Christmas cards from a K'iche Maya Village in Guatemala
Some hand-drawn Christmas cards from participants in an international non-profit I work with in the area of Sololá, Guatemala.

This is the same K'iche pueblo featured in the following Boing Boing tv episodes aired in 2008:

(1) BBtv WORLD: Through the eyes of the pueblo.
(2) BBtv WORLD: Migration, and a Mayan Sweat Bath.
(3) BBtv WORLD: El Molinero.

These were private cards, sent from folks in the pueblo to project participants in the US (in other words, they weren't for sale or anything, they were just heartfelt communication from one person to another).

I'm sharing some of them here with permission. They're beautiful and very meaningful to me.

Some of the cards refer to the old Mayan gods (for instance, references to "Ajaw", or "Tzaq'ol and Bit'ol", primordial entities who were present at the creation of all things), other cards refer to to Christianity, but they each have soul, kindness, and hope.

To really appreciate them, click on "all sizes" and look at the larger size.
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