Powerbook Picture Frame
I saw John Calhoun's efforts at custom Macs a few years ago ( www.inanna.com/~calhoun/index.html ) and at the time thought how lucky he was to have access to so many spare systems like that.

Then recently, I got a new job, and part of this job was dealing with lots and lots of Macs. Two of the earliest systems I got rid of were two non functioning Powerbook G3 Pismos. I managed to get the both booting again, but since I have already got a Powerbook G4 and a Macbook Pro, they're not much use to me as Laptops..

I gutted the one missing the most pieces, checked it still worked just laying on the table, then set about making a new case for it, and turning it into a photo frame. I'm pretty much done now, so I thought I'd upload photos. Only things still outstanding are a PRAM battery and possibly speakers.
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