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A little bit of overnight footage of my local badgers that made me smile


Cambs Fens

Model: Jenni Czech

Videographer: Dastardly Dave

Shooter: Pennant

have to rotate this :/


lens: 200/1.8L

~ Paragon Dance Animations ~

Lexy Club Groove

Available at Uber

Runs Feb 25th through March 22nd


Performance captured by Lexy Panterra, celebrity twerk instructor & social media twerk icon. This is a casual club groove exclusively created by Lexy for Second Life. Lexy "THE BADDIE" definition of casual clubbing is not being afraid to have fun, screw what other people think of you, and OWN THE DANCE FLOOR and take up space (especially if there is space).


Music used Roses (Imanbek Remix) It by SAINt JHN

* I do not own rights to the music *


A big thank you to Diamond, Iza, Sassie, Kammy, Kenya, and Kitten for dancing with me ♥


Video recorded at the beautiful sim Vargas.


pics not posted to Flickr

“The things that make me different are the things that make me, me.”


Winnie the Pooh (and me! ; 0))


Happy Birthday to my beautiful Unni, who accepts me just as I am and doesn't try to change me! That's true friendship!! I love you soooo much! I hope you have the bestest day ever, my wonderful friend.


Pretty smile

beautiful personality

to know Unni

is to love her in totality

She is so bright and cheerful

and she's so creative

thoughtful kind

and contemplative

warm and sunny


to make others happy

is her soul mission

knit one pearl one

makes amazing clothes

perfect warm

and everyone knows

that Unni is

so clever and wise

and she's an angel

in disguise

I am so lucky

she calls me friend

I know our friendship

will never end

So Happy Birthday

on your special day

many Happy Returns

are sent your way


- AP - Copyright © remains with and is the intellectual property of the author


Copyright © protected images please do not reproduce without permission


Lots and lots of love to you on this your special day xoxoxo


Dance Animations: MOVE! IGOR Bento Dances

Glasses: Legal Insanity - Lennox Sunglasses

Jacket: Legal Insanity - Mac Biker Jacket (Blue)

Pants: Legal Insanity - Bruce harness Denim (White)



Thank You, Zohra Whimsy for your help and all the patience.


YouTube: Click Here!


More At: LA5T 0N3


It's Friday, might as well vibe with the Thetas?

#ThetaRepDay #WeTakingOver #WeRepThetaEveryday

Theta Gamma Xi strolls everywhere we go.

撮影場所: KAGAMI 2021



KAGAMI に 行って

欲しいもの いっぱい 買ったぁ!


あ。勝手に 動画 撮っちゃいましたぁ

エヘヘ ダメだったら 削除しまぁ~す

Full details in my Blog..♥


Thank you to everyone for the faves, you are truly appreciated ♥

Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

Haaaai guys! I just wanted to demonstrate the new Insomnia Angel Psi Spoon. This cute little doo-dad can be used as a typer (as shown above) or used for rezzing purposes! I love this little spoon and think she did an amazing job with it! You can go pick this up at this months round of the Warehouse Sale Event

also available at youtube channel


SSOC Productions - Presents


SAC(SSOC Armament Co.)

"SAC MP7 A2 SMG" - Preview at SSOC.


SAC Provides Military Weapon, Gun, Combat Gear in Second Life.


Produced by Catty Hammerer

Developed by TFA Akina(Ueponnya)

Costume by waterfall farshore

Camera by Eripom Moonwall.


Shooter: Rierry Resident


2021 SSOC Productions All Rights Reserved.

Outfit: [Fujico] Wrestle FATPACK @ ManCaveEvent


Animations: -Birth- 'Strength Pose' Muscle Animations & Spanker


Places: Minimal Underground - Cargo City and Alpha Gym @SecondLife


More At: LA5T 0N3

Our snow dog enjoying the freshly fallen snow that fell last night.

eine Reise nach Europa

Ist für andre schick und fein

Doch dieser kleine Amerikaner

Möchten gern zu Hause sein!




Seltener nordamerikanischer Gastvogel, zuletzt 2012, 2020 und 2021 (Kiel)

Der kleine Amerikaner steht so gut wie nie still und wippt die ganze Zeit mit dem Stert :)


A little American...


a trip to Europe

Is for someone chic and fine

But this little American

Would like to be at home!


Spotted sandpiper


Rare North American guest bird, most recently 2012, 2020 and 2021 (Kiel)

The little American almost never stands still and rocks all the time with the rump :)


We must work hard at finding a way to create jobs for everyone who wants one. COVID-19 has slowed us down even more than we were before, so now is the time to be inventive and creative and come up with new ideas. We must also come up with fair wages. It is time to address equality and the need for friendship and caring between everyone, so let's do it!


Have a wonderful new week my Flickr friends


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

This is a video my husband Peter filmed while I was doing their Valentine's Day photoshoot. I thought everyone might enjoy seeing how cheeky Merlin can be. All credit for the editing goes to my husband, music provided by the singing dancing cactus, lol.


Static Poses Alex Collection - #BERAS


📍Level Event, TAXI:

HXNOR | ExalteD | .PALETO. | Indulge Automotive | MocapAnimations | Chris Two Designs


Vlog Credits:

撮影場所 Luanes Magical World



ほんとは 誰かと 一緒に



そろそろ 一緒に 動画


優しい人 現れてぇ~


~ Mutresse ~

Thea Lingerie with Animated Feathers

Available at Collabor88

Runs Feb 8th through March 6th


Other Items

Stealthic Gambit Hair

Legacy Feminine Mesh Body

Lelutka Evo Lilly Head


Hewo Mystical Babies Its Your Fave Couple LSD4L Back With Another Collab With My Amazing Sponsors Here You Can See Featured Looks From SEKA . BABE & MOCAPANIMATIONS. 3 Of My favorite stores to shop Babe Is giving u unique skin and face enhancements to make ur avi look like a real badddie. Whilst Seka Is Giving You That Yandere Hentai Vibe Giving You Something Sexy To Wear For Chu Man. & Horror Coming Through With The Color Change Neon Sign To Go With Any Setup, MocapAnimations Is Giving You All The Dances chu Need Tew Tease Cho Man You Can Also Mix It Up Do A Couple Dance ;3












撮影場所: SecondLIFE



さっき おともだちの

みぃちゃんが 一緒に SS 撮らせてくれるって 💛 ことで


あ。みぃちゃんは 作業の合間をぬって

5分くらいだけ 時間くれたんだぁ


貴重な 時間 なので 動画にした!


一緒に 撮ったとこ以外は

こじつけで すぐ 撮って


編集は ま。 これでいいやぁ~


いつも そうだった テヘ



独り動画 じゃないから 嬉しい!


今度は 誰が 餌食ですかぁ~?




stop motion com 198 fotos tiradas em 1 hora...


fotos feitas manualmente da porta da cozinha de casa.

Cidade de Bandeirantes - Paraná - Brasil

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