Dandenong Stars
Last night I drove up the Dandenongs with Dad, hoping to spot the Geminid meteor shower. The first lookout we stopped at near Kalorama was facing the wrong way, with massive trees blocking out view of where we thought they would come from.

We jumped back in the car and drove further south to John's Hill Reserve Lookout - we were not the only ones there.

We set up facing east and picked out a spot on the horizon they should be coming from. There was still quite a bit of cloud about.

I pointed my camera vaguely where they were and left the shutter open for ages. Dad set up his camera pointing the sameway and did the same, but with shorter exposures on an intervalometer.

After a while the clouds started to clear a little, and we were able to see the stars quite clearly, even with the glow of Melbourne behind us.

Over the hour and a bit we were there, until gone 1 in the morning I think we both spotted a few good shooting stars. But failed completely to get any on our cameras.

Most we did spot where much higher in the sky and slight more south than we were expecting.

Tonight I spent far too long looking at the GPS data on my photos trying to work out what the two bright spots are I managed to photograph. The smart money is on Canopus and Achernar.
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