Lower Broadway - Aug 2008
On a bright, sunny Wednesday afternoon, I ventured down to 23rd Street and 6th Avenue to drop off my laptop computer for a repair job. Afterwards, I thought I would walk over to Broadway and stroll up the street to see if I could find some interesting pictures; and then I got the crazy idea to take a cab down to the very end of Broadway -- near the Staten Island Ferry -- and walk all the way up Broadway to my neighborhood on 96th Street.

But then I decided that Broadway probably wouldn't be very interesting until I reached Canal Street ... so I had the cab-driver drop me off there, and began my walk northward. Who knows how far I would have gotten if I hadn't been distracted by a lively farmer's market in Union Square -- on 14th Street? Anyway, there's much more of Broadway to cover, and if I have the time and energy over the next few months, perhaps I will cover the entire length of this longest street in New York City, which extends all the way through Manhattan, Bronx, and into Yonkers...
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