Meeting Lupe Castro (Confinement Period 2020 in Spain)
Meeting Lupe Castro by Seigar.

This series shows a virtual collaboration with the Fashion Queen: Lupe Castro and it conveys my admiration towards her persona. The photographs were taken through a video chat platform during the confinement because of the corona virus pandemia. In the images, we can see her as a pop culture icon sorrounded by some arty books, and together with a plastic person that is my main fetish in photography. Lupe Castro has been into fashion since she was a little girl, she can remember her excitement to see her mum’s dresses in the 70s; and to me it was curious to hear this anecdote because the inspiration for this shooting was from that decade. Having a determined and strong personal style, she aspired to share it with others as a way of living. She has educated and worked in this industry showing her respect for the classical big brands but also supporting emerging designers. She has fought for combining asthetics with ethic and sustainability, in order to promote eco-fashion and vintage. London, Paris and Tenerife are important landmarks in her professional life, organizing and attending to fashion events. She has been a constant defender of the Canarian scene, and she points at creativity as the only possible next step. Lupe and me share a passion for art that I hope you can feel in this physical distance simulated reality experience.
Team credits:
Photographer and creative director: Seigar @jseigar
Model & Inspiration: Lupe Castro @mscastrorides
Location: Fashion Space
Fashion Designers:
Sergio Jerazzi @nuriagonzalezshop
Alessandra Grau @grau_clothing
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