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Photography by Matthew & Ariel Irving

Gloggnitz Castle

The best times in life are those moments when you feel

That you're in the right place at the right time.

Gloggnitz Castle sits enthroned on a hill in the beautiful upper Schwarzatal. In the heart of the former Benedictine fortified monastery, which was first mentioned in a document in 1094, is the castle restaurant with our monastery kitchen. We are looking forward to your visit!

at Kenroku-en, Kanazawa

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Today is Gerry and my 47th wedding anniversary and I want to thank him for choosing me and living a full and happy life together. Obviously, this is not my photo and I cannot get the photographer's permission because sadly he is no longer alive. However, I have taken many photos of this capture which is part of a collage that is hanging in my entrance and then worked on straightening it, getting rid of the dust and scratches, and generally working at getting it into as good a quality photo as I could. It was a fun challenge and it is a wonderful photo.


Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️❤️❤️

my wedding lilies, November 2019...I hope this energy accompanies us well into 2020 and for the rest of our lives. A Happy and magical New Year to Everyone!

Aphrodite Classy Wedding Ceremony Set (<a

Aphrodite Shop - Home & Garden - /*Windlight Sky: "Places Kunmi

The Arcade - June 2017

wear : Mikunch Wedding Dress -Blancheur-tucked up RARE

Photo Location :

It is a photograph which imagined a wedding ceremony to the last.

I participated in a wedding reception of a friend and took a picture of my longing for them.

お友達の披露宴に参加して、Wedding Dress着てみたくなってガチャって来たけど、やっぱり撮影したくなるですね^^


Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

one of many candles on the wedding day of my son and his bride

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Taken for the Macro Monday theme of 'Celebration'


A wedding scene on a model railway layout, which measures less than 3"


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Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

I discovered this wedding car outside 'Pier One', on Hickson Road, Sydney, during my harbour walk on Saturday, 16th January, 2021.

'Pier One' is a very fancy, boutique hotel, located on Sydney harbour. I suspect that the wedding party had arrived for the reception at 'Pier One'.


Two large men, both built like Conan the Barbarian, were guarding this vehicle. They allowed me to photograph it without too much drama.


I must say - I have not seen a "stretched" Rolls before!!


My Samsung Galaxy S20+ mobile phone camera.


Processed in:

Adobe Lightroom and PhotoPad Pro by NCH software.

A 'Cold Lavante' filter from the Flickr photo editor.

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Photography by Mathew Irving

Done for, the complete set can be seen on their website~ :3


Photography: Zhang Jingna

Styling: Furqan Saini

Hair: Yvonne Lee

Makeup: Joanna Koh

Model: Nathaline/Ave, Diana/Looque

Photography assistants: Octavia S, Tan Yong Kuan, Hoong Wei Long


Twitter! XD


© Zhang Jingna

Sydney Wedding Photographer


This is what "I do" when I'm not shooting landscapes.

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Paid the box and get married with the Automated Minister Wedding Ceremony :)


Picture before :


Note : Decorations by the Land Owners


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Much appreciation for your favs ❄


Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

I will not post any of the wedding itself. but maybe one more of the fun before ;)


texture Darkwood:

Wedding Photography by Mathew Irving Visit my website for in depth

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This was made at the resort we stayed at in Hawaii - back in 2006.

I thought she was so lovely.

Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Wedding in Thessaloniki !

Wedding Photography by Mathew Irving for more information about me and

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Photography by Ariel & Matthew Irving

Wedding celebration of my daughter in Germany.

Digital Drawing/Painting

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