Pentacon Six TL
Photos shot with Pentacon Six TL + various Carl Zeiss Jena lenses:

Flektogon 50mm f4.0
Biometar 80mm f2.8
Biometar 120mm f2.8
Sonnar 180mm f2.8
Sonnar 300mm f4.0

I decided to keep a log of repairs and strange behaviours of this camera, just to be fair to people that consider buying it.

While using Pentacon Six, it's really essential to have the camera repair shop nearby, fortunately I have one within 10 minutes drive.

Adventures of the Pentacon Six

March 4, 2008 - I bought the kit from local guy: body, standard MC lens, non-standard bright fresnel screen, non-metering prism, ever-ready case, all looked brand sparkling new, for $140, my first medium format camera ever.

1. Shot the first roll and it became obvious that the focusing screen was misplaced giving wrong focus distance, I fixed it myself

2. April 2008 - 1st visit to the repair shop - diagnose: a full CLA is needed, the old lubricants have to be removed and replaced with new, shutter speeds are off and way too slow, needed adjusting. Cost: $40.

3. Dec 2008 - second visit to the repair shop, the frame spacing of the last few frames became way too wide, thus losing half of the last frame, the shutter speeds were too short, giving slightly underexposed slides. Fixed free of charge, as a guarantee repair of the previous CLA.

4. Jul 2009 - third visit to the repair shop, this time the internal mirror flocking was obscuring part of the film chamber causing part of the frame to render black, it had to be re-glued, free of charge.
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