Dorkbot SoCal 23 (May 2007)
[ S P E C S ]

*** May 5th 2007, 1pm
*** [meeting at 1pm, and leaving at 1:10pm]
*** Machine Project
*** 1200 D North Alvarado Street
*** Los Angeles, CA 90026
*** [ending up at, at around 1:30pm]
*** Norton Sales inc.
*** 7429 Laurel Canyon Blvd
*** North Hollywood, CA 91605

Meet at Machine Project @ 1pm. We will be driving up to Norton at 1:10pm sharp. Maps will be left at Machine to help get you there. Alternately, you can just meet up at Norton at around 1:30pm. Note that the store closes at 3pm.

The goal of this event is this: get to Norton, buy something, and make something interesting with it in the month ahead. Bring it back to the next Dorkbot SoCal event, and the best object wins a free copy of the beautifully produced Machine Project Almanac v1.1, featuring a bunch of previous events. If you're better at photography or some other alternate skill, you're also welcome to take photos, document yourself at Norton doing something, etc. and also present it - anything goes.

Here's some info on Norton Sales:

Norton Sales has been a leading supplier of Aerospace and Industrial supplies since 1962. Our customers tend to be small shops and individuals who are looking for very specific, and often hard to find, parts for rocketry, stunt equipment, movie props and old school hydraulics.

Come on out, bring some money, your friends and some dirty clothes. Don't be late. Here's a description of the place and a picture of the storefront you'll be looking for...

Ready, set, go...


I ended up buying an 1962 HP/Polaroid oscilloscope camera - see the set at
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