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This is a very tiny flower (about 1cm or 0.4 in) in diameter. Flowers are evenly spaced over a rounded ball of foliage.

There are white and violet (as below) types.

I found them at the garden area in "Cafe Once Upon a Time".


Just White Paper - For Macro Mondays

# Folded white paper

I am sorry to say that I no longer manage to follow up by commenting and thanking everybody personally, but I want you to know that I truly love every comment and fav I get from you and it gives me inspiration to take more pictures :-)


Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.


White Lily McKee Botanical Garden

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view, comment, and fave my photo.

I had never seen these white doves in our garden before but last year when we had our few centimetres of snow several appeared. Still waiting for some snow this year although it was a cold -2c this morning and we do have a touch of frost!

For Macro Mondays "Just White Paper".


Taken with a Raynox M-250 added to the lens to allow close focusing.


Thank you to everyone who has taken time to look/fave or comment. As always it is really appreciated - Happy Monday!

A dark reflecting pond presents a white water lily.

No: of course it's not dark. But does it make any difference if it's all white instead of all black? What makes the difference is the references you can see.

Growing under a tree in the wild

White Amaryllis showing its beauty. Panasonic DMC-FZ1000. Lens Leica DC VARIO-ELMARIT 1:2.8-4.0/9.1-146 at 60mm. f/8.0. ISO 125. 1/5s. Natural illumination from behind just through the Amaryllis.


Released for Public Domain.


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“White is the colour of decomposition. White is also no colour. White is nothing. In photography, the paper is white, next comes the light, which is also white, then the shadow is created, the apparition." ~Dieter Appelt


Thank you all for your views, faves and/or comments! They are greatly appreciated! Have a wonderful Thursday! :-)

Detail of the white rose after a light shower

Snowy White Egret, stopping for a pose and a bath in between hunting.

Hi everyone, its again been awhile since I have posted.

Hope everyone is well and having a good week.

This shot was taken at Lake Merritt in Oakland,California.

This is a close up of a begonia. There were lots at Johnstone town square, all different colours, but the white ones just seemed to be extra special in the late afternoon sun. Just seriously zoomed in but not touched up (other than the frame) I just liked it for the shade and the soft lines!

Bokeh, colors and flowers

I love crayons!! Tried to find a white pencil sharpener but no luck

White flower

Another of the lovely white flowers.

Flypaper textured

I tried taking a photo of this feather on a white background but the feather just disappeared. There must be a way! I'll keep working on it. So then I put the feather on black and voila!

Day 146 of 365

Explore #376 I was out hunting in my garden yesterday afternoon looking for victims opps I mean subjects to photograph..I had DeCanine search and sniffem team by my side helping work through the plants and flowers to find the best subject.


I picked one of those delicate little fluffy ball things (you know the ones you blow and they fly everywhere) to take a macro shot of, I call them Father Christmas, but I cannot remember their name. I walked into the study and remembered the fan was on and woosh....they all blew


This crocus is from my second search mission :) And I thought it would look good all white... I hope you like it ;)


Well Wednesday today....wowie...7 working days til my holiday ;) lol


I hope that your Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday are treating you well and you have the time to take a photo today....a day without photos is a day without vision ;) For me it is sort of like this quote I read yesterday, and I cracked up....cause it is true :)


“I have an underwater camera just in case I crash my car into a river, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen.”


:) Have a great one,,,,,,and don't forget the camera :) Car


Today's Carsounds -


On Explore: Sept. 7, 2013 #12

It's Wonderful White Friday.


To all of my wonderful and loyal Flickr friends and contacts and some recent new ones, have a Fabulous Friday!


Best to View On Black


White Lily at Longwood Gardens


2017_01_12_EOS 7D_8173-Edit_V1

I went back and did a new edit on these wonderful eggs for Macro Monday's "mostly white" theme.

another high key backlit shot of the gerbera, this time a white one and from the back. i think i did the same shot in yellow before...


thank god it's friday! although i have work tomorrow, i have a few hours tonight to go out and hang out with friends!


see ya later!!! and have a good weekend everyone!

I'm not in the mood for photography.

see ya soon


P.S: people, this dude in the picture is NOT me -.- thats my cousin, thank you.

Like a blank page

so many possibilities

just a white Butterfly for

Macro Mondays theme #just_white_paper





White Lily from the garden after the rain,


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I thought I'd try out some more macro flower shots and then try framing them. I've had a really difficult time trying to get the framing to look right. I still don't think the framing looks balanced. Any advice would be welcome.

Foraging in a tidal pool in the early morning sun near Fort Myers.


As always, thank you so much for stopping by and for leaving any comments or faves, they are very much appreciated.

Challenge by Marie


Porcelain skin, white hair and makeup.


Inspired by famed composite photographer Joel Grimes


Head : Catwa Hanako

Skin : Session LIng with Session Body Applier

Hair : Taketomi Riye


Needless to say, skin and hair is heavily photoshopped

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