We Made The Millennium Falcon
We made the Millennium Falcon for our 9 month old to play in. Because what kid DOESN'T need their very own Millennium Falcon?

Read the blog post all about it here:

Inspired by a cardboard box, built completely from boxes, scrap cardboard, packing tape and a little aluminum foil, paper mache and spray paint, with acrylic details and finishing touches. Topped off with a bandolier for the schnauzer made out of craft foam to make him the perfect albino wookiee sidekick.

These photos go in order of the process and to show progress from start to finish. Project started in January 2012 and finally finished on April 3, 2012.

Update 4-24-2014 - Liam is now almost 3 years old and he has a new baby sister named Lila! Check out Lila's Princess Leia costume and wish her all the best as she takes over being the pilot of our Millennium Falcon! Read all about it on our blog.

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