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Tractors need community-based content creation too.

Based on the original O RLY owl, inspired by Web 2.0 Logos.

Now a logo at

A company in Hong Kong that owns the underground/ metro (people call it MTR in Hong Kong)

Mix from the brand and the technology.

On sale on a t-shirt on

Dharma Initiative logo found on


100% user created content.

... not that the Jakes will ever finish coding beta, but when they do, this logo will be waiting for them.

Now with even more internetiness.

Web 2.0 version of the Public Enemy logo.

Yes, I'm part of the web2.0 logo parody craze at Yayhooray.

This is bound to wind up actually getting used.

another 2.0 style take on the flag of Chile

The button zipper has been AJAXified.

The flag of Chile, web 2.0 style...ish. Subtle gradients and a reflected star

Just another try on redesigning logos into Web2.0 format~ haha

Hope you like it~

Just a little update to the previously posted version.


Now with more shiney bubbles!

ORF, the austrian broadcasting corporation (Österreichischer Rundfunk) - needs more than a new logo.


This might be a non-obvious one for those of you outside the Bay Area. Here's some more info: International Orange.

Yes, I'm part of the web2.0 logo parody craze at Yayhooray.

The original idea, but changed it to match Flickr

My 2nd attempt at the Web 2.0 Logo redesign parody. This one was a difficult one to handle.

My YH username done by Mary Wise (it's a guy btw) from YH under my request so please don't ask him for logos


It's soooo bee-yotiful!

Made for Jake's contest, and $100!

My attempt at a "web 2.0 style" logo for tesco. Inspired by

てづくラーは永遠の beta version.

So, after this got posted on digg, someone emailed me for a logo ... so I made him one in five minutes, cause lol, that was priceless.

web 2.0 style depends logo

Web 2.0 logo parody...see more. What, you mean you've never heard of Fluff?

My 1st stab in entering the web 2.0 redesign satire series

For the Web 2.0 Parody started at YayHooray. Check out the others with the tag-->

Logo made for the YayHooray thread.



some web2.0 parody logos i did for a little "project"

My version of the Web 2.0 logo design parody.