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Wallpaper Abstracto con Triángulos

this is in a house we searched and i thought it was just so pretty you cant quite see the water is weeping down the wall almost as if it mourns the home it once was

mais um, ando muito inspirada pra wallpapers :O aloka/ haha


depois q eu acordar , a tarde talvez , eu exclua e poste de novo :O to com vontade de faze isso -ss

podem roubar a vontade


Comentem *-*

Oi gente *-* saudades de mim ? kk' aposto que muitos não-q , mais voltei , com tanta coisa interessante na bagagem-s .

Isso era pra ser um blend , mais como eu sei que sempre tem uns desagradaveis, vao dizer, ah parece de fuclano , porque nao uso texturas no modo light T.T ai fiz um wall *---*

achei ele muito fofo ok , eu gostei :D




Ah e a prova foi tao fácil :O , amanha sai o resultado, mais nem vai adianta nada,só no fim do ano que vale alguma coisa *-*

Tem MUITA coisa pra comentar, então vou comentar todos ok (:

E comenteem :D

I used to design wallpaper but never choose to hang it in my own place. My parents have lots of it. I like this pattern and colorway.

A wallpaper I created from a Jim Lee illustration.

iPhone Wallpaper 320x480

iPhone Wallpaper 320x480

Wallpaper games wallpapers

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Wallpaper for the Asus EEEPC

Wallpaper for the Asus EEEPC


Selecciona la foto y haz clic en el botón “Más tamaños” que se encuentra arriba de ella. En la página siguiente, elige el tamaño que quieras descargar. Si la quieres como wallpaper "decargar el tamaño más grande"

The crazy wallpaper in The Deaf Institute Manchester.

Wallpaper for iPhone/iPod touch

Bleach , Wallpaper

made using vintage wallpaper from aunty cookie!


Magicwatercolor WALLPAPER William Vecchietti

on sale at Attackit. Unconventional art.



i've decided to go with the 16:9 ratio from now on.

if anyone wants another ratio flickr mail me along with your email address and i'll send it :)


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mac os x leopard wallpaper

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All sized correctly & ready to put on your iphone.

Wallpaper webdesign (check for more resolutions)

Wallpaper with the Full Japji Sahib English Translation by Guruka Singh

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