Our beloved Aunt Shirley (RIP)
Shirley Ann (Armstrong) Gabrielson.
Our Aunt Shirley passed away on Thursday, October 31st, 2008 in Parkville (MD) at the age of 73 (her birthday was March 8th).

First time I met her was back in July 2005, just mere a month after my arrival in the US. She was a very strong and tough woman. I immediately like her... and later on I and David decided to give our daughter (Zahra who's born on February 5, 2007) middle name Shirley after her Grand Aunt Shirley.

Last time we went to see her just a day after we "lost" YKJ on September 23rd, 2008. She wasn't look good... but she managed to smile and even laugh when we talked to her. David, I and Zahra gave her a big hug and kisses... and we all told her "We love you, Aunt Shirley". She smiled and replied: "I know"... The moment was so hard on me and David. It's like we knew that perhaps that was our last goodbye to her.

You're sooo loved, my dearest Aunt Shirley! Thank you for everything... I'm going to miss you sooo much!
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