The Great Western Avenue Walk
I've entertained the idea of walking the length of Western Avenue since I did my 2006 walk along Sunset Boulevard from Union Station to the ocean.

Western is notable not only for being the western-most boundary of the city as it started growing outward from downtown at the turn of hte 19th century, but as such the vast majority of it (some 20-plus miles) remains the longest straightest street in Southern California, if not the county or stae or country (or western hemisphere or world).

Spurred on by friend and fellow blogger Julia Frey, we rallied the vehicular support of our respective spouses Kurt and Susan to drop us off and pick us up and with the company of three equally crazy people -- my friend and neighbor David Pura and couple Amanda and Jeff -- we set out from Ferndell Park in Griffith Park at 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

11.25 hours and 28 southbound miles later David, Julia and I arrived at land's end overlooking the Pacific Ocean from the Palos Verde Penninsula (we'd bid farewell to Amanda and Jeff 11 miles earlier when they turned around at the 405) with Kurt and Susan onhand with beer and snacks and welcome automobiles to take us home.

This day after I'm definitely exhilirated, but waaaay to exhausted to go into any further details.
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