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Kazane (pronounced Ka-Zah-Nay) is Japanese for the sound of the wind. The frames are built in Taiwan by the last of the exclusive steel builders there, and the geometry is pure track. The geomtery charts will be posted on the webstore section. Everything on the frame is carefully thought out. For the geometry we consulted S-Class keirin racers, a former track world champion, and the builder who made his frames. The frames are lugged and built with oversized 4130 CroMoly. This yields a frame comfortable enough to ride in the city but stiff enough to use on the track. You have your choice of a threaded or threadless fork. The first batch is in two colors - black with a subtle red metal flake (pictured) and metallic blue. The paint was rigorously tested for durability so and will be tough enough for city use. The second batch included white, green, pink and red.

The best thing about the Kazane frame is the reasonable price - $625 - for frame/fork. No other frame in the price range gives that kind quality and geometry. We didn't decide to make these frames to compete with brands like Soma and Bareknuckle. Those frames are good in their own ways. There is not an affordable lugged track frame with race-proven geometry and a good paint job on the market. We especially didn't build this to compete with the cheap Ebay track frames and bikes. Those are just cheap frames with road geometry. This bike is made for racing (no drilling, either).

If you're interested in riding one, contact me!


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