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YES WE CAN | by zyrcster
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Sorry, comments are closed. Too many nut jobs leaving absurd comments on it.


Thanks for the outpouring of support on this photo! I had fun taking all of them.

I do request that long comments and cut/paste comments containing President Obama's speeches not be posted as a comment to this photo. Love it, but you can go here to read his inaugural address.



Taken at the Barack Obama rally in Pueblo, CO.


There were a few thousand people today in Pueblo to hear Senator Obama speak just a few days before the election.


I cried. Yes, I did.


I've been to thousands of rallies. I've been a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I've shaken hands and spoken with lots of players in this game - Albright, Richardson, Reno, Salazar, Kucinich.


And all that stuff usually bores the hell out of me. The last time I was excited about a politcal campaign was when Bill Clinton won the election way back in 1992. We poured into Castro Street in San Francisco, 10s of 1000s of us, and celebrated - danced, partied, kissed. I was part of the Colorado 13 -- 13 hold-out Kucinich delegates who refused to vote for Kerry at the 2004 DNC, but swore to get him voted into the White House anyway -- anything but Bush. I got myself tear-gassed in 2003 at an anti-war rally -- the only rally in the US held that day in which the cops used tear gas...when millions across the country protested the Iraq War.


But I never cried.


I usually laughed, screamed, spoke out, marched, and swore...


..until today. Today, as soon as Michelle finished her pep talk and introduced her husband, I suddenly looked through my viewfinder and cried.


I voted already. I voted for Barack Obama.

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Taken on November 1, 2008