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↝ Camila 〜 Sunkiss Tone 〜 Velour

For Lelutka Evo X

Avalaible in 9 Skintones



↝ Top & Shorts 〜 Mabey 〜 Scandalize

Legacy, Maitreya (Lara, Petite), Kupra

Top comes in 20 Solid Colors, 20 Extra Colors, 33 Logos

Shorts comes in 20 denim Colors, 40 Metals, 40 Straps Colors


* More Info In Alexandra Sunny Styles*

● .:Tribal Tuesday:. WTF Male Bento Pose @ FOCUS Photography Fair (opens April 30th)

● [ hoorenbeek ] NG Outfit – Knox

● TLC Pigeon Collection* TLC Pigeon 1


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Pose by me.

You can see the evil, the evil is everywhere. As Far as I can tell I can build a town full of horror. - Deyth Banger


DPDP Poses "Thinking at the Mainstore


Death Ink Body Tattoo "Adam" for another week at the Darkness Event


Credits and more : Click me for all Credits at Amon's Blogspot


*Lelu Evo X

Said the squirrel. "Couldn't you photoshop more to scale? And BTW, we squirrels don't need no stinkin' umbrellas!"


Created for The Blind Pig Speakeasy Challenge 35 - Make Us Laugh!:

Taken at the ever changing and very awsome sim Grauland.

The bee was on the flower and the butterfly moved in close and made the bee jump lol

Oh the horrors for a person loving individual travel and lonesome discovery and observation of landscapes. I swear that this is the scenario one encounters now at EVERY so called "photographic hotspot" on the Lofoten and this by day and night. This morning at 4am we saw six cars parked on the bridge which is known as viewpoint for Reine, and about 30 photographers fighting for breathing space on the bridge of Hamnoy, plus 20 Chinese tourists perched on a wall in Sakrisoy plus these guys a bit further towards Flakstadpollen. Yesterday we watched about 30 photographers crammed into a tiny beach by the road to Henningsvaer, blocking a good part of the road with their two minibusses conveniently parked in spot despite being ample parking space about 20 meters away on the other side of the road. We ran from the beaches of Unstad, Haukland and Uttakleiv which each saw their invasion of photography course groups each with about 20 to 30 participants and we are talking both day and night. So this has gotten to absurd levels and poor Lofoten inhabitants are putting up with all kinds of crazy shit. Between yesterday and today we saw three cars that had slid into ditches for not knowing how to drive on snow and ice, we saw locals with their cars waiting patiently for convoys of photographer minibuses clearing narrow roads where they park and perch in those tiny spots which were created as passing spots for narrow roads etc etc. I do understand the wish of every person to see this archipelago, but I am worried that the actual tendencies are wrecking havoc on this amazing and totally unique archipelago. I cannot call this sustainable tourism with a clear conscience. But the worst tendency appears to me that foreign people who consider themselves photo gurus now use this archipelago to drag hundreds of photographer wannabes to their infamous photo courses making big buck of it while damaging the experience for everyone else. Furthermore what is the point in them all standing in line at some place doing repetitive exercises which then will appear on photo sharing sites all looking the same. Should we not try to find our individual artistic language instead of doing completely cliche-ised swarm photography??!!

What the Fog! :-)


Sometimes when you lose your way in the fog, you end up in a beautiful place! Don't be afraid of getting lost!

~ Mehmet Murat Ildan


{La Ciudad y otros lugares}

Picture | Photo 2,449






The Place / El Lugar

A Pet Cat with WTF expression

Inside Home

Unknown Street

Polanco Hill neighbourhood

Near Polanco Lift and Argentina Avenue

City and Seaport of Valparaíso

Greater Valparaíso



Un Gato con una mirada tipo "Kill Me Please"

Dentro de una casa

Calle desconocida

Barrio del Cerro Polanco

Cercano al Ascensor del Cerro Polanco y Av. Argentina

Ciudad y Puerto de Valparaíso

Gran Valparaíso



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Instagram de Transporte Citadino



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Idea, fotografía y texto realizado por:

Idea, photo and text made by:

Felipe Burgos Álvarez


May, 2021 | Mayo de 2021


Todos los Derechos Reservados | All Rights Reserved

The skirt and the top are available in this store

Charlie isn't too sure about the changes in Critterland.

Have much to tell but I am going to keep you all waiting lol.

But I couldn't resit this photo of Charlie and his expression-priceless.


Today was such an asshole of a day. If you see my "OFF" by the name, you must know, that i´m involved in a project for a few days. I have a short time period to update & upgrade an VMWare Cluster (you do not have to know). And that is not a kind of funny thing. Especially if you lose one of the hosts (a cluster is more than one host which keeps redundancy with the others etc. etc.) during an normal upgrade situation. So i have to set up this guy from scratch, without losing data and the other ones. Hell yeah, exactly what i want at the end of the day.


So now, for that a more funny pic from me. To brighten mine and your day.




Used Tools:

Sony A7

Sony SEL85F14G


Taken in Munich during the walk with Das StadtKind.

Anybody know what this thing is/was (I think it's gone now)?


It was at the railyard in Milpitas for years, but I never found out anything about it.

First time I saw one of these, I was wondering "WTF is that for? Really short people?"


Then it hit me.

GA.EG New Bento Mesh Head - GA.EG Eyes + GA.EG Emotion HUD - 7 Deadly Skins - CyberStar BodyArt Tattoos


full style information on my blog


⭐⭐ small⭐⭐

small Suspended Shorts will be availble at The WIP EVENT starts Aug 15th to Sept 2nd, 2021.::WIP::. LM.::small::. LM.::small::. MP


Outfit: SUSPENDED SHORTS by small {Small Edenflower}


Thanks for your interest in SUMMER JOY.

I make Artisanal Original Mesh only!

Lara Classic & Petite - Legacy Classic & Perky


Mesh Head: CATYA by CATWA {Catwa Clip}

Mesh Body: Lara V5.3 by MAITREYA {Onyx LeShelle}

Skin: BOM by SESSION SKINS {Angi Manners}

Lighting: LumiPro

Taken@ Sunny's Studios.::Sunny's Studios::. LM


🎧 tune


Babysit my little angel, she said.

It will be fun, she said...


Featured Poses:


NinaX Studio WTF @ Pose Fair

p.o.s.e. Hippo


More Info:

Lazy Days

So disconcerting that we've chosen fear, exclusion, hate, and ignorance as our pathway forward.


I frankly have no patience or understanding with anyone who voted for Trump. You let fear rule your reason. For shame...

Statuen in der Kirche Sankt Martin in Bamberg am Grünen Markt.

Sneaky little niece of mine, loves wrecking my beauty sleep :P


I was at Collabor88 today and it was there I found this cool background from Foxcity. It is called Dreamer and I have chosen to use the magical background.

It's page 176, and i talk english xD --->

Many thanks to Casja to give me this opportunity to talk about SecondLife and to my Cece adoréééeee to translate my confused ideas^^

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