Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project
Inspired by an original painting given to us by a friend for the baby room, we launched Operation Geekling Dinosaur Project in early spring 2011 in hopes to get a wide variety of dinosaur artwork in various shapes, sizes, and mediums to decorate our geekling's nursery. Having artwork from people all over the world means so much to us! Thank you! Our geekling was born in June 2011 and to date there are 78 different pieces on the wall(s).

Read our Call for Submissions blog post that started it all!

These photos go in order to tell a story of the things sent and the stages of hanging to show the wall's growth over time. The last photos at the bottom show me introducing our son to his wall(s), filled with love and art by YOU! Thank you :)

Update 3-30-2012: Here we are, a year later. We've moved from our old apartment into a new home, so we had to move the dino wall! This meant taking it all down, and FINALLY putting it all back up. This time around, Liam got to help. :) Pictures of the re-hanging process are at the end!

Update 2-21-2013: Liam created his first piece of dinosaur artwork that he can now contribute to his own dinosaur room! The dinosaurs continue...

And thank you, @ThinkGeek, for helping to promote our geeky nursery project! <3
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