The Maghrib Workshop: "Sovereignty, Crisis, and Narratives of Belonging Part II" 3.23.19
Samia Errazouki (UC Davis, History) “Morocco’s Bloody ‘Golden Age’: Race, Slavery, and Capitalism in the 16th Century African Atlantic”
Olivia C. Harrison (USC, French and Italian and Comparative Literature) “Palestine and the Migrant Question”
Thomas Serres (UCSC, Politics) “Of Democracies in Algeria: Elections and Popular Agonism (2011-2019)”
Rachel Colwell (UC Berkeley, Music and Literature) “Tunis al-Maḥrūsa: Tunis the Well-Protected” in “al-Makān: Listening for Place”Jessica Marglin (USC, Religion) “Rights, Nationality, and Belonging in a Transnational Context: Léon Elmilik and the Jews of Tunisia, 1861-1881”
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