VJzoo Street Projection Perth
Yay, we have escaped the confines of rectangular screens!

Now we have all our own self-contained equipment for outdoor projection, we've having great fun projecting all around Perth.

Some of the content used is vintage - eg early avant garde and surrealist film, and some of it is our own - for example silhouettes of the wonderful performers from Fliptease.com.au Kimtortion.com www.aivdt.com/ and friends.

What works best outdoors is low detail, high contrast, black background - hence we are using the same footage repeatedly at different sites. Of the 30,000+ clips we normally use for VJing, only maybe 1% look any good for outdoor projection.

For other VJs info: we are using 4000 lumens BenQ SP-820 projectors (which we love!) and a small pure-sine-wave generator, and/or a large deep cycle battery with pure sine-wave inverter. We are usually going directly out of our lappies (ie, a projector each) so that we can use 1024x768 res - since our video mixer would downsize to PAL. When is someone going to develop an inexpensive VGA mixer???

If you want to get involved in outdoor projection in Perth, check out Jerrem.com - he's doing more vox-pop projection where you can write or draw your doodles on a tablet PC live to the projector. He's got a lot more guerrilla-cred than us anyway, we just like to do pretty things.

We did a public digital graffiti project in 2007: vjzoo.com/ev2007k.htm and also do projections for Festivals and other outdoor events.

We like to take photos when we get the chance at gigs - we're used to working when we're out so don't know how to just sit and watch ;)

If the pics are of you, or in your venue, you are welcome to use them free of charge for self-promotion - eg profile pics on Facebook and Myspace, folios, websites etc. All we ask is a credit to VJzoo when the photo is used. This ONLY applies to the artist, the promoter and the venue - they're not free stock shots for use by the general public!

You can download them at high-res by clicking 'All Sizes'.

Hope you find them useful!
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