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Was revealed in early morning after a overnight dew.,

Spider waiting in her web. Although I like spiders, I don't know their names..... so if anyone can identify her.....

I guess one thing fog is good for is finding things you don't normally see, like these webs. At the lake I found one that lined up so the gazebo was sort of centered in the middle of the web, not a good composition, but then who cares really!!!

With Halloween coming later this month, a nice web seems appropriate..

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!!

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P1150011 - Giant Wood Spider - Female - size - 30-50 mm (overall size up to 20 cm)

# 283 - 26 Jun '18 - 18:36 (13:06 GMT)


At - Lava - (outside - Neora Valley National Park) - West Bengal - Eastern Himalayas - 2,138m (7,016 ft) - in '2010


Giant Wood Spider (Nephila Pilipes) - is a species of golden orb-web spider.

is commonly found in primary and secondary forests and gardens. Females are large and grow to a body size of 30–50 mm (overall size up to 20 cm), with males growing to 5–6 mm. It is the largest of the orb-weaving spiders apart from the recently discovered Nephila komaci, and one of the biggest spiders in the world.


Seen in - South n Southeast Asia and Australia.


DO YOU KNOW - A rhinoceros' horn is made of hair 🐾

Happy birding 🐧


and those of opportunity :-)

Frederick Phillips




spider and web, j c raulston arboretum, ncsu, Raleigh, north carolina

Macro Mondays B&W


Monday, February 20: Member's Choice: B&W


First went out into the fog with the Nikon 105mm f/2.8 VR/IS, but it wouldn't focus. We think it broke when it, the camera, and my head landed on concrete last June. We'll see if repairable. The lens; my head is beyond help.


Thanks for looking. (These are very tiny red berries. They just appear large with this micro lens.)

zum Herbstanfang ein Bild aus der Natur

ich wünsche allen ein schönes und sonniges Wochenende

Happy Weekend

Merci pour vos commentaires sympathiques, et votre fidélité.

A très bientôt dans vos univers!


Thank you for your kind comments and fidelity.

See you soon!!


Merci aussi aux administrateurs de groupes pour leurs invitations

Many thanks to administrators of groups for invits

A web of light, don't get attracted to it ;-))

Spinnenweb, spider web with backlighting

It was much harder than I thought trying to manually focus on the spider while a strong breeze kept shaking the cobweb!


I'm actually a fan of the noise in this photo - it reminds me of film grain.

Web of Lies shimmering beauty leading to disaster and slow death for any hapless insect who visits it, shot in North Carolina.

Vielen Dank für Kommentare und Sternchen!


Thank you for comments and favs!

Not really; the spiders were just enjoying the windy weather we've been having this fall. This was at the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, and just one of dozens of them in a grassy area.

A spider lives inside my head

Who weaves a strange and wondrous web

Of silken threads and silver strings

To catch all sorts of flying things,

Like crumbs of thoughts and bits of smiles

And specks of dried-up tears,

And dust of dreams that catch and cling

For years and years and years...

— Shel Silverstein (Every Thing on It)

Good morning! 


Thank you everyone for your feedback

Sunrise across a spider web 😊

Web Revisited another view from an earlier shot from a few years ago, pretty large web, hoping to catch a few bugs for lunch, found in North Carolina.

Nice to see this guy at home when I found his misty web!

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Spider web with dew droplets. Lansdown, Bath.

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