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Milan, night skyline

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Small, a bit bigger and a bigger one.

Une impasse de la Viale, le vieux Dieulefit. Drôme

This is a closeup of a small perfume vial in my wife's collection. For Macro Mondays theme "Glass". Image is slightly ove an inch wide (it's a small bottle).

a pair of glass vials,

each one, a tiny treasure,

each one, a universe unto itself


Macro Mondays: Pair

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Full moon night. Natural light. 04:47

Capturing the moon in vials ... a good remedy for insomnia!


Nuit de pleine lune. Lumière naturelle. 04h47

Capturer la lune dans des flacons... un bon remède contre l'insomnie !



...of perfume.


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Analogica con la italiana Ferrania Condor 1 ( 1950 ) a telemetro priva di esposimetro, Eliog 50 mm 3.5 f delle Officine Galileo di Firenze, Kodak color 200 asa, sviluppo con tetenal. La foto non è storta ma lo sono gli alberi

Un viale fittizio può dare anche suggestioni:cosa c'è in fondo?

Die Lockdown Langeweile hat mich motiviert, die drei Fläschchen raus zu holen und in Szene zu setzen.


Lockdown boredom motivated me to get the three vials out and put them in scene.






When in bloom, Primula vialii is easy to distinguish from other primroses.


Its stout stalk is crowded with hundreds of tiny flowers of red calyces and blue-violet corollas.


The flowers are tightly packed on the stem.


The blossom has a bottle brush appearance.


This primrose has distinctive flowers, unlike any other in the genus.


It's rare to find this plant in its native haunts, as it comes close, if not already, to being an endangered species.


Pere Delavay originally discovered the species.


In two of my favourite colours together


So very inviting and to me... irresistible, the shapes and colours so glorious!!!


Thank you for your time and comments, greatly appreciated, M, (*_*)


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Viale e villa Borromeo sullo sfondo

giocando con DDG



PS: Mi scuso con gli amici e i visitatori, ma sono costretta a venirvi a trovare solo un po' per volta, oggi un pacchetto di voi, domani un altro eccetera...


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Gianni Armano Photo



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