandage+ {Valentine} Dazai Bandages ~ BoM @Ota.Con

+top+ {Valentine} Dazai Top ~ Fatpack @Ota.Con

+pants+ {Valentine} Dazai Pants ~ Fatpack @Ota.Con

+shoes+ LULU BLACK (unpacked)


Thank youuu------目


Valentine - NEW from TETRA @ Kustom9

TETRA Flickr



Searching - NEW from Stealthic @ ACCESS Event

Stealthic Flickr



Kess Breathing & Static Series - NEW from Lyrium @ POSEvent

Lyrium Flickr


Body: Lara - Maitreya

Head: Fleur - LeLutka

Skin: Aisha - Bold & Beauty

Eyes: Mellow - Avi Glam ( Group gift )

Bracelets: Tati - NaaNaa's

Earrings: Hoops - Izzie's

Sunglasses: Maddison - Redgrave

Taken at Norderney



Tentacio* Can be magic


WarPaint* Lover's Lament

WarPaint* Love-me-Not tattoo


YOKAI - Love & Elephants GACHA


What are you all doing for Valentine's Day?





Be the valentine, rip the heart of mine

Give your innocence to the brightest of dreams

This is harvest time, taste the bloodred wine

Of this gilded art, it is spilled from my own heart

It?s so hard to see my face

In the mirror?s cold disgrace

I wonder what is this I have become

A childish forlorn wish

So easy to seduce

Seems like it?s just one step to fall down

Be the valentine?

I can hardly write these lines

Cause I already have signed

My name across the wall of prayers

Now I listen to my name

Sounding like a blame

I close my eyes and start to sing my song

Be the valentine?

If I?m looking back behind

To long forgotten times

There?s something that is burning on and on

Oh, oh, oh, pactum fraudis!

Oh, oh, oh, pactum fraudis!

Oh, oh, oh, pactum fraudis!

Oh, oh, oh, pactum fraudis!


I live in memories, cast into melodies

They die in harmony with greed and treachery

Be the valentine?

How can I run from this hurting neverending pain?


Valentine's Day 2020


I have but one heart, this heart I bring you,

I have but one heart to share with you,

I have but one dream that I can cling to,

You are the one dream I pray comes true.

My darling, until I saw you, I never felt this way,

And nobody else before you, ever has heard me say,

You are my one love, my life I live for you,

I have but one heart to give to you.


{Why Not?} - Melvaing Romantic Nest


This item is part of Valentine's Hunt


Noveny - Heart Balloon 4


Full credits at ♥My Blog♥


Edit 20.11.2019 It seems that both these sims have now closed.


Thank you for looking/commenting/faving

♥ Vivena


Chosen as a Group Cover here:-


Thank you very much Rachel xox


This is officially my most faved image ... thank you so much to everyone ♥

Wow First time i ever reached 200+ Favs ... i am thrilled! ♥


Hi hi! I hope everyone is really good! And I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day for everyone!

How have been your day? I hope you had the opportunity to get some chocolates haha When I think in Valentine’s Day I think in chocolates and in the color red. So I wanted to take a picture full of red.

In SL Joy waits for Baron to pick her up to go on a date. And in RL I cooked a surprise breakfast for Baron and in the dinner we eat pizza.


I send you millions of hugs and kisses, thank you so much for always comments my pics! Have a nice night guys, and stay safe!!



♥ Dress: =Zenith=Haisley Dress (ALL) Maitreya / Legacy @ Collabor 88 (Feb 8)


♥ - Sweet Art - Kristen FATPACK / Breathing & Static Poses


•Head: GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W001

•Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

•Hair: DOUX - Marie hairstyle

•Heels: #EMPIRE - Bouvardia


Please if you have time go to my "About" and there will be the link of my blog 🌸💖

I don't need the 14th

To show how much you mean to me

The one thing

That helps me keep my sanity

You bring so much joy and energy

Light my fire, take your time

Electrify my lovin'

Cross my heart, hope to die

'Tis the season for cuffin'

One day of the year

Isn't enough for my baby, no

No one day just ain't right


Happy Valentines Day ♡


{ before+after - bop }

Boyfriend's Flickr ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day with lots of love.

I hope you know how much you mean and how happy you always make me.


♡ Happy Valentine's Day ! (Beautiful Love Song )


[ Elysion ]

Lush Adult Environment catering to the sensual, and artistic side of your second life. An Immersive place where Adults Can Be Adults Indulge in our Live DJs, Creative Weekly Themed Events, Casual Social Mixers, and Burlesque Performances.



[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) - jacket - grey 1

[Deadwool] Peak suit (royal) - trousers (slink length) - grey 1

[Deadwool] Peak suit - belt - black

[Deadwool] Monk shoes - fitted for Dandy socks - black

Modulus - Javier Hair - Catwa Size

[MF] Daniel Bento Goatee Circle Beard - Sun




💟 SKIRT: *GF* VD Balloon Dress Skirt -red-

💟 SHOES: [hh] Valentine's

💟 HAIR: KUNI - Anne

💟 [Love Soul] Balloon-Valentine's Day (¯`♥´¯) ℍ (¯`♥´¯)



.::Nanika::. Poses Romance with Balloon


Through a glass darkly.....

New Mini Challenge # 180 ~ The Award Tree

~ Winter Reds! ~ The Award Tree ~


Macro Mondays Lockdown song (sung by Mr Willie Nelson)

I cleaned out the cabinets recently and came across the last, rather old box of valentine candy we had long since forgotten. The candy was still sweet. Decided not to eat this one. ;) Will save these wistful words instead.

Happy Valentine's for all Lovers!

A lot of bubble heart with Fluffy Stuff! Very Cute and funny prop



And you can find My outfit from JR Wolf Creations, at Sinners And Saints 2 ~ February 2021 Event - Feb. 6-28th 2021 HERE




☆ "Miss Valentine" is the new theme of our monthly photo contest at Gos photo shopping

Feel free to join the group and share your creativity with us !

Everyone is welcome ☆


☆ I am wearing the Celine corset in patent leather by Gos, it was for Fifty Lindens Friday .


☆Pose made by Liv .

RL FASHION - Slim Fit Tank Top King for Valentines

RL FASHION -Woman Shirt Queen for Valentines

My Blog

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for my partner, Isle.


The Wounded Cupid by Robert Herrick


Cupid as he lay among

Roses, by a Bee was stung.

Whereupon in anger flying

To his Mother, said thus crying;

Help! O help! your Boy's a dying.

And why, my pretty Lad, said she?

Then blubbering, replied he,

A winged Snake has bitten me,

Which Country people call a Bee.

At which she smil'd; then with her hairs

And kisses drying up his tears:

Alas! said she, my Wag! if this

Such a pernicious torment is:

Come, tel me then, how great's the smart

Of those, thou woundest with thy Dart!

Annie: Are you thinkin what I'm thinkin?

Fannie: I'm just thinkin how stoopid we must look!

Annie: Oooohh..I wasn't thinkin THAT!









Angel of Pain

Happy Valentine's Day :)

a valentine for all of my flickr chums :)


ANSH scavenger19 "a heart for the hearts group"

{Body Basics}

Head: Genus - Classic Face W002

Body: Maitreya - Lara

Ears: Random.Matter

Skin: Pepe - Libra



Hair: Olive - the Love Hair @ACCESS

Dress: Moon Amore - Passionate Gown

Pose: FOXCITY - Neko Bento Poses



Floating Sky: The Looking Glass - Boho Fae Floasting Islands (Valentines Edition)



Happy Valentine's Day! It's one of my favourite times of the year (solely for the chocolate, hearts and cute things). I took a quick snap of my OC for Twitter, but ended up liking it enough to post on Flickr too!


Anyways, I hope you all feel a little extra loved today.


Lilith Vadonna-Hikawa

@ Urban RP


The raw shot:






Open 1st of February till 20th:


ART&KO participate at the event.

Main Store:




LOCATION: Linden Lab's Valentine's Day region since February 14, 2008 :




Happy Valentines Day. You rock 💚


IG: j.a.y_daley

-Valentine's Shop & Hop!-(GIFT)

Jinx : SE Ickle Sheepee Valentine

!APHORISM! Winter Parka Candy Ltd Ed

boyberry Be Mine Cup Cake

ISON - kenya leather shoes -deluxe-


Wasabi // Elenoire Windblown Mesh Hair

¡Happy valentine day everyone!


♕ ↜ O U T F I T ↝ ♕

❥ !C Val Blogger Pack


♡ —————— ♡ —————— ♡


♕ ↜ B O D Y & H A I R ↝ ♕

❥ HEAD: Genus Proyect - Genus Baby Face W001


❥ BODY: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body

Happy Quinta Flor/Flower my Flickr Friends


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! xo❤️ ❤️ ❤️






Open 1st of February till 20th:


ART&KO participate at the event.

Main Store:




LOCATION: Linden Lab's Valentine's Day region since February 14, 2008 :




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